Thursday, March 30, 2006

Domestic Man!

Here is a great picture of Justin cleaning our dining room carpet. We were able to borrow a carpet shampooer from friends at church. Since the vacuum weighed more than 50 lbs with the water in it, Covey wasn't able to push it around. Poor Justin ended up doing all of the "dirty" work.

Whatever fool decided that cream colored carpet in a dining room was a good idea should be shot. The are probably the same fool that picked out the AWFUL bird wallpaper that is in the dining room too. We know that once Cletus is born that our dining room carpet will cease to be cream colored and probably be tye-dyed with all the various foods he tries to eat. In the meantime, since Covey's parents are coming this weekend and the midwife is having breakfast with us before our appointment on Saturday morning, we are doing our best to make it look good.

(As a side note . . . Covey can't wait until she is a stay at home mom so that she can tackle the ugly wallpaper in the bathrooms, kitchen and dining room!!)

Hyper Child

Cletus got his first taste of caffene last night. Boy oh Boy was he ever excited. I know they say to limit the caffene to 1 or 2 servings daily--well Covey normally has 0 servings, even when not pregnant--so she usually gets pretty hyper. Cletus was bouncing around so much in her belly that she actually was uncomfortable sitting down for about 2 hours. WHEW! We will be more careful the next time she is offered a beverage!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

21 Weeks--Is the Nausea Abating?

Covey is thrilled to announce that for the past 5 days or so she has only had "morning" sickness. She is sick and nauseous until noon and then can eat. This is a wonderful change from gagging down all of her meals. She has actually even ventured to try tomato based products like pizza sauce on her homemade pizza last night. There are still many many many foods that gross her out but for the most part, after 1pm most food is looking pretty good.

This past weekend we went to our first homebirth meetup. It was interesting. I think everyone there was 100% opposed to vaccines and 100% in support of homeschooling so we felt a little bit left out.

Continuing the social trend, we then proceeded to crash our old Sunday School's bonfire party at the Workman's house in Durham. It is hard to believe it had been 2 years since we left that church! The bonfire was cancelled due to rain but we did enjoy talking with the 5 people that we knew there. We also tried a new snack--chocolate covered grapes. I know--it sounds absolutely disgusting but they are actually really good.

Covey's parents and *hopefully* her brother, Cody, and his wife will be coming this weekend for the next midwife appointment. This time Covey and Justin have very few concerns because:

1) Cletus is moving all the time. Covey counted him one active day at work and he moved 27 times in one hour! With that much movement he must be growing and must have a heartbeat!

2) Covey is actually able to eat now so the baby is getting fed.

More pics (and hopefully a new recording of Cletus' heartbeat) will follow!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

20 Weeks=Halfway There!

Well we have survived to the halfway mark in the pregnancy and look forward to the end even more with every passing day! For those of you who are wondering here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:
--Yes, Covey has tried saltines
--Yes, we know what we are having--a baby.
--No, we are not planning on a second ultrasound and we are NOT going to find out the sex of the baby.
--Yes, we have decided on names and they are in pen in the baby book, but we aren't sharing them until after the Cletus is born and renamed.

Cletus seems to have inherited his parents gracefulness. Almost every book I have describe the baby's movements as "fluttering"--Cletus doesn't do that. It is like he swims full speed in one direction, pummels full force into my uterus and does an about face and finds the other side. I am not sure if I should be worried about brain damage at this point (the walls aren't moving but he keeps smacking into them) or thrilled that he is such an active explorer. The first few times it happened I joked that he must be tripping on the umbilical cord.

Cletus made his second trip to visit Granny and Grampy in Charlottesville this past weekend. He wasn't all that thrilled with the car ride. He and his pregnant mommy stopped at all three rest areas on both trips. This was the first time since Christmas (and we shared the big news). One thing that we both had a lot of fun with was shopping for maternity clothes with Granny. Cletus now has room to move without those pesky snaps and zippers in his way. Long live elastic!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finally Poochin' at 19 weeks!!

19 weeks is here--47.5% of the way there!!! After a truly horrible weekend of nausea, Cletus decided to make his presence known and had himself a little growth spurt. Despite not eating, Covey managed to gain 3 lbs and it was all pooch!! She is thrilled to finally be showing a little bit, but now none of her pants fit! Hopefully some church friends will be rescuing her with maternity clothes tonight.

Cletus is now supposed to be about 6 inches long, though we suspect he might be a bit bigger than that based on how high the uterus is.

Grow Cletus Grow!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Upward Cheerleading!!!

Well. . .last night marked the official end of Upward Cheerleading for this season. We had our team party at the Chick-fil-A here in Wilson. It was fun. We had cake, handed out trophies and signed each others megaphone pillows.

Upward was a huge success. We had 370 kids in all playing basketball and cheerleading. Of those, there were 49 salvations when the gospel was presented during practice.

This past Thursday night we had the official "Awards Night" and there was a magician ("illusionist") who presented the gospel along with his magic tricks. Parents and Grandparents were in attendance and there were ____ salvations the night of the awards banquet. The illusionist drove Covey insane because of all his little inside jokes for the adults. I was trying to interpret and he would throw things in like the "Kaopectate Festival in Mexico." (Loosely interpreted as the "make you go poop a lot medicine festival in Mexico") Not sure what that one set of Deaf Grandparents was thinking of me or the illusionist after that one!!

All in all it was a great experience that I hope to do again next year. It was hard giving up 3 months of Saturdays (no trips home to VA, no weekend get aways) but other than that it was great.

(The picture at Right is one of Covey, Emily (High School Cheerleader who helped us at the beginning) and Michelle (my assistant coach) )

Friday, March 10, 2006

Justin's ACC Picks

OK...OK... I know this is being posed on Friday--BUT Justin had his picks in pen on the fridge before the games began yesterday so here they are.

Game 1: Miami vs. Clemson

Game 2: Florida State vs. Wake Forest-->Wake Forest

Game 3: Virginia vs. Virginia Tech-->Virginia

Game 4: Maryland vs. Georgia Tech-->Maryland

Game 5: Duke vs. Miami-->Duke

Game 6: NC State vs. Wake Forest-->NC State

Game 7: North Carolina vs. Virginia-->UNC!!!!!

Game 8: Boston College vs. Maryland-->Maryland

Game 9: Duke vs. State-->Duke

Game 10: UNC vs. Maryland-->UNC!!!

Final Game: UNC vs. Duke-->UNC!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Super Pickle!

According to my Pregnancy Book Cletus is now the size of a large pickle and weighs almost 5 1/2 ounces. That is about the same as a 1/2 can of soda. I am 45% of the way through with only 22 weeks left!

Last Friday Cletus was still pretty angry about the midwife trying to "trap" him to hear the heartbeat and he hung out over on the right side and "popped" me all day long. Since then though he has forgiven me and moved back to the left, his favorite hanging out spot.

Nothing much to report except that now I can feel my uterus has reached my belly button and two nights ago Cletus woke me up because he was so hungry. Sonya thinks he must be having a growth spurt so who knows, before long our little pickle might be a mighty cucumber. Cletus has also decided that Cottage cheese is awesome and it, mixed with strawberries, doesn't even make Covey gag or feel nauseous. Go Cletus!! Way to pick a nice healthy, inexpensive treat!!

Right now Covey is at -13 lbs so she has been able to gain back some of what she has lost. All of her clothes still fit and there is no baby pooch yet.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Midwife Madness Part 2

Tonight marked our second midwife visit. It was really nice. It lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. We got to "feel" my uterus and "feel" the baby inside.

Apparantly Cletus is tall because my uterus is almost up to my belly button, not the 2 to 3 inches below that the books claim it should be. Since I have a really long torso I am really surprised by that.

We found out that our midwife is pregnant. She is due in October. That means she will be about 7 months when she delivers my baby.

Here is a picture of us with our midwife.

Here is a picture of Covey. 17 weeks and no baby pooch. Oh well, I am sure it will come soon enough.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well Butter Me Up--We're 17 Weeks Along!

According to my pregnancy book, little Orville Clet-a-popper is about the length of a stick of butter from crown to rump. I don't know why they don't include the legs in the measurement, but since they are scrunched up anyways I don't suppose it matters.

Little Cletus' ears and hearing should now be working. That means that we are going to break out the headphones and start playing classical music to my belly and reading Shakespeare aloud. (Just Kidding!). Cletus is supposed to respond to loud noises but doesn't seem to yet. He will "pop" Covey in the belly if she pokes at him though. That is pretty cool.

We are happy to report that Covey's excessive tiredness is over. An early bedtime and a full nights sleep are all she now needs to get through the day. Unfortunately, the nausea persists and the saltine advice count is nearing 1000.

Covey is still experiencing strong food aversions. Basically, if it is edible, she doesn't want to eat it (that goes for inedible things too). The only thing she likes at this point is milk. Right now she and Justin are both saying "Bring on some cravings!!" We are happy to report that with the exception of tomatoes and all tomato based products she is able to force herself to eat most foods. Most of them stay down too, which is nice.

Tomorrow night is our next midwife visit and I am sure there will be more updates to follow.