Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gimme a "G"--Gimme a "O"

For those of you who may not know, cheerleading is for everyone, even clumsy plus sized pregnant women. That's right! Since January 1st Covey has been the lead coach for the Upward Dolphins C
heerleading Team!!!

Upward is an awesome program and at our church we have basketball and cheerleading. I have the itty-bitty cheerleaders, 10 Kindergarten and First Graders and one 3-year-old mascot. They are soooooo cute!!! Upward's motto this year is "Its not all about me." Every practice the girls say a memory verse. If they do so they get a star sticker for their megaphone. At the games there are several star stickers they can get but the most coveted one is the white "Christlikeness" star. Only one of these is given out every game.

This past week in practice we presented the plan of salvation. 6 of my girls wanted more information and God allowed me to l
ead two of them to Christ. One of the girls is unchurched and her mother is unchurched. When we told her mother about the decision her mother said: "Well I guess we are going to have to start coming to Peace. What time does Sunday School start?"
All I have to say is: "GO GOD!!" Way to open her heart and her mind to her daughter's decision.

Here is a picture of Covey on game day. Justin went to his first game last Saturday. He thought our cheers were funny (remember I am not a cheerleader so I have our girls making muscle arms when we chant "We're Solid" and other sorts of things that normal cheerleaders probably wouldn't do). He also thought that the 2nd graders strategy for playing the game (basically I want the ball--don't touch me--which basket is mine?) was pretty funny. All in all I think he enjoyed himself.

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