Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back Safe and Sound

We arrived home safely from Arizona this morning (Tuesday) at 8:30 AM North Carolina time. We left out of Phoenix at 10:55 PM Arizona time (which is a 3 hour time difference--1:55AM NC time). Needless to say we are exhausted. Since Covey is working today from 11AM-8PM and tomorrow from 8AM-7PM it will probably be Thursday or Friday before any pictures are posted. Rest assured we took plenty of them!!

We got to see a bunch of really cool stuff. Here is a quick summary to satisfy any curious minds.

*Wednesday Night: 11PM Arrived in Phoenix, rented a car, went to the hotel and CRASHED! With the time change it felt like 2AM NC time.

*Thursday: Downtown Phoenix and Hiked up Camelback Mountain, a peak right in the middle of town (about 3 miles for Covey, 4 miles for Justin--Cletus tired his mama out so she had to stop on the way up before the really steep part). Justin got Mexican food!!!

*Friday: Up early and drove to Williams, AZ. Checked into our bed and breakfast. Hiked in a Ponderosa Pine Forrest (about 7 miles round trip from town). We got freaked out near the end of the trail when it looked vertical and we saw tons of Mountain Lion scat.

*Saturday: Took the Grand Canyon Railway to the Grand Canyon. Saw Elk and a mountain lion from the train. Saw the Grand Canyon. The wind was really blowing--about 35 MPH or so at the rim. YIKES! Drove to Flagstaff and checked into our hotel. Justin got Mexican food!!!

*Sunday: Drove out to the petrified forrest and painted desert and hiked around (about 6 miles total). WOW! The wind was about 40 MPH with gusts up in the 50's. Now we understand why people get blown over during tropical storms! Justin's legs got nice and pink from the wind burn! The scenery was absolutely awesome!

*Monday: Back to Phoenix via Sedona. Stopped at Red Rock and some other places in Sedona and hiked around those (about 2 miles). Justin got Mexican food! Hiked around the Southern Mountain Park in Phoenix (about 1 mile). Turned in the rental car and flew home.

Cletus and Covey did alright food wise on Thursday and Friday. After that, he acclimated or something and started making Covey really nauseous again starting on Saturday.

Cletus does like hiking a lot, but he does not like flying at all! He flipped and kicked and fluttered around during the takeoff and landing. During the flight he constantly reminded Covey how much she needed to use the bathroom! Sometimes window seats are a curse!

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