Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is Covey's Dad's Birthday. Happy Birthday!!
We were hoping to give him a grandbaby for his birthday but so far it doesn't seem like Cletus is cooperating. Covey walked (and walked and walked!) yesterday afternoon, yesterday evening and this morning at the gym. She managed to get some good contractions going last night during the walk but nothing has happened since. Oh well--looks like PapaDoc is just going to have to settle for a belated birthday present :)

(And Covey had her heart set to call last night at 2am saying-"Happy Birthday Dad-your present is on the way! See you in 4 hours!" Alas--it wasn't meant to be)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Cletus Update #2

Cletus is still in Covey's belly with (seemingly) no immediate plans to come out. (Meaning Covey probably has another weekend of rest ahead of her).
Sonya was able to check him today and he is in a great position and engaged. She estimates he is over 8 lbs at this point (YIKES!)
Here is a picture of Covey at 38 weeks--check out that baby belly! She is really starting to look pregnant!
Here is a link to Cletus' heartbeat. He is so low it was hard to hear him with the stethoscope so Sonya broke out the doppler. The heartrate was back up in the 140's--142 to be exact.

On an unrelated note, Covey enjoyed a brief visit from her Brother Cody and his wife today. They were in town for the day to house hunt. They hope to move to Wilson in January or February next year. We went to Dick's for lunch and Cody and Krysti looked at houses while Covey took a nap. Unfortunately, Covey wasn't in labor so the overnight bag that they packed didn't get used, they headed back to Charlottesville this evening.

Cletus Update

Hey all--
Cletus is still snug as a bug in his Covey home. Sonya saw Covey last Saturday and the baby was in a strange position. We moved him around a bit and now he is more "mowhawked" with his back right down the middle of Covey's belly. Once he got settled in that position the contractions stopped. We think the contractions were the baby sending out an SOS signal. Cletus is in a nice position now so we are fairly sure that the next time he starts contractions it will be the real thing.
Sonya is coming this afternoon to check the baby and his position. Hopefully it won't be much longer now!!

FYI-Cletus' heart rate has now dropped from the high 140's to about 138-142. Might be a boy after all!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Nursery Tour

Everything we need except for the baby :)
Check it out here

Still Fat--Much Happier!

Whew! After a LOOOONG weekend of contractions (Started Friday night and lasted until Sunday night) we still don't have a baby. We were really hopeful that this was it since they were pretty regular and about 9-10 minutes apart. Justin was really hoping not to have to go to work this Monday morning! Thankfully, God answered Covey's prayer: Stop the contractions so I can sleep, or go ahead and bring on the baby! The contractions have stopped! Looks like Cletus wants to chill out for a few more days.

Covey's last work engagement was on Saturday. She spoke at the homebirth meetup. It was really fun and those in attendance learned a lot about newborn hearing screenings and also how about the common hearing milestones children reach (birth-36 months).

Afterwards Covey gave Sonya her "Thanks for being a midwife" present. We gave it early since we are fairly sure that we are going to be so preoccupied with the baby and all that we would forget later. Covey made Sonya two "Belly Bands." These are a Covey original (and I plan to sell them at the La Leche League conference in September). The elastic belly supports aren't stylish or comfortable and poor Sonya, pregnant with #6, is miserable with ligament pain. She kept saying she needed something to tie up her belly with. Here is a picture of Sonya wearing one of the Belly Bands Covey made.

They are fabric, not elastic, and they are adjustable--you can make it as loose or tight as you need to be comfortable. They are about 8 inches wide. Sonya was wearing a dress so it looks a bit dorky, but they would be stylish with a pair of slacks and a shirt. The fabric is also soft enough to wear directly on your skin. Sonya is also excited because she says that after birth it is nice to be able to bind the belly of a mom who has had a lot of kids. It keeps them from hemorrhaging. Covey hasn't done research on this, but is thrilled that the Belly Band might have multiple uses. We are hopeful this might lead into a home business opportunity :)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Groovy Birthday

Friday night we celebrated Snookie, Frank and Gene's birthday. Here is a great picture of Snookie--posing in his bellbottom pants. Snookie has worked really hard this year and really slimmed down--he looks great!! He was rewarded on this new figure by being able to fit in his old Bell Bottom pants (which he hasn't worn since Justin was a baby!) For those of you who don't know-Snookie is Justin's dad.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Covey and Cletus' Last Day at Work

Today is Covey's last day in the office. It is a sad, but happy day. Sad because she loves her job. Happy because she is hoping to love her new job of Stay-at-home-mom even more!
Here's a picture of Covey and Cletus at 37.5 weeks--grow baby grow!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Rose is a Rose . . .

Covey and Jennifer are still really enjoying their cake decorating class. Here are some pictures from last night's class. A week ago we learned how to do roses and spent the whole class practicing. Covey really didn't "get it" very well. Her's kept melting and falling over. This week, Covey's icing was so stiff you could roll it like play-dough. That was the ticket!! It especially helped in the 97 degree heat! Now that Covey has mastered the basket weave and roses she expects the wedding cake requests to come pouring in!!
Covey's Finished Product:

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Getting Quite Cramped in There!

Well we are now officially Full Term--37 weeks!!!

Things are going fairly smoothly and Covey is dealing with the 100 degree heat quite well. Both Covey and Justin are grateful that she is still somewhat cold natured--it makes this incredible heat uncomfortable but not unbearable (in fact Covey is wearing long sleeves and long pants today because the air conditioning is too cold for her).

After a really exciting day of contractions yesterday, Cletus has decided to stay put a while longer. The contractions are now only about 1 per hour :( Pray that we are patient and content to just let nature take its course--both of us were really thinking yesterday was going to be it.

I, Covey, would like to personally thank Sonya for her immense wisdom in insisting that travel stop last week and that I go part time for July. Naps aren't a luxery at this point, they are a necessity. I would be a walking ZOMBIE if I couldn't sleep for an hour every afternoon. I was really hesistant to take the advice, but am now 100% glad that I did.

Covey's last day of work is this Friday and she is supposed to be speaking on Saturday at the Homebirth Meetup in Raleigh.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shower of Love

Many thanks to the Peace Church couples class for the wonderful shower they gave Covey this afternoon. We got so much stuff!! Covey got balloons and a corsage and felt very special all afternoon. Here's a shot of the happy mama:

Update: Covey is now 100% effaced and at a +1 station. She is getting 2-3 Braxton-Hicks contractions every hour. Hopefully this means Cletus will be coming soon, but it could be another week or more before REAL labor begins.

We Dun Bin Educated

Well, 8 hours after it began it concluded, we have officially attended our first childbirth education class. Some interesting things were covered that we had no idea about such as how the muscles of the uterus work to expel the baby, how the placenta separates, what to expect during the phases of labor etc. I think the most eye opening experience for Covey was that the bag of waters can actually speed dilation when still intact because it will bulge and put more pressure on more of the cervix. We have always heard that breaking the bag will speed up labor. We went with Covey's best friend Jennifer and her husband Jeff. They seemed to have a good time and got a lot of their questions answered too.

The biggest decision of the day came from watching a video on circumcision. I think we have now decided to forgo the circumcision if Cletus is a boy and leave the baby intact. If our child later chooses to have it done, they can do so with a valium and some really good anesthetic :)

We had a visit from Sonya after the class and Covey is now at a +1 station. (+4 is out). This means the baby is really low and getting ready to come out. Cletus, as always, was a twit with Sonya. We think he recognizes her voice and decides to bunch up and be contrary. The heart rate was 148 and Sonya guesses he is now weighing 7.5-8lbs (but says not to hold her to it). Basically we are growing a good sized baby!

Once back at home we decided to vege in front of the couch. We were watching the food network and this Haagan Daas Show came on where they were picking a new flavor. Well, needless to say, Covey decided she really wanted some ice cream. She was just going to deal with the desire and ignore it, but Justin (an ice cream addict) encouraged her. We went to the Food Lion at 10pm and bought 2 pints of Haagan Daas ice cream. Rum Raisin for Justin and Dulce de Leche for Covey. Justin was thrilled that he finally got to do the "midnight ice cream run" for his pregnant wife. Here is a picture of Covey with her ice cream.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Change Yet!

Just a quick update. Other than Braxton-Hicks contractions fairly regularly there hasn't been any changes. We have a Parenting class on Saturday and a midwife appointment after that. Not sure if Sonya will check Covey again or not.
Cletus is VERY active and VERY cramped in there. Hopefully s/he will decide to make an appearance soon!

Monday, July 10, 2006


I am 60% effaced, one fingertip dialated and the Cervix is soft. All of this is great news for a first time mom at 36 weeks. Sonya thinks little Cletus will be with us sometime in the next two weeks! Cletus is about 7-7.5 lbs and completely engaged. I did get the OK to travel to Greensboro tomorrow for work though, so hopefully there won't be any events happening tomorrow.
More updates to follow I am sure!! Here is a picture of Covey at 36 weeks.

36 Weeks (minus one day)

Tonight is our (now weekly) midwife appointment. Covey is sure glad about that! She woke up with contractions 4 times overnight last night. Don't know if this is just practice stuff or what but little Cletus needs to hold on at least 8 more days!! Sonya doesn't deliver at home until 37 weeks.

The baby is still head down and LOW! It is amazing that it is actually possible to wake up 7 times in only 8 hours to go to the bathroom overnight. 3 Liters of fluid daily is a lot to drink, but when you stop drinking stuff at 6pm you would think that you would have less nightly interruptions! Oh well--I am sure it is good practice for when Cletus arrives (although if he wakes up 7 times in 8 hours every night he might get thrown out the window).

That's all for now--hopefully there will be some good news to update tonight after the visit.

(Oh--be sure to check out Justin's blog (link to the right) )

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Have My Cake and Eat it TOO!

Covey Denton is Wilson Technical Community College's Newest Teacher!!

That's right! As of 11:53 this morning, Covey Denton has officially been hired to teach the Spring and Summer cake decorating classes at Wilson Tech!! This is a huge answer to prayer as it will provide about $400 a semester in take home pay for just one night a week of teaching! It will also get Covey's foot in the door as far as teaching at Wilson Tech (hopefully to lead to a math class or two :) )
The tech is limiting the number of classes it offers each semester so there will be no class this Fall. That will give Covey time to adjust to life with a baby before she begins her teaching journey.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

35 Weeks and Counting!!

Well--we are almost there. We've got only 2 more weeks until Cletus can safely arrive via a home delivery. We are still hoping s/he will make an early appearance and not wait until the first week in August.

Here is a picture of Covey at 35 weeks and another of her hanging out all of the baby clothes on the line. Cody (her brother and the proud Uncle to be) snapped this shot on Monday.

Covey officially went part time today and she is looking forward to afternoons filled with swimming and napping. She also hopes to get about 30-45 minutes of spring cleaning done every afternoon in preparation for Cletus' arrival.

Covey and Justin had a great 4th of July. We went to a "Block Party" thrown by some of our neighbors. It was really nice. We got to meet people that we have been waving at for two years. Everyone seemed really excited to have a baby on the block again. Most of the people on the street are the same age as our parents or grandparents. I hope they are as excited in a month when we decide to go for a midnight stroll to stop the crying :)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Baby Shower!

Here are some great pictures from this weekend's baby shower. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts!! Thanks especially to Tracy, Linda and Sherry who coordinated the event!

Here are some pictures from the bottle drinking game.Here is one of Covey with her and Cletus' haul! We got a high chair, a car seat, a mattress for the baby crib, two diaper pails, too many outfits to count!
Here are the happy grandma's to be:

Covey and Justin had a house full of guests staying with us. Here is the group shot. Many thanks to Aunt Sharon, David and Tara who came all the way from Florida and to Grandpa Jack and Aunt Paula who came down from Virginia Beach.