Thursday, February 02, 2006

Midwife Madness

13 weeks along. . . It's Midwife Time!!!!

Tonight marked our first visit with our midwife, Sonya. For those of you who don't know we decided to go with a midwife as long as the pregnancy is progressing "normally." Right now we have discontinued care with our OB-GYN basically because she was a jerk and didn't let us ask any questions. If problems arise, we will be finding another OB-GYN. Hopefully though, the midwife will be able to do the care throughout the whole pregnancy. We are also praying that God will bless us and let us deliver the baby at home. Again, this depends on whether or not everything goes "normally" with the pregnancy.

We have had our consultation with Sonya already. She spent about 2 hours answering our questions and getting to know us. She is a great Christian woman. She has five children and homeschools them all. Her last two kids were born at home. Tonight, our visit lasted about an hour and 45 minutes. Needless to say this is so much better than the 4 minutes the OB spent with us!! Justin's only complaint was that I scheduled our appointment during the UNC game (Go Heels!!!)

She actually comes and does the prenatal visits in our home. That is so nice!! A 7pm visit means neither one of us has to miss work. That is a HUGE bonus!

Tonight we got to hear Cletus' heartbeat for the first time (Cletus is our fetus--Justin named it :) ). We were so excited!!! Cletus was also very active. Scooting around quite a bit and trying to avoid the doppler. Click here to see the video the heartbeat. (Justin took the video and was mainly concerned with the sound. If you look at the end you can see me grinning like an idiot but it is mainly a shot of the back of the couch)

Weird fact: According to pregnant Covey, all tomato products (including her beloved ketchup) are nasty and cucumbers are the best thing that God has ever invented.

Weird fact: Covey's total pregnancy gain: -15 pounds! That is up from her all time low of -17 pounds at 10 1/2 weeks. Grow baby grow!!

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