Monday, May 01, 2006

Midwife Madness

Tonight marked the 6 month midwife visit. Things went great as usual. We met another midwife that Sonya works with. She may be one of the assistants at Covey's birth. As usual, Sonya spent an hour and a half with us answering our questions.

So far the baby is measuring really big--27 weeks! Maybe that means Cletus will come early! That wouldn't be bad at all! Cletus was really nice and allowed Sonya to find him almost immediately with the stethoscope. We didn't do the doppler tonight since you could hear him so clearly with the stethoscope. He was beating at 153 beats a minute tonight.

Since Cletus did so well, Covey decided he deserved some brownie. Justin was at his parents house when it really kicked in. The baby enjoyed the brownie so much, he was actually shaking Covey's belly. She was going to get a video of it because it was truly incredible movement, but by the time she got up, found the camera and sat back down, Cletus was over his sugar high and had calmed back down.

Covey is still at -10 lbs from her starting weight due to the ongoing nausea. Since the baby is so energetic and healthy though, neither Covey nor Sonya is really concerned. Covey is actually a bit happy that Cletus seems to have an appetite for hip fat and belly fat--a few more kids and she might take up modeling :)

One more very interesting tidbit--the ladies who sit behind us in the pew at church told us on Sunday that persistent nausea means that the baby will have a head full of hair. Hello Rapunzel!

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