Sunday, September 03, 2006

Elijah James is 4 Weeks Old!

It was a big weekend for Mr. Elijah--his Granny and Grampy came from Virginia(and brought him a stroller and a Harley Davidson outfit) and his Cool Uncle Cody and Aunt Krysti came too. Cody and Krysti put in an offer on a house here in Wilson--hopefully their offer will be accepted and they can move to Wilson in January or February.

Here's a picture of Elijah and Cody at 8am on Saturday.

Here is Elijah showing off his new stroller. He is wearing his new Harley outfit because it was in the 60's when we went for a walk with him. Elijah wasn't a big fan of the stroller at first, but after a few cuddles from his Mommy he was game for another go and even fell asleep after about 40 minutes.
This afternoon, our midwife came to check out Elijah and his mommy. She weighed our "little man" and he is up to 9lb 8oz--WOW! Considering he was down to 6lbs after 3 days, he is porking up nicely. Elijah showed his appreciation for our midwife's fine service by baptizing her with pee. He soaked her pretty darned well--through the shirt and the pants--at least we know he's well hydrated!


MOM said...

I'm just so sure Cody is going to really like this blog...showing him in his underwear!!! Looks great! I still can't believe how much Elijah weighs!!! You're a great MOM and demand feeding is really paying off!!!
Love you!


Covey and Justin said...

I thought they looked like Tommy Hilfigger shorts--not undies!