Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our Little Front Facing Man!

Today marked a big milestone for Elijah--he is now facing frontward in the Snugli. He has been doing really well with his head control and Covey decided that a trial run this morning grocery shopping at the Wal-Mart was in order. He absolutely loved it! We also found a new favorite aisle--the craft department fake flower aisle. What colors!! Elijah was previously a fan of the cereal aisle, but that pales in comparison to those fake flowers. The only time his head flopped is when he fell asleep. The Wal-Mart trip was almost immediately followed by a walk around the neighborhood. Elijah fell asleep pretty quickly, but he did at least get to see part of our road.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Mirror Mirror on the Wall. . .

Today Elijah "found" himself in his play mirror. I am pretty sure he doesn't have a clue who that handsome baby is, but he sure liked looking at himself.

Also I would like to say that my husband Justin is the World's Best Husband and Father!! Last night Elijah decided he didn't want to sleep at all and absolutely nothing was going to make him happy. That meant that his mommy only got about 2 hours of sleep total. This morning, I woke up Justin at 6am and asked him to take the baby for 30 mintues while I slept. He called into work and told them that he was going to be late and he let me sleep until 9am!! He dealt with the screaming, hungry, grumpy, tired baby all morning! Way to go Justin!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Say What?

Yesterday our little man had an ABR (Hearing Screening) at the Health Department. Most babies get this before they leave the hospital, but since Elijah was born at home, he didn't have one. We're happy to say he passed with flying colors and slept through the whole thing. (The picture looks funny because he was on my chest in the sling).
Elijah also had his PKU test redone. He was such a little trooper. He didn't even flinch with the heel stick. He started crying after about a minute because the lab tech was holding his foot and making him lay on his tummy--Elijah hates tummy time!!

Advice Needed:
Elijah's mommy is a ZOMBIE! Since Monday I have been trying to get him down to one feeding a night so I can at least function a bit better during the day. I am not a big fan of cry-it-out, but with my anemia and waking up 4-5 times a night, I can barely function some days.

Here is his schedule pre-Monday: 8-8:30pm Eat, 8:30 bed, 12:00-12:30 eat, 2:00-2:30 eat, 3:30-4:00 eat, 5:00-5:30 eat and be awake until about 6:30, 7-7:30 eat and be awake until 11am or so!

I think the biggest problem is that he is just snacking when he feeds during the night, so he wakes up hungry all night long. I am so exhausted from this schedule!! I have tried to wake him up more to eat better but often times that backfires and he will be awake for hours.

Since he can last from 8:30-12:30 I am trying for the following: 8:00-8:30 eat, 12:00-12:30 eat, 4-4:30 eat, 7am up and eat and play! So far he has been waking up and crying until I feed him. Monday night, he took a paci and went back to bed. Since then it has been a battle. Last night I gave up after an hour of crying and fed him at 4am.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Am I just being unrealistic to expect this of him? He is up to over 12 lbs now and over 7 weeks old. The pediatrician said at 12 lbs he should be able to sleep through the night. I am NOT willing to co-sleep and let him nurse whenever during the night, that just doesn't work for our family.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Fun at Granny and Grampy's

This weekend marked Elijah's first BIG trip to Charlottesville, VA to see his Granny and Grampy. While traveling with a 7 week old isn't exactly fun, it could have been much worse. We arrived late on Friday night (about 11pm) and Elijah was Bright Eyed and ready to party!

Elijah got a lot of one-on-one time with Granny and Grampy as Covey and Justin went to Meredith Faust's (now Meredith Roberts) wedding on Saturday night.

While in Charlottesville, Covey and her mom visited a consignment store that was having a HUGE sale. It was AWESOME! We got a side-to-side swing (Burly I know you said not to get one but it was a $140 swing for $20 and Elijah hates his front-back swing) and a baby bowtie.

Here a picture of the Proud Papa showing off his little man!

Here is a shot of Covey and Justin and Cody and Krysti ready to go party at the wedding.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sad but True. . .

Last Saturday was our last appointment with our midwife.
We will miss seeing her and wish her the best with her little one-Carabella Anne, due in October.
Here is a picture of Elijah and our Midwife at our last visit. He was 11lbs and 23.5 inches long. That is a gain of 5lbs and 4 inches in just 6 weeks!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bathtime Baby--Elijah is 6 weeks old!

Sunday morning at 5AM, after being up since 2:30 AM, Mama decided maybe a bath would help Elijah sleep a bit so we wouldn't be zombies at church. Click on the pictures to see some cute videos-Elijah Happy in the bath and Elijah mad after getting out.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Freaky Hair Day

Elijah was having a rather wakeful day so mommy decided he needed a bath to help calm down and nap. (He slept for 2 hours in the morning and was AWAKE from 11am until 5:30pm!) About 4:30 mommy put him in the tub and he was splashing around and having so much fun that she let him stay for 45 minutes. We kept draining out 1/2 the water and filling it up with warm again so that he didn't get cold. After 45 minutes he was rather pruny, and as luck would have it, he hadn't peed or pooped in the tub, so mommy decided to take him out. Talk about zero-to-Grump in no time flat!! His back left the water and the babe started screaming!! After drying off and calming down, Elijah finally napped!

Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me in the bathroom so there aren't any shots of him playing in the tub, but here is a good one of the freaky hair that resulted from a hasty drying off.

And since that one is the back of his head, here is a funny face shot of "pre-sneeze" Elijah.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tummy Time

Elijah hates tummy time but he is getting stonger by the day!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Advice Please!

We are actually contemplating buying some things for the baby and would like advice from other parents out there.

1) Side-to-Side baby swing: Elijah HATES the front back motion of his swings. Covey needs a place to put Elijah where he will be happy for at least 10 minutes (while she cooks, goes to the bathroom or takes a shower.) We tried a Fisher Price side-to-side swing at church that he seemed to like--any feedback?

2) Baby Gym: Yesterday Elijah reached for a burp cloth and grabbed it. He also enjoys looking at his animals over the changing table and the crib. We were hoping to stimulate him with a baby gym. Any suggestions or recommendations? We were looking at this "Miracles and Milestones" gym from Fisher Price.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Who Knew. . .?

. . .that Mommy changing a diaper was so funny!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Growth Spurt??

Elijah is a sleeping King today. He didn't have a bad night (nor an exceptionally good night) but he slept through church (he was actually awake through the worship and fell asleep during the sermon--that doesn't reflect on the content or quality of the sermon though!), came home and took a nap and is in the process of taking another nap. This is HIGHLY unusual (my little man normally takes one nap a day). Hopefully this is the start of a new trend (though I doubt it :) ). I think he is probably going through a growth spurt (as if he hasn't been growing enough already!) since he doesn't have a fever and, when awake, is his normal chipper/fussbucket self.

Elijah Stats as of his Dr. Appt on Friday:
10 lbs (before eating and right after dousing the nurse with pee!)
22in long
14.75in head

WOW! Breast Milk does a body good!

For some reason I can't get a picture to upload on Blogger--updates to come :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day Rearrangement

We had a busy Labor Day--Justin decided that he wanted to re-do the furniture in the living room to maximize our AC/Heating ability. We had arranged the furniture so that something was blocking every one of the baseboard vents and the return. With winter coming up and gas prices still so high we wanted to see if we could make a difference in the efficiency of the room. Many thanks to Sherry and Snookie who came to help us move the furniture. Sherry held Elijah (aka Fussbucket James) and Snookie moved the furniture with Justin's help. Covey oversaw the process, moved small stuff like lamps and VCR tapes and offered helpful suggestions like "Lift with your legs!" Here are the after shots (We don't have any before shots because Covey is sleep deprived and didn't think of it!) OBTW--Cody and Krysti--if you want our coffee table let us know, otherwise we are planning to Goodwill it.

On a completely unrelated note here is picture of Justin and Elijah vacuuming the kitchen. Elijah was in a horrible mood yesterday after keeping his mommy awake from 11:30pm-4:30am the night before. Covey had had about all the baby she could take and handed him off to his daddy when Justin got home from work. After a half hour of screaming, Covey suggested the two of them vacuum downstairs. The magic vacuum worked wonders (and the floors look nice too!)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Elijah James is 4 Weeks Old!

It was a big weekend for Mr. Elijah--his Granny and Grampy came from Virginia(and brought him a stroller and a Harley Davidson outfit) and his Cool Uncle Cody and Aunt Krysti came too. Cody and Krysti put in an offer on a house here in Wilson--hopefully their offer will be accepted and they can move to Wilson in January or February.

Here's a picture of Elijah and Cody at 8am on Saturday.

Here is Elijah showing off his new stroller. He is wearing his new Harley outfit because it was in the 60's when we went for a walk with him. Elijah wasn't a big fan of the stroller at first, but after a few cuddles from his Mommy he was game for another go and even fell asleep after about 40 minutes.
This afternoon, our midwife came to check out Elijah and his mommy. She weighed our "little man" and he is up to 9lb 8oz--WOW! Considering he was down to 6lbs after 3 days, he is porking up nicely. Elijah showed his appreciation for our midwife's fine service by baptizing her with pee. He soaked her pretty darned well--through the shirt and the pants--at least we know he's well hydrated!

Friday, September 01, 2006