Saturday, October 07, 2006

Elijah is 2 Months Old!!

Yesterday, October 6th, marked Elijah's Two Month Birthday!!!

It was quite an exciting day for him. His Granny and Grampy spent the night on the 5th and Granny insisted that Covey sleep and she got up every single time Elijah woke up and fed him a bottle. It was the most sleep Covey has gotten since he was born. Then, on his birthday morning, Granny and Grampy took Elijah and Covey out to breakfast. In the afternoon, Elijah and his Nana and his Mommy went to Babies'R'Us to get a present for Sonya, some church clothes and some baby gloves. It was a fun trip and Elijah nursed (successfully!) in public for the second time. (His mommy was pretty impressed with herself because she nursed and shopped at the same time--Elijah was just hanging out in the Maya Wrap sling and he did GREAT!).

Last night, mommy and daddy let Elijah stay up late and snuggle on the couch. He had a nice bath and then went to bed. Then Elijah did the MOST WONDERFUL thing he has ever done at night so far---slept from 10pm-3am without waking up! He then slept from 3am to 6:30am, only fussing a little bit at 5:30am because he was snuggly and wanted to come cuddle in our bed. Way to go Elijah!! Even if it was a freak occurance, two nights of sleep in a row make for a VERY HAPPY mommy!

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Brother said...

Awww...insomnia was a good look for you sis =). I think Elijah's tractor's....nevermind.