Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy 60th Dad!! I Like Mine With Lettuce and Tomato!

My dad turned 60 today. It was a good day for us (and I hope it was for him too!) We met him for breakfast before swim class and he had a birthday candle in his oatmeal (thanks to Elijah). We sang him happy birthday at breakfast. After swim class we drove to Bailey and ate at the Bailey Cafe. Two thumbs up!! The veggies were delicious! Elijah ate a whole serving of "Popeye Spinach" aka. collards. He also devoured field peas, squash, okra and a cone of Orange Sherbet. We rushed home, I put the kids down for a nap, and my sister-in-law Kristi and I made dad a Cheeseburger in Paradise cake. After the kids woke up and Justin got home we all donned our Hawaiian gear and we headed over for a grillout at Grampy's. It was fun! After dinner we pulled out a beer and the Heinz 57 sauce and set them by my dad. We proceeded to sing the chorus to Cheeseburger in paradise as we brought out this cake:

Everything on it is edible!! (We also had a real dill pickle on the tray when we brought it out). The pictures of my dad's surprised expression are on my brother's camera. I think he expected a tombstone or something black . . . definately not this cake!!

All in all I think it was a pretty good birthday!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, the big bed and cutting the limbs seems to have done it. EJ slept last night from 8pm until 7:15 this morning. This morning he woke up with a yell: "Mommy!! I'm awake now!!" He was all grins and giggles this morning. Ahhh--how I love his attitude when he has slept!!

Now, to get Lydia back on track. Sh'es had two horrible nights in a row. Maybe there is just some unwritten law in our house hold that I have to get no more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a stretch. If one kid sleeps then the other will wake up or they will both get up and tag team on me :) Naps aren't working out either--one or both of them wakes up after 45 minutes and wake me up too. I am getting about 30 minutes of napping a day. I just hope I can stay healthy until at least after our beach trip in two weeks. I am also hoping for some morning napping with Lydia while EJ is at Bible School next week!

It's sad that I am so sleep obsessed!! I keep telling myselft that there is only about another year of Lydia being awful and then hopefully she will be doing like Elijah is now--sleeping through at least 4 or 5 nights a week. Ahh . . . something to look forward to!

Mr. Swim

Thanks to Grampy and Granny who sat out in the heat with a fussy baby during yesterday's class to take pictures and movies of me and Elijah during swim class. Grampy was able to keep a safe distance and keep the camera dry! I took some (what I hope will be ) really neat pics with an underwater camera but there are 32 exposures on the camera and I only took about 10. I will use it up at the beach and post some pics later. Meanwhile . . . enjoy these cool videos and pics.

In today's class we were working on EJ jumping in solo, turing around and grabbing the side and yelling "Help!" This is obviously in case he accidentally falls in. He will jump in himself. He can get up for the first breath and he will kick like mad to try and get to the side. He needs a boost to get going but once he is at the side he will reach and grab the edge. He love the yelling part! I had to tell him to only yell help if he needs it--we'll see if he remembers. After about 10 tries he was exhausted and he asked for a noodle so he could rest.

He isn't floating yet :( I tried letting him go several times and he sinks into the water. Part of it is that he is tense on his back and the other part is that he is like his daddy--all muscle. I am nice an bouyant thanks to my fat, he is so lean he just sinks like a rock. He was pudgier last year which is why I think he was able to float then.

Only one day of class to go. I will be sad that we don't get the one on one time everyday but I will also be glad to be able to resume my morning gym routine!! I need my shower and a break from the kids for a few minutes everyday. Next week EJ has vacation Bible School from 9-12 everyday. We are calling it "camp." I think he is going to have a blast. It will also give me and Lydia some time together and let us work out our morning routine for the Fall when preschool will start. EJ will be going 3 mornings/week.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mr. Big Bed

EJ hasn't been sleeping very well lately so we have been trying to figure out why. We thought it was maybe because of the branches from our cherry tree scraping on the house (Daddy cut them last ngith after EJ went to bed) or that it was because he is getting too big for a toddler bed (he hits the wall and kicks the frame several times a night). This morning was better--he slept until 6am--so maybe the tree was it. I want to test the other theory about the bed so this afternoon I tried to convince him to sleep in his "big bed" as opposed to his "big boy bed" (toddler bed). He wasn't keen on the idea, despite the fact that I put up a rail and a stool for him to climb in and snuggled him. So I left him all tucked into his race car bed. I heard him yelling for me several times but ignored him (he often does this to try and avoid the nap).
I just went up to check on him and apparantly he changed his mind about sleeping in the big bed. He was in there snoozing like a baby. Maybe this is the start to longer nights!!


Elijah was a fish today in swim lessons. It is like he has been swimming on the sly over the weekend of something--the difference between last Wednesday's class and this mornings was amazing!! He finally figured out how to really hold his breath (20-30 seconds worth) and so he was swimming under the water and diving and everything today. He swam about 10 feet all by himself underwater. I sort of pushed him to the stairs and he kicked and paddled and got to the stairs and out of the pool by himself. He was just beaming--I was so proud!! After class I rewarded him with 15 minutes in the baby pool. We have some little neon dinosaurs that sink. He was diving and swimming on the bottom to pick them up. I took pictures but they are with a cheap waterproof disposable camera. We're going to finish it up at the beach in two weeks and I am going to get a CD made. I will post pics then. Tomorrow Grampy is going to bring Lydia to the pool and hopefully take some movies of the little man swimming with the real digital camera. I will try and post them.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Wild Children!!

We went to Granny and Grampy's for supper tonight and to visit with my grandpa Jack and Aunt Paula. Elijah was WILD!! Lydia also found a new toy--a fan that has foam blades and lights up. She loved it!! Check out the video for her belly laughs--I don't think anything is more delightful than the sound of a baby laughing.

Here's Elijah in his Super-Lijah outfit. Yes, we did have to call him that! He wore it to Lowes and we got a lot of strange looks. The necklaces were added once we got to Granny's house.After his bath--Mr. Elmo-Streaker!
Mmmm--Peaches! Lyddie loves the taste!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Feet are Fun!

Lydia has discovered her feet. For the past two weeks she has been sucking them, playing with them and generally loving having feet. She has even gagged herself on her foot! Oh to be that flexible again!
On another note--any suggestions for getting an almost 2 year old to sleep in past 5am?? He is keeping himself awake most nights just alking and singing until at least 9pm (he goes to bed at 8pm). Then, if he sleeps through the night, he is up yelling "Mommy!" at 5am. It would be one thing if that was enough sleep, but he is whiny, grouchy and grumpy all day! I am sick of the attitude! I have tried leaving him in there (he screamed "Mommy" for over an hour until I went in there at 6:30), I have tried snuggling him to sleep again (fingers up the nose and in the ears for an hour), I have tried milk (thinking maybe he's hungry) . . . nothing has worked. He is napping 1.5 hours to 2 hours a day and he is very active during the day--pool, play area, park . . .
Any suggestions would be welcome!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Tooth, and nothing but the Tooth!

UGH--Last night was awful. I have two teething :(
Lydia is getting her first tooth (I think) on the bottom--there is a blister and she has had a low grade fever yesterday and today. She is also biting everything in sight!! Elijah keeps telling me his mouth hurts and points to his jaw. He has also had a low fever yesterday and keeps biting his finger. I think his 2 year molars are going to appear soon.
Hopefully this will all be over with soon--too many more nights like last night and you are going to have to wheel me to the metal asylum!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tummy Time Isn't Too Bad

It Amazes me how different Lydia and Elijah are. Elijah couldn't stand tummy time--he didn't crawl until 8 months. Lydia doesn't like it but she doesn't hate it either. She will stay down about 10 minutes without flipping over if the mood strikes her. Hopefully she will crawl sooner--she wants to keep up with her brother so badly!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sleeping in . . .

Ahhhh--Lydia is still snoozing upstairs (its 8am) and Elijah spent the night at nana's house. I got to sleep in until 7:45!! I can't remember the last time that happened!! Life is good! EJ starts his swimmng lessons today at 9:30. I need to go and buy a disposable camera so I can

put it in the underwater case and take some pictures. We've got 2 weeks of lessons so hopefully I will get it together and do it before the lessons are over.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy's Little Helpers

My Wild man decided to "help" me with the cloth diapers. He basically dumped them all on the floor. Put them back in the basket. Piled them all on his sister. (Repeat).

Poor Lydia--drowning in a sea of unfolded cloth diapers. She seemes to enjoy Elijah's company though. Guess who loves her big brother?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Little Update . . .

Making ice cream with daddy--YUM YUM!
Pirate Lyddie--Elijah is a Captain Feathersword junkie. He wanted his sister to dress up like a pirate. He was trying to get her to say "Yo Ho!"
Superbaby--Elijah wanted to wear a cape and Lydia to wear one too.

I been slack about blogging because of two reasons:

1) The kids are conspiring against me and trading off naps. I am constantly with one or both of them during the day.

2) I am sick sick sick again! I finally went to the doctor this morning and it turns out I have strep throat. Yuck!! Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and the kids won't catch it. I got sick Monday and thought it was just a summer cold. Last night, when I stopped being able to swallow I finally agreed with Justin that it might be something more serious.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Safety Tatoos!

How cool is this! With Elijah running a mile a minute I could sure use some of these Safety tattoos! I think it is a great idea, especially when we go to the museum or the spray park and he might get away from me. This would be a great birthday idea!! He likes the one with the dinosaur on it.

Friday, July 11, 2008


For those of you who don't know, today is COW APPRECIATION DAY at Chick-Fil-A. I love Chick-Fil-A food--it is so good! We headed on out to our Chick-Fil-A for a free breakfast. My dad and I wore a two person cow costume from my middle school halloween. I was the head, he was the butt. Lydia and Elijah sported cow spotted t-shirts. His said "Moo!" and hers said "Got Milk?" Elijah also wore a cow "hat" (it is really a mask but he wouldn't put it on his face.) If you have the inclination, head on out to Chick-Fil-A and wear a cow costume, or just gawk at the dorks like me who will do anything for free food :)
Here's the deal with the free food--Head to Hoof cow costume gets you a free value meal. Cow themed wear like a shirt, facepaint or mask will get you a free menu item.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Precious Lydia

Here are some pictures of my precious baby girl . . .

Sleeping Beauty--she managed to unsnap her pj shirt before she fell asleep. Not sure what she was doing up there but it wasn't crying.

Smiley Girl

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Daddy in the Making

Here's Elijah and his sling. This morning he also tried to pump milk using my hand pump and when that didn't work he nursed his baby while Lydia ate. I know he won't succeed in nursing his own kids (Oh how I wish Daddy's could lactate!!), but hopefully these lessons will stick with him and he will be a wonderful supportive husband and daddy!

Update on CIO: Satuday night was AWFUL!! She woke up about 7 times and cried each time about 15 minutes. At 4 am she cried off and on for 2 hours. I was going in and comforting her and rubbing her back and she finally fell back asleep. Sunday night she was up from 2-4 fussing off and on (again I was going in to comfort her periodically). I finally fed her at 4 so I could sleep (Elijah had been up from 11-2 fussing because of the new room). Last night she was up from 2-4 fussing again and I fed her at 4 to get more sleep. The good news is that she made it the past two nights from 10-2am without waking. That means last night I actually got almost 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep!! It's a miracle! I don't think she is ready to go all night without eating but if she only gets up once that is very awesome and do-able!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Overhead at the lunch table . . .

Elijah is eating his Nemo Fruit Snacks, he calls them "chewies."

Elijah: "I'm eating my chewies."
Me: "That's right. Eat them one at a time."
Elijah: "I have three purple sharks. I have two Nemos. I have five chewies. Yum Yum"

That's right--my brilliant boy just looked at his plate and counted his chewies. Not one by one, no! He added them!!

Kiddos Videos

Here's a cute video of Lydia laughing at me.

Here's a video of my brilliant 23 month old saying Jack and Jill. Now that he can memorize stuff we are hoping to start some memory verses of scripture. Any suggestions on a list or some you learned as a child??

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bad Day

OK--This is just an venting post.

Yesterday was one of those "What have I gotten myself into??" days. I was so convinced by bedtime that God had made a HUGE mistake in giving me children. The biggest problem is sleep. If you have read my blog long, you know that my kids don't sleep. Elijah was potty trained before he started sleeping through the night! UGH! I was really hoping that Lydia would be different and would sleep for me. She doesn't.

With Elijah we did "Nursing on demand." With Lydia we tried the Baby Wise approach. I love a lot of things about Baby Wise. It really helped me to learn her cries (hungry, tired, bored etc.) because I have her on a schedule. It also helped me plan my day so that I wan't always nursing in public or worried about her falling asleep for 15 minutes and waking grouchy. It also helped me figure out when she was going through a growth spurt and nurse her accordingly. It has been great. Unfortunately the "magical" night that Baby Wise said would happen between 6 and 10 weeks hasn't. She still wakes at least every 3 hours at night. Most of the time much more.

So anyway--Saturday nights are almost always awful. Don't know if it is because the kids' schedules get messed up when daddy is home or what. So Saturday night was bad and I got up with both kids several times. Lydia's "long stretch" was only an hour and a half. Sunday the kids missed their nap and they both woke up a ton overnight because they were tired. Elijah was pretty much back on track Monday night but Lydia was stuffy and didn't sleep well again. Her long stretch on Monday night was 1 hour.

So anyway, yesterday morning I have a screaming baby and a grouchy toddler. I am gong on a grand total of less than 8 hours of sleep total since Friday. Nothing made EJ happy. We had several tantrums including one on his playdate that lasted 45 minutes. I have no idea what causes these explosions, he was just coloring one minute and the next he was screaming and crying. I dragged him into the dining room so he couldn't hurt his friend and he screamed for 45 minutes. If you try and talk to him, touch him or anything, he just screams longer and harder. Nothing can distract him.

Then my cousins from Florida come into town. They haven't seen Elijah since he was 5 months old. We went out to dinner with them, my brother and his wife and my parents. WHEW!! If my brother ever wanted children or if my cousin did, they don't anymore. Elijah screamed the whole way to the restaurant. I told Justin that this was the best birth control we could offer. Granny and Grampy and Justin took turns walking the kids outside because they were so grouchy. I just sat there and enjoyed 30 minutes of no screaming.

Last night was awful again. Lydia's long stretch was only 30 minutes. I nursed her so much overnight to try to get her to sleep that this morning she looked at my boob and refused to touch it--she was stuffed! So what did I do? Called up my mom and asked her to watch the kids while I took a 2 hour nap at her place. WHEW! That is the most sleep I have had in a while. It felt good. After that nap I don't feel like crying, I am happy again to be a mom, and I am ready to face a tantrum-y toddler and a fussy baby.

This Friday we are moving Lydia out of our room. I don't want to do cry it out but I can't help thinking maybe if I let her fuss just a little she might get the knack for sleeping longer than 45 minutes at a stretch. At this point it is more about me and my sanity that about her. I simply cannot function on less than 3 hours of sleep a night much longer. Lydia doesn't like to co-sleep so that isn't an option. I am ready to try just about anything to get more sleep. If you have any suggestions then leave them here, otherwise Friday night is going to be the first night of letting her try and soothe herself a little bit.