Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sssssneakin' up on Fun!

You don't have to be jealous of the way I spent my Saturday but holding a snake sure beats cleaning the house! Justin and I took Elijah to Raleigh for the Exotic Animal Expo. It was a madhouse but there were some really neat things there.

A Blue tongue skink. And yes--we did have hand sanitizer after the snake and the lizard--no salmonilla for us!

Yes, that is a skunk. It was musky but it had its scent glands removed. You would not believe how soft that thing was! It was like a bunny!

The Little Mister enjoying his very first pony ride. We were happy he chose this animal--his other options were camel and llama. We felt like this was the safest and he had a blast! As we left he called out: "Thanks Mr. Horsey. It was a good ride!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lydia Speaks!!

Twice yesterday and once today Lydia has looked at me and/or reached out to me and said "Mama." My brilliant baby can talk! She is also signing bath and waving bye bye now. I love baby signs!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beaching It!

I know I haven't updated in forever but there is no internet here at the beach and I have been bumming it since last Tuesday. Granny and Grampy are watching the kids and Justin is sitting enjoing some coffee at the Port City Java while I use the free internet and his laptop. Enjoy the pics!
Here are some great shots from the week. Needless to say we had a great time! MAke sure to scroll down to see the movies at the end.

While I'm waiting for stuff to upload . . . some funny stories from the week.

Tuesday we went to the beach for the first time since last year this time. Elijah had a great time! He got knocked over by the waves, went "into the deep" with me (mommy), "spash-walked" in the waves and played in the sand. We went back to the room after 3 hours and on the way stopped by the baby pool to rinse out. My mom rinsed him off with some cold hose water and his bathing suit (which has a built in diaper) collected the water. He looked at me with purple lips and his pants full of water and said "I'm frozen mommy!"

The next day, he was cold again so I thought I would try him in the Jacuzzi to warm up. He liked it but was frustrated because I wouldn't let him go under. On Thursday we were walking with my Brother and his wife and Elijah said: "I don't want to go to the capuchi." I had no idea what he was talking about. He then clarified: "I don't want to get cooked in the capuchi. I want the baby pool." Frozen and cooked in one week! Wow!

Other funny things he has said this week:
"I want to go to the fish zoo!" (fish zoo=aquarium)
"I want shrimp nuggets and ketchup!" (shrimp nuggets=popcorn shrimp)
"I want to go a-splorin at the beach!" (a-splorin=exploring)
"Look like Cody bandick!" (Cody bandick=Cody Maverick from the movie Surf's up)
"I like stinger-rays!"

He is also convinced that Grizzwold the bear (one of his books) lives in the scrub forrest we pass to get to the beach.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Ahhh What a Morning!!

Here are two accounts--both 100% true!

Version One:

I woke up to a cheerful little boy climbing up onto the blankets with me. "I want some breakfast!" he exclaimed. He had Kix with milk and strawberries with powdered sugar. After breakfast we blew up the inflatable mattress to jump on. After a few minutes of jumping and playing we went upstairs and everyone got dressed. We headed outside to play since it was such a beautiful cool morning. Elijah picked grapes and ate them then played in his sandbox for a few minutes. I nursed Lydia in a beach chair on the lawn while EJ played. He then went back to picking grapes and even gave some to our neighbor who was out watering the plants. We drove daddy to work and got to meet all of his office friends. It is the first time I have been to the office since before Elijah was born. It was really neat for everyone to get to meet EJ and Lydia. After getting some gas in the car, we drove to church and I dropped off Elijah for his last day of Bible "camp." He is really excited because today they get to sing on stage for the parents at noon and we are going to have a hot dog cookout.

Version two:

After finally getting Lydia back to sleep this morning at 5am (we fought from 1am to 5am!) I crashed on the couch to try and get some sleep before Elijah woke up. Justin brouth him downstairs at 6am and Elijah jumped on me to wake me up. He was in a pretty good mood and proceeded to dip his fingers in his Kix, slurp the milk from the bowl and chew up then spit out his plate of strawberries. Lydia started screaming at 6:15 so I went and got her and brought her downstairs. Elijah started demanding to watch TV right away this morning so I told him we were going to blow up the air mattress and he could play on that. After 15 minutes he was tired of that and wanted to watch TV. I told him we were going to get dressed and play outside in the sandbox. I got Elijah, Lydia and myself dressed and we headed out the door. After checking the sandbox for black widows and finding none (yeah!) I let EJ climb in. He played nice for about 5 minutes then started flinging sand. I had to put him in a timeout and then shut the lid on the sandbox. He was really mad with me! We walked back to the garden and he started eating grapes. I had to remind him not to eat the green ones but he did a good job picking the purple ones. After consuming about 50 lbs of grapes and touching every pile of bird poop on the leaves he could find we started heading towards the house. That's when daddy said his car was dead and could we give him a jump. We popped the hood to see if I could give him a jump and the battery had exploded and there was acid everywhere. We drove daddy to work and Elijah proceeded to have a tantrum in the lobby because I wouldn't let him suck on Lydia's pacifier. Daddy strapped a screaming Elijah in the car next to a crying Lydia and sent me on my way. When we got to camp Elijah started running around like madman. They had set up a stage in there and he was climbing up and jumping off of it. I was scared he was going to break his neck. When I left he threw a tantrum because I wouldn't let him have Lydia's paci and I wasn't going to stay. I kissed him and left him screaming. He was quiet by the time I got to the end of the hall--what a little drama king! I came home and got Lydia down for a nap and called AAA. They just came and towed Justin's car to the shop. Hopefully all will go well.

Isn't it a struggle to think positive? The two accounts are both so true but I would probably share the second account. I wish that I would think like version 1 more often instead of focusing on the negative. There was so much good about the morning. It was a nice surprise to get to see daddy's co-workers and EJ threw his tantrum on the way out of the office so daddy didn't get embarrased. Lydia is actually taking a good morning nap and despite the fact that the car's horn got stuck on because of the battery leak, she slept through the whole tow truck ordeal. Thank God we have AAA and the tow is free! Thank God the battery didn't explode while Justin was driving home yesterday. Thank God that the horn didn't get stuck until 9:30 this morning! All it took was a quck call to the neighbors to let them know the tow truck was coming. Caffeine doesn't seem to bother Lydia like it did when she was smaller--I was able to drink some to help me stay awake this morning. Thank God I have a little boy who can run and walk and scream and talk and tell me what is wrong. Thank God he is healthy and able to go to Bible camp. There are so many children who can't do that sort of thing. Thank God that I can stay at home with my kids. Even if I am tired, I can try and nap and rest during the day. If I had to go to work I might be even more exhausted. Were blessed to have two cars so that I can take Justin to work when his breaks down. We had the kids stuff packed in the trunk of my car so it was easy for us to just pick up and go and then head straight to camp. We weren't rushing around.

I need to try and focus on all of my blessings instead of all of this negative stuff. We have so much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Elijah!

Elijah is two today. I can hardly believe he has been with us this long--it seems like he has always been here but it doesn't seem like he should already be two! So much has changed from last year this time. Last year he could only say about 100 words. He didn't talk in sentances. He could hop or skip or dance. He slept in a crib. He still drank milk in a bottle. He couldn't use a fork. He needed help opening his presents. He was still wearing diapers. Its amazing what he has accomplished this year!

He had a good morning. He came downstairs to his new pop up fort and tunnel (a yard sale find for $15!! Score!). His presents were "hiding" inside. He got a pounder toy with a hammer and wooden pegs and a Spiderman potato head. We had a candle in his strawberries (no cake for breakfast in our house!) and he went off to Vacation Bible School. He is playing there now and we will meet nana for lunch, home for a nap and dinner with Granny and Grampy. It should be a great day.
Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lyddie On Food . . .

My babies are weird-EJ loved teething on frozen green beans . . . I think his sister might be the same way!

Here is Lydia's face after . . .


Sweet Potatoes-Yuck (these gave her the shivers!)


Spinach--yum! the child ate 3 "bowls" of it. I kept going back and putting more in the food mill. What a weirdo!

Monday, August 04, 2008

A Bowtastic Giveaway!

Head on over to Vermillion Times to enter the Bella Bowtique giveaway. These are some cute hair clippies!! As soon as Lyddie gets some hair we will be sure to get some of these!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Elijah's Happy Birthday Party!

Wow--I can't believe my little man is turning two on Wednesday!! We had his party today and he had a blast. We had a Captian Feathersword party. He had three buddies over at 10am and they "partied" until 11am. Basically I fed them cake and set them loose on the playroom for an hour. I didn't try and have any kind of structure. At 11am, the family came and we did presents. Elijah tore through those presents like there was no tomorrow. He loved opening them!! Bags and tissue are still his favorite but he had a blast opening them all. He got quite a haul. His favorites are a Doctor kit and some of the bath toys.

The Cake:

Granny and Lyddie got in on the Pirate Action.

"Computer Silas" (who by the end of the party was just Silas) and Lindsay playing.

EJ and Joel--fought the whole time. They always do but Elijah considers Joel one of his best buddies.