Wednesday, February 08, 2006

14 Weeks and Counting . . .

Yeah!!! Covey's first trimester is over!!

Covey managed to ruin Justin's birthday dinner this past Saturday night. It was only the second time since being pregnant she has eaten out in a restaurant and all the smells from all the food . . . well it was just too much to take. Sherry (Covey's mother-in-law) graciously sat with Covey in the lobby while the rest of the family ate their dinner.

Everyone says the nausea will ease during the second trimester. We hope so! Since Saturday, Covey's "house of cards" has fallen and she has been nauseous all day every day. That was after almost 2 full weeks of no nausea. Other than nausea and being tired though there aren't any symptoms-no baby pooch or nuthin'. Everyone says nausea is a good sign that there are lots of pregnancy hormones going through the body. A sick mom means a healthy baby. This one should be able to run a marathon once its out!!

So far the big baby debate is over sex:
Covey thinks a girl
Justin thinks a girl
Sherry thinks a girl
Snookie thinks a baby
Grandpa Jordan thinks a girl
Grandma Jordan thinks a boy
Linda thinks a boy
Mac thinks a girl
Cody and Krysti think a girl

I think the girls have it but we will just have to wait and see. We are just praying for a healthy baby! Luckily, no one is suggesting names. Looking back on our family trees it is fairly certain we won't be going with a family name--Lula Belle or Woodrow Reed anyone???

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