Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crafty Covey

Covey is a craft addict!!
She worked so hard in October and November to finish the afghan for her mom for Christmas. Here is a picture of it. It was a bunch of little blocks all hooked together. Each block took about 40 minutes. This was out of a book called 7 day afghans. UGH!! 7 days around the clock maybe!! Covey's mom really liked it though so the labor was worth it.

So as not to be unequal, Covey decided to tackle a quilt for her mother in law next. Sherry used to work at Wrangler jeans until the plant closed. She had a whole box full of jean pant legs that she wanted made into a quilt. I have to say, I think my sewing machine had the biggest problem with this one. 8 layers of jeans is a lot for a little home machine to tackle. It threatened to go on strike several times! The other problem was keeping the quilt on the sewing table. It weighed about 30 pounds and kept sliding off. I think my left bicep is about twice the size of my right from trying to hold it up there. Needless to say the efforts were well worth it. My mother in law loved the quilt and I was able to get the huge box of pant legs out of my house. Here is front of the quilt. The back is just a mismatched patchwork of jean squares . . . nothing worth showing.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Say What?

Covey deciced to give Justin a gift of custom made musician's earplugs for his birthday this year.
These are GREAT for preventing any noise induced hearing loss from playing his trumpet. (The lucky man will also get to wear them when doing yard work).
So far we have taken the molds and are waiting for them to arrive. The picture above shows what they will look like. When you consider that an good hearing aid costs about $3000--the $150 investment of these custom plugs make a lot of sense. (Besides, once the baby is here and we don't have Covey's income, we won't be able to splurge on cool things like this--that's the same logic that led us to buy a lawnmower, vacuum cleaner and dining room table this fall before we started trying to get pregnant.) These plugs will knock 15 decibels off sounds (sounds will be reduced about 50%). The special thing is that they block all frequencies equally. Normal ear plugs will block out more high frequencies and not the lower ones, distorting the noise.