Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Advice Please!

We are actually contemplating buying some things for the baby and would like advice from other parents out there.

1) Side-to-Side baby swing: Elijah HATES the front back motion of his swings. Covey needs a place to put Elijah where he will be happy for at least 10 minutes (while she cooks, goes to the bathroom or takes a shower.) We tried a Fisher Price side-to-side swing at church that he seemed to like--any feedback?

2) Baby Gym: Yesterday Elijah reached for a burp cloth and grabbed it. He also enjoys looking at his animals over the changing table and the crib. We were hoping to stimulate him with a baby gym. Any suggestions or recommendations? We were looking at this "Miracles and Milestones" gym from Fisher Price.


Rebekah said...

Hi guys,
I have a floor activity gym thing you can borrow. It is not as fancy as the picture, but Sean liked it. The bars connect to the four corners of a mat (washable!!). Each bar has several places to attach toys, mirror, pics for baby to look at. Works for tummy time, too. Let me or Stew know if you are interested. We are in Wilson often, so drop off would not be a problem. Elijah is so cute!
Rebekah Devlin

Burly said...

I say skip the swing ... we haven't gotten much use out of ours.

Covey and Justin said...

Rebekah--that would be awesome!
I am staying at home now so just about any time works for us. Do you have our phone number?