Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mamma's Cool Dude

Today, although slightly overcast, Elijah wore his new Thomas the Tank Engine Sunglasses. They are a bit big but it helped him to stop squinting in the outside light. We are trying to get a daily dose of sunshine to keep him pink!

We had a fantastic night last night. Elijah went to bed at midnight after a VERY fussy day. He slept solid until 3am and then ate, then slept again until 6am and ate, then let his mama and daddy sleep in until 9am. It is absolutely amazing what a good nights rest can do. Both Elijah and his mama feel wonderful today.

Elijah seems to be over the sleepiness of birth. He is now nursing and staying awake for about 45 minutes to an hour to play with us before he falls asleep. One of the biggest helps is that Justin figured out what it sounds like when Elijah is crying because he has to burp. Now we can just burp him and he goes back to being a happy baby. It is so wonderful to see him smile and wriggle all around and not be crying. We are hoping this is a new trend!

Last night Elijah took his first car trip--three blocks to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Friday night dinner. It was a success and Elijah slept through his parent's clumsy attempts to buckle him in the car seat. We hope to take a slightly longer 3 mile trek to church tomorrow to show off our little man.

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Brother said...

Love the sunglasses! I'm glad everything is going so well--Krysti = )