Sunday, September 10, 2006

Growth Spurt??

Elijah is a sleeping King today. He didn't have a bad night (nor an exceptionally good night) but he slept through church (he was actually awake through the worship and fell asleep during the sermon--that doesn't reflect on the content or quality of the sermon though!), came home and took a nap and is in the process of taking another nap. This is HIGHLY unusual (my little man normally takes one nap a day). Hopefully this is the start of a new trend (though I doubt it :) ). I think he is probably going through a growth spurt (as if he hasn't been growing enough already!) since he doesn't have a fever and, when awake, is his normal chipper/fussbucket self.

Elijah Stats as of his Dr. Appt on Friday:
10 lbs (before eating and right after dousing the nurse with pee!)
22in long
14.75in head

WOW! Breast Milk does a body good!

For some reason I can't get a picture to upload on Blogger--updates to come :)

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