Wednesday, April 19, 2006

24 Weeks=6 months!

Hey all!
Short post this week as I am busy trying to pack for the Arizona trip. This will be the first time Justin and I have flown together and our first trip alone since the honeymoon. We are very excited. Covey is going to get to see a cactus and the grand canyon for the first time and Justin is going to get some really good Mexican food!

Baby news: Cletus is growing by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately the nausea has also returned with his recent growth spurt. Covey is now waking up sick during the night :( My belly doesn't look any bigger because I have lost some of my belly fat due to the nausea. The baby bulge underneath the layer of pudge continues to grow. Cletus is very active and, therefore, we assume healthy. Only two more weeks until the third trimester! We are getting very excited (but we are no more prepared). Oh well--perhaps after the Arizona trip and after the garden is all planted I can get my hubby to strip the wallpaper and do the baby's room.

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JG Carpenter said...

Pretty soon you are going to start needing maternity shirts to go along with those maternity pants!!! It's getting out there. YEAH GOD!!!