Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goodbye Bot!

I think EJ has Hand Foot and Mouth--a very mild case. He has about 5 blisters on his hands and lots inside his mouth. His mouth is really hurting him but I have been spraying it with Cloraceptic and letting him suck on numbing cough drops and he is still eating and drinking enough that I am not worried.

At his nap yesterday he went to go and suck his paci (aka Bot) and screamed. "I have bot blisters!" He was so furious that his bot had dared to hurt him. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said: "Bots give me blisters. I want to throw them ALL away." So he went to his bed and grabbed them up and threw them in the trash can. I couldn't believe it. He LOVES his bots. When he gets angry or tired he will ask to go up and sit on his bed and have a "Bot and a book." We made it through the nap and through the night without the bot. He didn't even ask for it except he wanted to hold one and "squeek" it in his hand. I got him a Little People pirate to hold and squeek and that satisfied him.

He had a rotten night but that was mostly because when he woke up he was hurting and it confused him. He would start screaming, then start coughing, then scream because he was coughing . . . it is a bad cycle. Once he quiets down he is back out like a light.

We're hoping for a fast recovery so we can go Trick or Treating tomorrow night. He is looking forward to it and now that he knows the days of the week he knows that tomorrow is Halloween. I don't think we are going to try Preschool--which is bad because I am the party mom for Halloween. I guess I will just have to take the stuff and drop it all off for the party and let the teachers and the other mother take care of it.

Here's Lydia sporting the spider headband Elijah picked out for her at the drug store when we got the Cloraceptic. Elijah got a matching one with Bats on it but was too grumpy for me to take a picture of it.
Mr. and his slingling. He decided he needed to go shopping and he wanted his baby in the sling. Hmmm. . . wonder where he has seen that before?

Here is a video of Lydia shaking her head no. It is too funny to me that she does this.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As if I don't get this enough from Elijah--Lydia started shaking her head no yesterday. Its cute--but I was kinda hoping "yes" could come first :)

I asked her if she wanted more crackers after she had already signed finished and she looked right at me and shook her head no and screamed. OK--I get it--you don't want any more crackers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reason's #1 and #2 why you might not want my dinner . . .

# 1) Naked boy with an "I voted" sticker washed the baby corn and water chestnuts. [As a side note--yes we did go and vote early today and no he wasn't naked when we did it--I loved it. We were in and out in under 10 minutes. I went with both children in the stroller armed with sippy cups, graham crackers and Honey Bee Cheerios anticipating a wait. They were angels, I did my American duty, and its done with--so much better than 4 years ago when I went on the actual voting day and ended up standing in line over an hour.]

#2) Our Rat infestation at the dinner table. Apparantly flying squirrel has a friend . . . "Happy Rat" as EJ has dubbed him. The eyes glow red and it looks rabid to me but Elijah thinks its a hoot. I was kinda punchy tonight. Here's a video of EJ and his rat at the table and me cracking up in the background. Normally we don't allow toys at the table but it was a long day and Elijah had set the table and rat ended up on the table so we just went with it.

A Somewhat Better Night

Last night Justin got up with Elijah and I got up with Lydia. It was nice because she only got up three times. That is a HUGE break for me. I was so tired I just slept through Elijah most of the time knowing Justin was sleeping downstairs with the monitor on full blast.

We also are pulling out all the stops when it comes to EJ. I made up a sleeping chart with a Curious George movie as a reward. Every night he does a good job sleeping we check off a box. After 10 nights he gets the movie. We also sprayed "Squirrel Repellant" on the bushes outside and on his windows (its just Method air freshner--I normally don't use that stuff but this an emergency). We also set up Shiloh (his beagle stuffed animal) to guard the window and scare away the squirrel. Justin said he got up about 3 times last night and two of those were coughing fits. He didn't complain about squirrels at all. Maybe we have eradicated the problem.

Keep praying--they have got to eventually start sleeping!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Parenthood is Not a Form of Torture

That is my new mantra!

My friend Leanne told me this FABULOUS quote today--after last night I really appreciated her humor:

"There are many ways to lose your mind. . .parenthood is just the fastest."

I made 11 trips up the stairs last night. I was sleping on the couch to avoid smacking my snoring husband and because I figure if I have to be up all night anyway I might as well get some exercise!

Elijah is having nightmares. When I asked him what was waking him up he said:
"A Flying squirrel is tapping my window and he yells 'Wake up Elijah' so I wake up."

Ummmm--I don't think Rid-A-Pest takes care of imaginary flying squirrels but I sure would like to know how to get rid of this pesky critter that keeps waking my little boy up at night.

Lydia joined in on the fun last night too. We gave her some formula that we hadn't tried before and she broke out in a horrible rash all over her butt and legs. The girl screams like a banshee every time she pees. I guess that serves me right for trying to supplement instead of letting her be a breast only gal. We're back to the breast only and she is already looking better. Hopefully the little miss will be back to her normal cheerful self soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jack-O-Lantern fun

I spent the whole morning away, out of the house, with other women, doing non-kid things. I came back at lunch and felt like a different woman. One morning away and I felt really recharged. It was nice.

After dinner we decided to carve our Jack-O-Lantern with EJ and Lydia. Lydia was kind of a slacker--she mostly played in her exersaucer wearing her cute pumpkin hat--but she acted as our muse. Elijah got down and dirty with the scoop and helped scoop the pumpkin out and poke out the eyes and the nose. It was fun.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Funny Quote:

If pro is the opposite of con is congress the opposite of progress?

Have you ever . . .

. . .dressed your kids in stupid hats just to make yourself smile?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Midwife and such . . .

Today Lyddie and I made a quick run to the Harris Teeter to get some berries (Raspberries are 4 packs for $6--WOW) and more "honey-bee" cheerios for Elijah. Anyway--as I was getting her out of the car this man stops and rolls down his window to talk to me. I thought he was probably going to tell me I had a sticker on my butt or I had dropped somthing from the car but instead he asked if I was a midwife. I have a bumper sticker on my car from NCFOM. I told him no but that I had both of my kids at home with a midwife. He told me that he and his wife had 7 of their kids at home and 5 were with a midwife. Two they did solo and the first 3 were born in a hospital. Wow--10 babies!! I can't even imagine!! That was definately not a conversation I expected to have today! Kudos to that mama!


OK in my sleepy fog I uploaded the wrong video, here is the one of her laughing.

Last night went much better--Lyddie got up twice and EJ got up twice. I got a lot more sleep but still feel exhausted . . .don't know what's up with my body. I guess it takes more than one OK night to recharge.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahoy Maybes

I tried EJ's Captain Feathersword costume on him today--it was cute. Found out the hard way that the pattern wasn't designed for big heads like EJ's. I had to cut the neck to make it go over his head. That is good to know--I still have over a week to fix it! When he put on his white "puffy pirate shirt" I couldn't help thinking of this Seinfield episode:

Here is a shot of my little pirate--the best part is he kept saying "Ahoy Maybes":

and since it isn't all about him . . . here's a cute one of Lyddie's laugh.

And for the parting shot--I couldn't help but laugh at the kids watching the 100 or so crows that were in our yard this afternoon. Lyddie pulled herself up so she could see.

The sleep sack seemed to keep Lyddie warm last night. At least it kept me warmer when we nursed--no more little ice mitts up my shirt at 3am!! Unfortunately the kids got up about 9 times total :( I keep saying it is going to get better . . . only 17.5 more years until Lyddie leaves for college . . I think I can make it! Seriously though--praise God for the energy he gives me to get through each day on less than 3 hours of sleep! We actually had fun and kept busy today--I went to exercize this morning, we went to Stroller club and I walked over 3 miles pushing the stroller with both munchies and we played at the park for an hour. I didn't get a nap :( but we had fun this afternoon playing dress up, playing memory and then I even braved a trip to Walmart to pick up Lyddie's portraits I had done.

Elijah has now been accident free for over a week and we have finally made the switch to normal underpants during naptime. We are still wearing diapers overnight but I have no doubt those will be gone by the time he turns 3.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins and PJ's

Wow! I sure had a busy weekend with the kids. I took EJ and Lydia to a pumpkin party on Saturday from 2-4pm. That meant early naps cut short so we could get there on time. It was drizzling rain and windy and chilly and outside but we still had a good time. The party is hosted by a couple in our Sunday school class and there were about 50 kids there. It was really fun. They had a huge John Deere tractor and were doing hayrides, they had cookies to decorate and tons of stickers and markers for the pumpkins. It wasn't a pumpkin carving party--it was a pumpkin decorating party. Here is the little mister with his pumpkin.

We headed home in pretty good moods and decided to put the spider webs on our front bushes to make it spooky. We had a pretty good time doing that.

Sunday was busy as always. Saturday nights are almost always awful. I can rmeember a handful of times that I have actually been rested on Sunday morning since EJ was born. Anyway . . . it was my Sunday in the nursery so I was in there and there were 2 babies for every person. It was CRAZY!! After being up all night with the children and spending all morning around screaming babies I was ready to throw in the towel!! I took a nice nap--almost 1.5 hours, then we took EJ to Nana's house.

We think Lyddie is waking up because she is cold. That is our newest theory anyway. So Justin and I headed to Target in search of the sleeper sacks with arms. We had borrowed one when EJ was born but that family now lives in Ohio. Well Targetr and Belks didn't have it :( So we headed home with nouthing but a couple of pairs of frilly socks for Lydia (Belks had some and she had none so we went ahead and got them). We enjoyed a nice steak dinner at my parents, picked up EJ and got the kids in bed for another sleepless night.

Now after last night I was determined to find something for Lydia to make sure she stays toasty at night. EJ is hot natured, Lyddie isn't. I searched high and low online and found that they don't make the long sleeved sleepers anymore because the babies were overheating. What do they do in ALASKA?? For pete's sake!! I want my kid toasty at night. Anyway, after I dropped EJ off at preschool we went to Walmart and got some polar fleece and I made this during Lydia's morning nap. I think it turned out well--one hour of labor and $6 in fabric and a .99 cent zipper and I came up with it. I even embroidered a bow and her name on it. I gave it those little cuffed sleeves so we can pake her hands in or out. It's a little too big and I want to change the cuffs on the next one I make but as you can see from the second picture this fits the bill. Her hands were nice and toasty when I got her up from her nap this afternoon. Here to a good nights sleep tonight!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Insane prices . . .

OK--I know I complained about the Christmas stuff being up already but I just wanted to let the grandparents and other family know that I have put a "Wish List" for each of the kids on the side of the blog. Elijah LOVES dress up and I am sure Lydia will too so dress up clothes are on their lists. With Halloween around the bend I was thinkng you might want to pick up some stuff on November 1st when all the costumes and dress up stuff goes 75% off. Just an idea--not a demand!!

Also, don't anyone get Elijah this. We are getting it for him for Christmas.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're So Blessed

I got an email from someone in my Sunday School class who has been AWOL for several weeks. It seems her husband has been laid off, they had to rent out their home or risk foreclosure and she had to pawn her engagement ring today in order to get enough food and gas to last through the weekend. They have moved out in the boonies where the rent is cheap and they can't afford the gas to come to church. They are desperate. Because she still has her job they don't qualify for WIC or public assistance. We have done what we can with food donations and gas cards, my parents pitched in with some groceries and some gift cards to Farm Fresh but my heart just goes out to this family. I can't even imagine what it would be like to not have food for my children. I feel bad when I don't feed them ORGANIC everything and here is a mother who sold her engagement ring to get bread and peanut butter just so her kids wouldn't feel hungry. Whew!! I know there are countries where everyone is like this and that there are probably 100s of families here in NC in a similar situation but this just hits so close to home for me. I know this person. She goes to church with me. She isn't some stranger. She and her family were the ones who adopted our dog Sadie when she scratched Elijah up so bad on New Years. If you want to help this particular family she needs anything--gas cards, gift cards for food, food you don't need in your pantry, laundry soap, toilitries. They aren't picky at all. Her kids are all 10 and up and I don't know what their specific needs are.

On a lighter note--we got out the wagon today to enjoy the last warm day for a while. The kids had a blast and EJ loved pulling Lydia the 4 feet he managed to move the wagon in the grass. I pulled them both down the block and they loved it. I LOVE having a Fall this year.

A Little Update

Last night was better--EJ coughed so hard he threw up a couple of times but he wasn't up for any extended periods--I drugged him with Zyrtec in hopes of helping his stuffiness and cough and in hopes of making him groggy. Lyddie only got up twice. I actually had a 4 hour chunk in there with no kids awake--nice!! More sleep than I got in the past two days combined!

We're changing the kids' doctor :( I love the pediatrician we have in Clayton but the 2 hour round trip drive makes me tired and he is leaving the practice in December. We're switching to the docs here in Wilson. I don't think much of most of the docs but one of the newer ones there is the pediatrician for a couple of local doctors and she seems really knowledgable. I can always refuse the stuff she suggests though if I think its crap--mostly the Hepatitis shot for babies and giving antibiotics for every little thing. Since we don't plan on having anymore kids and therefore no more homebirths I don't mind going to a doctor that doesn't support homebirth. Switching docs though is a huge hassle--everything has to be in writing. UGH! I am sending a letter to the old doc today and hopefully they will send or fax the records to the new docs and I can take the kids for a checkup next month or in December. Lyddie is due for her 9 month checkup in December.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Franken-lijah and Spider Girl

(EJ kissing Lyddie)
Despite the wretched nights we have been having OK days. I feel bad and exhausted and have actually forgotten to eat a couple of meals in an effort to get down for a nap as soon as the kids do, but I am getting through. I try not to drive the kids around because I know I am so tired so we are sticking close to home. Yesterday I got the Halloween stuff from the attic and we had fun messing around and decorating the house. We had a lot of fun with the headbands and EJ's dress up clothes. We also fixed our wreath with the hot glue gun (it is a low-temp glue gun so he can't be burned) and EJ kept wanting to glue stuff all day. It was cute. This morning Lydia got up at 3am and EJ was up from 1am-2:30am last night. They were both so grouchy--mama too!! In an effort to get us all in good moods I made Bat and Pumpkin pancakes. EJ ate his all up--Lyddie wanted yogurt instead.
Please pray for EJ and his attitude. He was kicking and screaming all the way into preschool today--I fully expect to get a call to go and pick him up anytime but I am hoping he will stay all day and give me a break! He is exhausted and last night was night #10 of this staying up stuff and it is finally catching up to him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleping Woes-Please Pray

For the past week Elijah has been doing horrible at night. We are talking hours every night of him screaming "Mommy". I am dying--Saturday night I got less than 2 hours sleep, last night I only got about 2.5 hours. I was crying in the middle of the night because I am so tired and so angry. I am past exhausted and getting very stressed. Elijah is waking up around 11 or 12 at night and calling out. He isn't wet, he says nothing is wrong he just wants snuggles. I have tried to talk to him during the day about it and he says he doesn't have bad dreams or anything. I go in there to check on him when he calls out and check him and then leave--basically trying CIO with a 2 year old. Then the yelling starts--last night it went on until 3:30am and it started at midnight. He is yelling so much he wakes up Lydia. Lydia is also starting to crawl and scootch so she is waking up a couple of times a night stuck in the crib slats. I took the bumpers off so she wouldn't sufocate :) and now she sticks her arms and legs through. Has anyone tried these? Do they work?

Anyway--Last night I had it. At 3:00 I went in there and told him if he didn't hush then he was going to get a spanking. He proceeded to scream at me as I left and I gave him 5 minutes to calm down. I went in there, took off his PJ bottoms and spanked his leg twice. He started wailing and woke up Lydia. I nursed her and he was still screaming so I went in for spanking #2. I spanked his leg 2 more times and he cried for about 5 minutes and went to sleep. I hate spanking him but I need him to sleep. He is only napping about 1 to 1.5 hours a day so he isn't sleeping so much that he doesn't need to at night. In the past I have tired snuggling him but he just rubs and rubs and rubs my arm and keeps himself awake. He doesn't sleep in our bed either--same thing, rubbing. Any suggestions? Tonight I am tempted to lead with the spanking in an effort to get some relief.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Cutest Pumpkin's in the Patch

We went to Dean's Farm this morning with Nana and Papa. A good time was had by one and all. The weather was perfect--overcast, breezy and in the 70's. No bugs, no sun, just fun!! We also went early enough to beat most of the crowds. Elijah had a blast getting his face painted and riding on the hayride. Lydia really liked the hayride and the people watching she got to do. /we all got pumpkins and plan to carve mommy and daddy's pumpkins and EJ and Lyddie will take their pumpkins to a pumpkin party next weekend and decorate them there.

And for a real laugh--check out 2 month old Elijah wearing this same outfit here. It's hard to believe he weighed as much as Lydia does now (she's almost 7 months!) at 2 months old!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Over and Done with . . .

Elijah had forgotten what a real shot was--I think he thought it would be like when we are playing doctor. He laid up there, lifted his pants leg and then . . . WHAM . . . he started screaming and crying and then siad the classic EJ phrase: "What happened??" I told him he got a shot, to shake it off and here are 5 M&M's for being a brave boy. He ate the M&M's and quit crying and he and Justin walked around while I nursed Lydia. It was fine. He freaked out this morning when I tried to take off the band aid and I ended up giving him Advil after he started crying when I picked him up but otherwise he is back to normal. Lydia took it like a trooper--she got 3 shots. Justin was in there with her while I held EJ outside. I nursed her afterwards and she was laughing and smiling by the time we left the doctors office. Last night was better than I expected.

Today has been busy--finally got Lydia down for a nap and made the cake for one of EJ's little buddies. He loves Pablo off the backyardigans. I love doing this type of cake but I always worry I am going to screw it up and ruin a little boy's birthday (or stress out another mom!) Now to clean up . . .

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why even bother . . .

Last night was one of those nights I wondered why I even bothered changing into pjs. Both the kids have had little colds so they have been coughing some but last night was awful. I fed Lyddie at 10:30pm and went to bed. Elijah was up whining at midnight. Lyddie was up at 12:45. Got them both down to have EJ get up at 2am and whine and complain until about 5am. I went in, Justin went in, I threatened a spanking, I gave him some milk, I snuggled him . . . nothing worked. He finally fell asleep at 5am. Lydia was up at 4:30 and I went ahead and nursed her. She fell asleep at 5am. They were up at 6am for the day. I laid them down early for a nap because we have doctors appointments this afternoon. They both get shots :(

Hopefully tonight will be better but with sore legs and coughing I doubt it.

I think I need to auction off my pj's on Ebay and use the money to buy Jolt cola or Starbucks extra bold coffee :) If only caffeine didn't bother Lydia . . . that girl gets wired on caffinated breastmilk.

Funny Keyword Stuff

So I just added a StatCounter thing to my blog to see how many people are actually looking at it (don't worry I can't see who you are). So far I have had over 100 unique viewers in the past 5 days, that is WAY more than I thought. It also shows what keywords people used that made my blog pop up. Some were pretty funny:

naked nap
-this linked to Elijah sleeping naked as a baby

weird pregnancy cravings
-I don't so much have weird pregnancy cravings as weird nursing cravings. I could eat a whole jar of vlassic sweet midgit pickles every day. I limit myself to 2 jars a week :) I also LOVE raw potatoes while I am nursing. They are WONDERFUL for preventing and treating heartburn. If you want to try them I recommend yukon gold--peel them and add a bit of salt-YUM!

hippo made out of fondant
-That would be easy if the hippo were small, a whole cake would be a bit tougher but wouldn't it be cute!

fish drinking milk
-This led to Elijah's last year's halloween costume and he was holding a bottle. Can you believe last year he still drank bottles??!!??

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gettin' Fresh

This is a "fresh" archaeopteryx:

Why is it fresh you ask?
Yesterday Elijah was looking in his book of dinosaurs while we were driving. He kept saying:
"Mama this is a fresh dinosaur."
I had no idea what he meant. I asked him why it was fresh and he said:
"This is a fresh one. It doesn't have stales on it. Its not stale."

stales=scales in toddlerese

He knows fresh and stale from the cheerios in the high chair. I told him not to eat the old cheerios because they were stale.

And because I don't find dinosaurs to be particularly cute--here are some shots of the kids.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Busy Days . . .

Whew!! Last night was Date Night--the kids stayed at my parents house and we had a date. We went to Taco Bell and a Movie. We went to go see Fireproof which was pretty good. We give it an A- It had a good story line but the acting and dialogue was a little bit like a back to school special. Kirk Cameron also cried about 100 times during the movie. It was WAY better than we expected though given that it isn't a Holloywood production. I would really recommend this one.

With the kids gone I enjoyed a full 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I slept in EJ's bed and Justin slept in ours. I wanted to sleep together but about 10 seconds after we went to bed he started snoring and the bed was shaking so badly I couldn't sleep :)

I guess it was all that sleep but this morning I was MOTIVATED to act. I switched out the kids clothes--EJ is now in 3T stuff and Lydia needed some more long stuff down out of the attic. I put that away. When we picked up the kids my parents said they had some metal shelves they weren't using and would bring them today so I could organize my laundry room. My kitchen is tiny so I store most of my big stuff like my crock pot and skillets in the laundry room. WHEW--talk about motivating. I got in there and started attacking the mess to make room for the shelves. It looks AWESOME now ( I should have taken a before shot) !! I took the pile of stuff to goodwill and went to the grocery with Elijah.

Meanwhile . . .Justin set about pulling up fence posts and the fence that surrounds our garden area. We put it up when we had Sadie and now that she isn't here to dig up the stuff decided mowing around it was much more hassle than it was worth so we took it down. Elijah helped him by bonking the fence posts with a rubber mallet to "loosen" them. then he was helping with a "scoop" and digging the dirt back in the holes. That lasted about 20 minutes then he and Lydia were mine. Justin just doesn't have the patience or the skill to keep EJ entertained and actually accomplish work too.

Justin kept the kids busy while I threw together a quick dinner--mashed sweet potatoes (yum!!) wildberry muffins (thank you Martha White!) and a "MEGA" salad. It was good. Elijah inhaled the salad including the spinach greens and about two bites of muffin but he refused to touch his mashed potatoes. He did take a taste when we told him they were Hallowween potatoes and I think he liked them but just wanted to be stubborn :) He had yogurt for dessert. We aren't going to be as good--I got us Haagen Daas!! We earned it!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

A Bed Giveaway Photo Contest

Do you have a sleeping angel? Would they like a brand new bed to sleep in? I love the Summer Breeze set. Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and enter in your little angel. Here's my cutie:

A Slingy Giveaway

My friend Bethany over at Vermillion rules is being featured on the 30 Days Handmade Giveaway and she is giving away a sling. She is one of the most talented mama's I know!! Head here to enter to win your own sling. Or better yet, head there and enter to win and then give it to me :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Beautiful Days!

Can you believe this fantastic weather?? I love it! Took the kids to the park today for a few hours after Lydia's all too brief morning nap. We had a blast until it was time to go--I ended up dragging Elijah while he threw a full out tantrum the whole way to the car. He continuted to scream the whole car ride home. He perked up though when I sat him on the back porch for lunch and he got to unpack it from the cooler. In an attempt to be a cool mom I had packed a picnic lunch but he refused to come and sit and eat it at the park so we left without having our picnic as planned. He was especially thrilled with the chocolate pudding I packed but he took only two bites of that before eating all of Lydia's unsweetened organic applesauce with her baby spoon. Oh the allure of a pink baby spoon. Lydia didn't mind sharing--she was enjoying her mama milk. She's such a nip-a-holic . . . I love it!! I so missed nursing her!
At nap time Lydia went down like a champ but poor Elijah couldn't stop coughing. He has this dry cough that kept him up last night from 2-5am. He needed a nap so I grabbed some honey, nuked it for 10 seconds to make it runny and made him drink it. No more couging for the next hour--nice!! He will get honey tonight for sure!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


6 months of nursing really created a nip-a-holic. She went back to nursing like we hadn't even missed a beat!! Apart froma moment of frustration at the delay of letdown--she's gotten used to the bottle immediate satisfaction--she is thrilled to be back nursing. This morning she was fussing and when she saw me lisft my shirt she got all wide eyed. When she saw she was going to get to nurse she broke into this huge grin and lunged for it like "Why have you been holding out on me mommy!!??!?" Life is so good!