Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Reunion

Today was Grandmama's family reunion. It was nice--good food especially! We did something we never do--made the kids skip their nap. After church they were so tired this was the scene:
After a brief 15 min nap we woke them up and headed out. We felt bad and knew we were pushing our luck but decided to do it since the reunion is only once a year. We went and had a good time. Lydia got passed around from relative to relative and nursed about every hour since it was so hot and she kept getting thirsty. She did not nap at all after this morning's brief 30 minute nap from 8:00-8:30am. She fell asleep a couple of times and slept for 5 minutes and that was it. Considering last night's "long stretch" was only an hour and thirty minutes I am hoping that she will set a new Lydia sleep record and make it 4 or 5 hours. She should be tired enough!! It is now 10 minutes til seven and both kids are down . . .there are some advantages to an early bedtime!! As soon as Justin gets back with the Taco Bell and I eat, I am headed to bed too!! 8am bedtime-Oh Yeah!
Here's Elijah with his cousin Bradley. Elijah got a "cupcape" with sprinkles.
Uncle Charlie is the host and he has a pond and a boat. I knew this ahead of time so I went prepared with sunscreen, lifevest for EJ and bathing suits. Here I am in the boat. I tell you--next time I want a good thigh workout I am calling Charlie and asking to use his pedal boat. It was killer!! Better than a powercut class at the YMCA!

I was the only mom "cool" enough to go in the water. Some of the older boys went in by themselves and Elijah wanted to go. Since daddy is terrified of pond water and super grossed out by the idea of swimming in a pond where the muck on the bottom is knee deep, I was the one who stepped up to be Elijah's swimming buddy. We had a blast! The algae wan't too bad and the grass floating around we dubbed "turtle salad" so Elijah didn't freak out when it got on him.

Here's a video of Elijsh going under. He loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Dentist!

Elijah went to the dentist today (he is a pediatric dentist--only sees kids). I couldn't be more proud of my little guy. He sat in the chair himself, opened his mouth for the dentist and didn't bite! He didn't cry either.

The dentist was shocked at how wonderful he did. He says he has never seen a child that young sit so still and obey so well. He said that they normally get to see the inside of kids mouths but it is because they are screaming and crying, not because they are cooperative.

Elijah's favorite part was the little mirror and the arm rest on the yellow chair that went up and down. He was very excited to go to the dentist (we've been practicing for the past week with a flashlight and pen counting his teeth and looking at them.) The only time he seemed worried was when we were walking up to the door of the office and he said "I don't want a shot." I told him that this dentist didn't give shots and that he was just going to count his teeth. That was enough for him, he ran on in and was his normal charming self.

I didn't much like the dentist--a little short on personality for me--but Elijah liked him a lot. Sometimes your kids pick people you wouldn't. Elijah wasn't scared of him, talked to him and smiled at him. He even said "Bye, Mr. Dentist. See you later!" When we left. We WILL be going back to this guy. His staff was great, they got us in at out 8:30 time and scheduled us for 9am on our next visit in 6 months. They are HAPPY to work around nap schedules too!

Elijah's teeth look great. No plaque (yeah!) and no cavities. The paci he still uses at night isn't causing any damage to his teeth so there is no hurry to get rid of it. The two little snaggle teeth in front are fused together like I thought and there isn't a thing we did to cause it. The dentist said when it is time for his permanent teeth we will just have to keep an eye on it and until then to just brush them like normal.

All in all a great checkup!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

No More Threats!

Got an email asking where (demanding more?) pictures of the kids were. After being sick a week ago and then with two sick munchkins over the past week coupled with a nap strike from Elijah, I just haven't had the energy to blog. Here you go--my cuties!

(We've been working on getting dressed . . . he has the getting undressed down pat!)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Some days I feel like I am just going through the motions. Recovering from being sick and suffering from a SEVERE lack of sleep due to two sick kids has sapped me of my energy. That said, I am a supermom--and if you are a mother I am sure you are a supermom too!

I scheduled two playdates for Elijah this week and he loved them! I encouraged another mother who is struggling with her newborn. I have nursed Lydia around the clock and made her feel loved. I have made both my kids laugh everyday. I have been to the pool with my kids 3 times this week. I have gone to the gym everyday! I have cooked a healthy lunch and dinner for my family almost everyday. I have played, rolled on the floor, snuggled, taught, cleaned and done laundry. I have gone to the grocery store and taken advantage of sales and triple coupons! I have read stories, painted, played play-dough, played in the sand, bug-hunted, piggy baked and played airplane.

Staying at home is awesome--even on the days that you really wish you could send the kids somewhere and get a break (or a nap)!
Here is a picture of me supermomming. I am nursing Lydia and reading to Elijah while daddy cleans the kitchen.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let Us Pray . . .

We do our quiet time and prayer as part of our bedtime ritual. We always ask Elijah if there is anything he would like to pray about. Last nights list was:
  1. Cookie Dough Ice Cream (he had it at great-grandmama's house)
  2. Tigers
  3. Lions
  4. Turtles

While we were praying we thanked God for a good day and for keeping us safe at the pool and Elijah said :

"Thank you for no alligators at pool."

Amen to that one!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Funny Things He Says . . .

Last week while daddy was giving him a bath, Elijah did one of those pills that has a sponge inside. It was a Stegasaurus dinosaur. Elijah has really been into dinosaurs lately. Elijah excitedly told his daddy--

"Look! A Steak-a-saurus!" When daddy tried to correct him, daddy was informed that:

"It's not a STEG-asaurus its a STEAK-asaurus!"

Our other favorite: "Dinosaurus Rex"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breast Flow Bottles--A Product Review

Jen over at the Learning Curve Store saw my desperate plea for bottles and boy oh boy did she come through!! Here is what she sent me, the BreastFlow Starter Kit:
The kit includes 2-5oz bottles, 2-9 oz bottles, 4 stage 1 nipples, 4 storage lids, 1 snack/formula holder and 1 cleaning brush.
These bottles are really funky and unlike anything else I have ever seen. They have a two part nipple and the outer part is really squishy like a breast. Lydia latched on and started sucking right away. Unlike other bottles, where she would just suck on the nipple if at all, this one she acutally latched on and "nursed". I tried it with her the first night we got it. She wasn't really hungry but she gave it a go anyway. She drank almost 2 ounces. Her latch looked very similar to how it looks when she is on the breast. We didn't have a need to try a bottle again until yesterday when I was sick. Justin stayed home from work and gave Lydia about 4 ounces of my milk to tide her over until I woke up from a much needed nap.
What this bottle means to me: Freedom to be a better Mom!!
  1. I can take a nap if we have had a bad night and know that hubby or my mom or my mother in law can give her a bottle without stressing out Lydia.
  2. I can go out to my once monthly scrapbooking event and keep the baby books updated and get the "girl talk" out of my system.
  3. If I have to go on antibiotics or another medicine that isn't compatible with breastfeeding I can concentrate on getting well and not worry about if Lydia can take my frozen milk from a bottle.

Seems like such a small thing to find a bottle that works but when you have a little nursling that nurses every 2.5 to 3 hours around the clock, being able to miss an occasional feeding is wonderful! Even though we probably won't use the bottles more than once or twice a month, it is such a blessing to have them!!

Thank you Jen!!

But guess what--the good news doesn't end there. Jen sent me some coupons for 25% off your next Learning Curve shop order. Before you say to yourself--I don't have a baby I don't need anything from there--head over and take a look. There are books, ride on toys, games, carseats and much more! It has things divided by ages and has stuff for kids as old as kindergarten. If you want the coupon code you have to email me for it. She gave me 6 coupons to share with my friends!

Antibiotics Rock!

Well--I am doing much better today. My fever only got up to about 102 last night and it is right at 99 today. I guess the antibiotics are working. I am also happy that most of my headache and body aches are gone. Granny has Elijah today keeping him away until we are sure the antibiotics are working.

Poor Lydia--she has a summer cold or something. She has a little fever and a runny nose. She can't seem to stop sneezing. Her symptoms are really different than mine so it is probably just bad timing. The doctor said to give her tylenol for the fever and let her "sweat it out" today. If she is worse tomorrow he wants me to bring her in to see if she needs antibiotics too :( Please pray for my little girl. She didn't sleep well last night (and neither did I). I am hoping we will both make a speedy recovery.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

UGH--I'm Sick!

I am counting my blessings--I haven't been sick with anything more than a slight cold since before Elijah was born. That's right--no fevers, no chills, nothing! I have had sciatica and a kidney infection and the 9 months of nausea while pregnant with Elijah, but as far as a virus goes, nada.

Until now :(

I got a major headache yesterday. I chalked it up to temper tantrums, 100 degree heat and being sleep deprived. As the day progressed through my head felt like it was splitting at the seams. By 9pm when I went to bed I had a fever of 100. This morning at 1am (after I fed Lydia) it was 104. I took some advil to try and lower the fever since I couldn't sleep. I have been alternating between hot flashes and the shivers. I am drenched in sweat and have been awake since 1am. It is 4am now. Hopefully Justin will stay home and take care of the kids while I get over this and catch up on sleep.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm Drooling

I want this sling so bad I can taste it!!
If anyone wants to get it for me I will send you my mailing address so you can have it shipped directly!! Lydia is getting too big for the Maya to be comfortable and I love how you can front carry with this sling!! It would be so awesome for the park!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jumpin Monkey--This Place is Awesome!!

Today we went with a church friend and her two kids to a place in Greenville called Jumpin Monkey. This place is awesome!! It is very clean (we saw workers cleaning the toys while we were there) and the staff are at every ride. Kids have to wear socks and no shoes allowed. It is a HUGE area with those really big inflatable jumping things. There is also a toddler zone for the 2 and under set that has toys, dress up costumes, ride on toys, a playhouse and a mini-jumper. It is wonderful!!

It is one of those things that you pay for the time you spend there. We sayed an hour and a hlaf for just $5. Can't beat that!!

Elijah took a while to warm up to the inflatables. They are kinda loud and it is hard to walk on them. After about 45 minutes he discovered the HUGE slide (in the video). I didn't think there was any way he would make it up there and I was sure he would kill himself coming down. He did make it up--8 times!! He loved it and slid down like a pro! He also got up the nerves to climb in the big shark's mouth and go in the Nemo maze. He loved the slide in that one too.

We will be going back here soon!!

Yesterday's Breakfast

Elijah woke up yesterday morning and was in a good mood. He went to the bathroom and took off his pj's. Then he turned to me and said:
"I just need to eat breakfast naked. Butt naked."
He then proceeded to skooch down the stairs.
I let him eat naked (even took a picture which I won't share here). Then he got his clothes on and was ready to go for the day.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lazy Afternoon

Today I got to hold Lydia for a nap for the first time since she's been born. Ahhh--life's little treats! Granny took Elijah to the pool to give me a break from the kids and Lydia started crying. I was at my mom's new house in town with no "to do" list in sight. There were tons of boxes to unpack and I had no idea where to put them. So I sat in the leather recliner, put Lydia on my chest, and dozed for almost an hour with her. It was so nice getting to snuggle my little girl.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pool Babies!!

Yesterday we made our first trek to the YMCA pool. It was a big hit with both kids. The baby pool is so shallow compared to last year (or maybe my little boy has just grown a lot). The water was probably about 80 degrees--chilly but not cold. It was fun. Lydia liked getting in up to her waist. I was bouncing her on my knee and letting her watch Elijah. After 20 minutes I tried to get up and let her warm up (I thought she must be cold) and she started screaming. I sat back down and she immediately started smiling and splashing her little legs. Too cute!!

Lydia fell asleep while we were there and Elijah and I went into the big pool. He isn't scared to go under or float (though he doesn't really like it). I am excited for the baby and mommy class we are taking in July.

Here are some shots from the day. The shirts are those SPF shirts so I don't have to put lotion all over the kids. They worked really well. We were out for almost 2 hours from 4-5:45 and they didn't get at all pink.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Our Fun Adventure!
(I can't add a title for some reason-blogger error??)
tonight we had just gotten EJ and Lydia in bed and a huge storm hit. We looked outside and saw hail and that the trees in our front yard were bending in two. The door for the attic was popping open from the pressure of the wind. It was a big storm! I ran upstairs and grabbed the munchkins and Justin grabbed the pillows and flashlights. We camped out in the hallway with some books and blankets and read and hushed the baby for 15 minutes while the storm raged outside. We have satellite TV so the TV wasn't any help in determining how bad the storm was. Thankfully, Justin's parents have cable so we called them on the cordless to get the scoop. Despite the horrible winds coming from every direction there wasn't a tornado watch or warning as we had feared. The storm died down, we got the kids calmed down and we are now folding laundry--excitement over :)