Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Midwife Madness Update

Well--had my 34 week checkup with the midiwfe and it was nothing but good news! The baby is no longer footling breech and is head down!! The horrible backache is due in part to the head engaging! This is great news! I will happily endure 6 weeks of backache if it means no breech! Here's a shot of my 34 week belly--still pretty small but I am measuring right on at 35 cm.

I think Elijah is on the mend. He actually napped almost an hour today solo. That is the longest he has slept on his own since Saturday. Hopefully we will have a better night tonight. He seems to be doing better. We are still letting him eat whatever and whenever he wants. I put him on the scale today and he has actually lost 3 lbs. I was shocked by how much he has lost. Hopefully he will bounce back quickly. Next week at Granny's should help--she is always cookie flush!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sick Update

EJ is still sick. Justin isn't getting it so far and I am on the mend.

Elijah slept in his daddy's arms all night in the recliner so that I could sleep soundly and let my back rest. I was so bad last night I was hobbling around like an old woman! I couldn't even pick EJ up I was in so much pain. My back is much better today--still sore but not agonizing!

Elijah has a slight fever and is very tired (he only napped the 15 minutes I took to blog yesterday--other than that he refused to sleep all day!). He is napping upstairs now and I am hopeful that his coughing won't wake him up. He is so clingy and pitiful!!

After a day of not sleeping or eating we broke down and I ran out to the WalMart to get some Pediasure for him to drink while his daddy gave him a bath. He snarfed down one entire "milkshake" and we felt better that he had some calories in him. I really wish he were still nursing sometimes! While at the Walmart I bought this nasal aspirator. It was $20 and worth every penny. Anyone who has tried to wrestle an 18 month old and suck out his nose will love this. It is battery operated for continuous sucking and it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. I also love how soft and flexible the nose tips are. Two thumbs up from me.

Monday, January 28, 2008

We're Sick!

I have been counting my blessings so far this winter--we haven't been sick. Apart from teething and a bad reaction to the first flu shot we have all been in great health. Until Saturday :(
Elijah was a little hoarse on Friday. I assumed it was from the 2 hours of crying on Thursday night (he decided yelling "mommy" from 2-4am was more fun than sleeping). He slept over at his Nana and Papa's on Saturday night and was a bit coughy and snotty and very hoarse when we got him back. Poor baby must have caught a cold somewhere. Its a good thing he doesn't get sick often because he is 100% pitiful when he does!

Saturday night he was just 100% plain pitiful. He got a low grade fever, was coughing and snotting everywhere and was pretty much inconsolable. We tried putting him in his crib--no dice. He was up every 10 minutes crying out for us because he coughed himself awake. I went to bed with him at 8:30 and held him. That worked alright for him, not so great for me. He is a wiggle worm and was coughing and crying. At 11:30 he had a coughing spell and major freakout. Daddy held him in the recliner, got him calm and didn't give him back to me unitl 5:30am when Elijah decided the day was going to start. Ahh--let the preggy one sleep!

Unfortunately, I woke up on Sunday sick with whatever Elijah has. In addition to the snottiness I have major body aches. UGH! It is all in my lower back which leads me to believe that it isn't just from the cold. It is from the baby, the hormones and from holding a little boy during both naps Sunday and all night last night.

Last night was again pretty miserable for the little man. I ended up taking him to bed with me from 9:00-2:30. He did a brief stint alone in the crib (I couldn't take the blender baby any longer) from 2:30-4:30 and then was in bed with me again until 7:30.

So far he is napping solo today and hasn't had any fever. I am giving my poor back a break while I can. Whew he is clingy! Hopefully this solo nap will be the turning point for him and he'll get back to normal. He is seeming to feel a bit better.

I just want to say how happy I am that my little boy can talk so well. He was able to ask for "gapes" (grapes) when he woke up from his nap yesterday. He hasn't eaten much at all since Saturday so we were happy to have a request. Unfortunately we didn't have any grapes. I told him, "We don't have grapes. Do you want me to go to the grocery and buy some?"
He replied: "Gapes, store, Daddy, Lijah too. Go buy credit. Store cookie balloon" (Translation: I want to go with you and daddy to the store. You buy the grapes with credit card. I want to go to the grocery store with the cookies and balloons (Harris Teeter).) So off we went with him happy as a clam. We got grapes and broccoli and cheese soup, a red balloon and a cookie. He ate about 20 grapes when we got home. Hmmm--grapes and a cookie and milk. That is a balanced lunch right?

Friday, January 25, 2008

We Have Hot Water!!!

Whew!! For the first time since Monday we have hot water! I am so thrilled!

First on the list--dishwasher Then I can load the dishes on the counter into the dishwasher and run it again. Ever try washing dishes by hand in freezing cold water? It isn't fun! So yesterday I started rinsing them off and stacking them up. (I have been showering at the gym so that isn't at the top of my list! Poor hubby has been taking sink baths with water I boiled for him--I am sure he will use up all 50 gallons of hot water tomorrow morning with his shower!)

Second on the list--diapers!! I sent Justin to my in-laws on Wednesday night to do a load of cloth. FYI--Pampers has changed its formula in its diapers. EJ has always been sensitive to disposables but we have had success for a weekend using Pampers. After just 4 diapers my little boy had blisters on his tush. I felt so guilty--I put him to bed with just a little bit of a red rash on his tushy and he woke up screaming with blisters on there. Thankfully I had some cloth clean but one of the blisters ruptured and we had to call the doctor for some special butt paste for the ruptured blister. Poor baby! He is on the mend though with just one sore left to heal.

Third on the list--our clothing! Clean underwear for the grownups! High on the list of priorities. Also need to wash some preggy pants. I don't have too many that don't fall off my little tummy but I am too big for my normal pants now.

And let me just put in a plug for American Home Shield Home Insurance. We only had to pay to buy a few things to bring our water heater up to code, the home insurance covered all the labor and the parts and the disposal of the old water heater. We saved over $1000!! They were also great to deal with--you actually talk to a person when you call in your problem and the repair company they contracted with rocked.

Mama's "Little" Slingling

Got out the Maya Sling today to loan to a friend who has a 7 week old. She wants to try before she buys one. I was curious to see if EJ would still fit in the "baby" posisiton so I could use him as a model. He is 31 lbs. and it was a stretch--I thought it was pretty cute though. She came, slung and borrowed. Hopefully she will be a sling convert! I just have to make sure she bring it back before Ferncliff arrives!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. Laying inverted 3 times a day and dealing with Elijah's last two teeth (yes #15 and 16 have arrived!!) have really cut into my free time! Here are the updates:

Baby Position: Well the good news is that the baby is no longer footling breech. I am not getting any strong kicks in the birth canal like I had been for several days. The bad news is that I can't tell if it is head or butt down or transverse. All of the kicks have been up high around my ribs
though so I don't think it is breech. The midwife is coming back next Thursday so I will know more in just a week. Hopefully it is good news!
Elijah: He is doing great and not sleeping much at all. My poor little guy has such a tough time with teeth! The bottom two incisors are cutting through and seem to be almost finished. Hopefully by the weekend it will be a done deal.
Life: The water heater broke again!! UGH!! I am so glad that we have a home warranty! They cover the cost of repairs and replacing it if we need to. Justin came home yesterday and the garage was soaked. I hadn't been out there since 11am so it broke sometime between then and 6pm when he noticed. The water was actually spewing out of the top of the water heater, not any of the valves. We just got a heating element replaced on the 11th of the month and now this! Whew! The repair guys are coming tomorrow between 12 and 3pm. Hopefully we will get a new water heater out of the deal! Meanwhile, poor Justin was heating water on the stove this morning to wash the funk off. I take a shower at the gym so I was fine. Elijah hadn't had a bath since Saturday so he is over with Justin at my in-laws now getting a bath there. His feet were so funky!! I couldn't stand to wait another day. He also had oatmeal and dinner bits in his hair and was just generally crusty. It will be nice to have a clean little boy--even if it only lasts a few hours!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Midwife Update

Whew! It is hard to believe there are only 6 more weeks until I am full term!! I am excited and nervous!!

My urine and hemoglobin and bp were all great. I am feeling fine. Unfortunately the baby has turned and is now a footling breech. This is NOT good news!! The good news is that we have 6 weeks to try and change the baby's position. I am very hopeful that the baby will flip--there is a lot of room in there still. The midiwfe said not to worry and just try some inversion posisitons (see for examples) once or twice a day until she comes in two weeks. Hopefully that will be enough to convince Ferncliff to flip.
Here's a short video of Elijah listening to the baby on the doppler. He was mighty concerned about me during this visit. I had to get a "shot" in my finger and he was really upset by it. He kept saying "Shot, ouch. Baby hurt mommy." This just confirms my earlier decision that he will NOT be in the house during the labor!!

Just one more mess . . .

Ahhh---this is what happens when you leave a 17 month old alone with a cup of Chex in front of Kidsongs while you get the groceries in from the car.

I came in and asked him what he did--he said "I dump it."

Oh well--at least he knows how to use the dustbuster!

(*Update: His nose is healing nicely. He has developed this cute habit of scrunching it up though--I guess its because the scab feels funny)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I-self gets a Bloody Nose!

Elijah has decided that he can do most things "self" or "I-self." If you try and hold his bowl steady so he can get a scoop you will hear "No-self!"

If you try and help him up or down the stairs you will hear "No-I-self!"

Today we went to the park to try and tire him out so he would nap this afternoon. (He is on a sleep strike! One hour naps and up for the day at 3am for the past 3 nights-UGH!!) Anyway, he was trying to get up onto the sidewalk and didn't want my hand, he just wanted to do it "I self" and he tripped on the curb. He face-planted on the sidewalk and got his first bloody nose. He also removed almost all the skin off his little honker. He was a brave little soul and cried about one minute then said "Face bonk. Shake it off. Ouch! Face. Shake it off." He shook his arms and ran off to play some more. What a trooper. He cried harder when it was time to leave to come home and nap!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pop Pop Pop!

Here's a video of Elijah popping his morning snack. The boy LOVES the 94% Fat Free Kettle Korn. (I am well aware that you aren't supposed to give popcorn to kids under 2 years old but I don't follow guidelines like that--he sits down while he eats it and hasn't ever choked on it. He's been getting it now for about 4 months!)
Anyway, he made the special request today to have popcorn and was just too cute. He moved his stepstool to the microwave so he could watch it and climbed up there by himself. He ate about 2 cups of the stuff before his nap. And yes--he is wearing a Carolina Blue #23 Jersey. The Tarheels play today at noon and we are in the basketball spirit!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Generic vs. Brand Name

OK--I have to admit, we are on a tight budget so I buy generic when at all possible. I got home from Walmart last night and my hubby was helping me unpack the groceries.

He sighed and said:
"Honey, I know we are trying to save money, but really, couldn't we just get a brand name something every once and a while. I mean, equate lubricating jelly?? Couldn't we get Smuckers instead."

To which I replied:
"With a name like Smuckers it has to be good??"

**Note to dirty minds: We got a big tube of lubricating jelly for the upcoming homebirth--I figure the slipperier the better!

On a different note: These are Elijah's new favorite mid-morning snack. They don't have any artificial sweetners in them which is good. I guess having one of these at the gym one or two days a week won't kill him. It seems like there is a lot of good stuff in there. Better than a Chewy granola bar anyway!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just a little rant--

Between Justin snoring, Elijah waking up 4 times and the stupid fire alarm battery dying at 1am, I was able to see every single hour last night between 9pm and 8am this morning!

If anyone knows a cure for snoring we would love to have it. I end up in the guest room every single night now!

Off to take a nap!

How about a Massage?

Who doesn't love a good back rub? My Sister in law is a Massage Therapist so I can be spoiled if I ask her--not everyone has that luxury. Human massages are great if you have $100/hour to spend and you have the time to drive to the massage parlor to have it done. Wouldn't it be great to just have a live in massuse? I know there are days when I would like one!

If you love a good massage you should head on over to Human Touch. Massage Chairs aren't just those el-cheapo things you see at the check out register at Belks! Check out and see thier massage chairs. They have some really great features:
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  • A full-body massage that follows the contours of your spine and body from neck to foot
  • Unique three-dimension movements provide maximum relief to sore, tight muscles
  • Multiple automatic programs that allow you to customize massage area, intensity and techniques used
  • Intuitive controls that put you in command of your massage experience

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mr. Fire and His Little Helper

The past three nights have been cold--very cold. Elijah and his daddy have been making fires in the fireplace every night. Elijah's favorite part is "heping" with the sticks. He and daddy go in the yard and collect them and Elijah puts them all in the fireplace before daddy lights the fire. (He also likes that he gets to come downstairs naked after his bath and get his diaper and pj's on in front of the fire). Here's a picture of the duo getting things going.

Discount InkJet Cartriges

Ugh! Have you all been to Staples lately to see how much it costs to replace the ink in your printers? I sometimes think it would be cheaper to just buy a new printer with the cartriges included. And of course, if you are like me, then your ink always runs out at the worst possible time. I am so grateful I am done with school because I can't tell you how many times I was going to print off that homework or paper and the ink would die halfway through. It is so frustrating!!

The Injet Deals page has some great deals on injet cartriges head on over here.

The Inkjet Deals page has some cool features. The website lists online stores that sell ink cartridges and laser toner for deep discounts--up to 80% off of retail pricing. The website also lists coupon codes and discount promotions so you get even bigger savings.

If you click here you can find information on your specific printer or brand of printer with useful hints that will help you save ink (which means save money!!)

The thing I really like about this site is that the sites it links you to are actually selling the SAME cartriges that you get at the bigger stores. This isn't a fill your own, el cheapo, generic cartrige. This is the real McCoy.

Hope they can save you money--I am going to book mark this site!
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Land's End Diaper Bag Giveaway!

Hey all!
Head on over to the Flip Flop Mama's website and check out her Land's End Baby Diaper Bag giveaway!
I am hoping to win a diaper bag. Don't know what were having so I guess I am going to go with the girl bag since my brother and his wife gave me a nice dark green Land's End diaper bag for Cletus (aka. Elijah).
Head on over and enter!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Hey all!

We didn't make it up to welcome in the new year--I was happily staring at my eyelids at midnight. Hope you all had a great 2007 and are looking forward to 2008!

We welcomed in the new year by doing some yard work. Elijah walked outside and was promptly jumped on by an excited Sadie. She normally doesn't jump but this time she did and she got him right in the face with her claws. Thank God that she didn't get his eye--she scratched his whole eyelid, under his nose and on his cheek (don't know if you can see it too well in the picture). Anyway--this is not the first time she's hurt him and she seems to be getting wilder, not better, so we are trying now to find her a good home. She is just too rambunctious with Elijah and needs an older child to play with. Couple that with the fact that she is insanely jealous of Elijah (she sabotages his toys and tries to pee on his stuff when we let her in) and that there is another baby due in March and we've decided that she could be so much happier with another family. If you know of someone who is looking for a smart and loving dog let us know. We plan to be picky about who she goes to!