Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Getting Quite Cramped in There!

Well we are now officially Full Term--37 weeks!!!

Things are going fairly smoothly and Covey is dealing with the 100 degree heat quite well. Both Covey and Justin are grateful that she is still somewhat cold natured--it makes this incredible heat uncomfortable but not unbearable (in fact Covey is wearing long sleeves and long pants today because the air conditioning is too cold for her).

After a really exciting day of contractions yesterday, Cletus has decided to stay put a while longer. The contractions are now only about 1 per hour :( Pray that we are patient and content to just let nature take its course--both of us were really thinking yesterday was going to be it.

I, Covey, would like to personally thank Sonya for her immense wisdom in insisting that travel stop last week and that I go part time for July. Naps aren't a luxery at this point, they are a necessity. I would be a walking ZOMBIE if I couldn't sleep for an hour every afternoon. I was really hesistant to take the advice, but am now 100% glad that I did.

Covey's last day of work is this Friday and she is supposed to be speaking on Saturday at the Homebirth Meetup in Raleigh.

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