Friday, November 28, 2008

Jingle Hells

Yes--"Jingle Hells" is what Elijah is convinced the song lyrics are. We're just a tiny bit worried because he is doing Jingle Bells with his two year old class for the Christmas pagent. He is one of the only children that sing and he sings LOUD! Not exactly something you want your child screaming in the middle of a Baptist church :) We've got about 3 weeks to convince him to lets the bells ring out!


There is so much to be thankful for this year!! Here are a couple of mine:
1) Both families in the same town--drive time <5 minutes to each celebration!!
2) Getting to see both families on Thanksgiving and NOT mess up the kids' naps!
3) Lydia's dress survived the 11am Thanksgiving and she was able to show it off at my parents house too.
4) A little boy who will eat an entire plate of collards, sweet potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce but gags at the thought of having to eat a yeast roll.
5) Going to eat at other people's houses so I am not stuck with tons of leftovers OR the dirty dishes :)

Celebration #1: 11am--Great Grandma's house

This girl isn't a papa's girl is she?

Proof that I actually was there and with makeup on to boot!!

This boy doesn't love his nana not one bit!
Celebration #2: 4pm My parent's house
I was actually there but my brother hasn't emailed me the pics from his camera and I wanted to update the blog so here's what I got!

The Turkey Queen--my mom is the only woman I know that makes cooking 15 sides, a ham and a turkey look effortless. She does it all calmly and had everything ready and hot at 4pm--right when she says it will be ready. All of this with just one oven!!! I hope I can do it as good as she does some day! The boys hanging out before dinner.

Cousin Leslie and Lydia--meeting for the first time.

What happens when Elijah decides the pumpkin pie next to him is more appetizing than the Sweet Potato pie on his plate??

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Busy Day!

Yes--we are one of those families now--we put the tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving. In our defense, we wanted to do it the day after Thanksgiving but Justin is working.

Elijah was pretending this was a sleigh. He kept signing Jingle Bells.

Despite being very grumpy all morning and throwing several tantrums, Elijah had fun decorating the tree during Lydia's nap. We didn't do the ornaments, just assembled the tree and did the lights. After the kids' afternoon nap we did the outside lights. Lydia is already in bed (at 6:15!!) and Elijah will be down by 7pm. They need it--we tired them out today!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Santa Soup

We reorganized the playroom on Sunday afternoon so that this week we can put up the Christmas tree. Tonight I was talking with Elijah and we had this conversation:

Me: "Do you know what we're going to put here?" ( pointed to the big empty space in the playroom)
Elijah: "A monkey."
Me: "Nope, the Christmas tree!"
Elijah: "With lights on it??!!"
Me: "Yes!"
Elijah: "And decorations too! Tonight we'll put it up?"
Me: "No, we'll do it Wednesday. You will also help daddy put the lights on the bushes and put out a light up deer in the yard."
Elijah: "So Santa can find the house. Will Santa be outside?"
Me: "No, Santa comes to visit on Christmas eve. We'll put cookies in the den and Santa will come down the chimney to leave toys in your stocking."
Elijah: "Down the chimney like the BIG BAD WOLF!"
Me: "Yes!"
Elijah: "I don't want to make Santa Soup. Are you going to eat Santa soup?"
Me: (Laughing) "No, we won't make soup. We'll just swap him some cookies for presents."

In our book version of the Three Little Pigs the third little pig had a pot of boiling water ready and the Wolf dropped in there and the piggy had Wolf soup for supper.

I am not sure what Santa soup would taste like---probably kinda pepperminty :)

My Little Bully

Elijah was hitting Lydia with a stick from his Whirligig. On a previous visit to Granny and Grampys he actually broke the whirligig part on Lydia's head. I told him not to hit, that bully's hit. I asked him if he was a bully and he said no. On the way home, he had another toy and was hitting Lydia and her carseat. I told him to stop. He said:

"I'm not a bully. I not hitting her. I'm a nice boy. I just gonna tap her a little bit."

Ahh--the fine line between hitting and tapping--I don't htink Lydia appreciated the difference. I told him to put the toy down.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jesus Burrito

Justin lost it during our devotion with Elijah tonight--he couldn't stop laughing. We were reading about the manger and baby Jesus and I read the part where "Mary wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes and put him in the manger." Elijah didn't know what swaddling clothes were so I told him she made a "Baby Jesus Burrito" like we did to Lydia when she was a baby.

He used to say "Make her a baby a-rrito. Her's a fussbucket." He still wants us to make him an Elijah burrito with the big towel after the bath when he is cold. I thought it was a pretty good description of swaddling clothes.

Justin was over there red in the face trying not to laugh. Elijah asked what was wrong and he said "Mommy just says funny words sometimes."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Elijah had his "Thanksgiving Feast" today at school. They did two little songs for their "program". Basically the kids wore cute hats, kinda sang along with the teachers, and stood up in front of everyone. It was cute. So marks the beginning of the obligatory children's program. He has another one at church for Christmas. The kids' hats cracked us up--some of the kids had turkey before, the others had turkey after. Elijah was an after--he had drumstick head! Too funny!

I think Elijah had the biggest fan club: Nana, Lydia, Mama, Daddy, and Great Grandmama. It was fun and we all got to eat a pseudo Thanksgiving meal.

Lydia is taking an exceptionally long afternoon nap. She had a horrible night with a cold. I took advantage and made her Christmas dress. It is so adorable!! I am sure she is going to be cute in it. I made her a green one because we already have a red plaid hand me down dress. This one is so cute with the holly on it. It turned out better than the Thanksgiving one and I didn't have to tear our a single seam!! I got the sleeves puffed and the lining right on the first try this time. The pattern for the dress is similar to the Fall dress I already made. I am not going to do the bloomers. I am going to use that fabric and make Elijah a matching vest so the kids can be super dorky for the Christmas pictures.

Let It Snow!!!

I can't believe we were barefoot last weekend and today he went out and caught snowflakes on his tongue.
We had fun playing in the snow before preschool.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Justin is Glad to Be Alive

Last night Justin was running late from Orchestra rehearsal. I had already put Lydia in bed and I was laying with Elijah in his bed, in the dark, snuggling him. I was singing him a silly song we'd made up and he was giggling. Suddenly there is a man looming over us. I had my fist at the ready and I was about to defend my little boy against this intruder. I had many years of Tae Kwon Do and I KNOW how to throw a punch. Turns out not to be a random intruder but my husband. I didn't hear him sneak into the bedroom. Thankfully he spoke and Elijah grinned at him and I relaxed. My heart was going about a million miles an hour and he had to take over with bedtime to let me calm down. He's safe and he knows not to sneak on us again :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three nights in a row . . .

I hope I am not jinxing myself (since I don't believe in jinxes I don't suppose I am) but the little man has made it through 3 nights now!!

Yeah for Melatonin and no food dye's or preservatives.

I made it to Farm Fresh and got suckers, gummy bears and "M&Ms" with no artificial anything in them. I am psyched--now I can make some M&M cookies that won't keep him up at night. The boy loves M&M cookies! They also said they would order me some Annies Bunny Fruit snacks which are all natural too! I am so excited! I want some convenience foods back and I want EJ to feel "normal" when he opens his lunch at preschool.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Feingold Diet and Lyddie's tooth

Well--in an act of desperation we have put Elijah on the Feingold diet--no food dyes and no sodium benzoate or other preservatives. It's been since Friday that we've done it and Sunday night and last night he actually slept through the night. Not sure if it is the melatonin or the diet but something is working so we're sticking to it!! If you have a kid on the Feingold diet and would like to share some kid friendly snacks I would love to hear them!! So many food have the "forbidden" stuff in it!!

Lydia cut 4 bottom teeth last week and we think she's trying to get a top tooth this week. She bit the mess out of me while we were nursing today at Chick Fil A. I love nursing and even made it though a really bad bite with Elijah and a nursing strike but I have to say, in my current state of sleeplessness and stress and anemia, if she keeps biting then I am going to call it quits with the nursing. I know she gets a lot of benifit from it but I have to look at the whole picture and if I am cringing and jumpy every time she nurses it won't be good for either of us!

Off to nap now that Super-Elijah has finally stopped jumping around in his bed . . .

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nerdy Nursery

Vermillion Rules is hosting a giveaway from Electric Boogaloo! It is so funny! You can get stuff like a prime number counting chart (above) and dorky flashcards (A is for Atom!) Even if we don't win some of their prints would be so wonderful to have in the playroom!! (Hint Hint grandparents--these are too funny!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanksgiving Dress!

I put in too much effort for her to wear it only once on Thanksgiving day so Lydia wore her Turkey Day dress to church today. I am a bit biased but I think she was the cutest thing in church this morning.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Barefoot in November

(She's laughing)

It's in the 70's right now. Slightly breezy and the sun is shining. Earlier today we played outside and EJ wanted to splash in last night's puddles barefooted. I can't believe we are doing this in November. I am not complaining but I DO hope it is cold in December--it just wouldn't feel like Christmas if we were all wearing shorts.

On a completely unrelated note . . . Look at Lydia putting a serious hurting on that ear of corn at lunch today! She's putting her 4 teeth to good use!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dromedary Pudding

This afternoon we were playing kitchen and Elijah asked me to stir a bowl of imaginary pudding. I asked him what kind of pudding it was (expecting to hear "banilla" or butterscotch) he replied:
"Dromedary Pudding."
Me: "Oh does it have camel in it?"
Elijah: "No it is for one humped camels."
Me: "Can I have a taste?"
Elijah: "You're not a camel mommy!!"

Of course not . . . He then proceeded to serve Lydia out of a big pot with a big mixing spoon. He said:
"This is ice cream. No Lydia!! That's too big a bite. Mommy . . . Lydia has brain freeze now!"
Poor Lydia . . . Imaginary Brain Freeze.

This boy is too much!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving according to Elijah

"Pogrims went on boat. Cauliflower boat. . .to see indians in feather costunes. Eat food on Thanksgiving day. Gobble Gobble"


Merry Christmas To Us!!

A few weeks ago we went to an unfinished furniture store to get a pantry for the kitchen. We love our house but the kitchen is small and there isn't a pantry. We have been using our one and only downstairs closet, the tiny coat closet, as our pantry. This is so much better!!

We saw this one and loved it. My dad decided that he and my mom were going to give us the pantry as our Christmas gift (we had planned to get it for one another as our Christmas gift). That meant we could get the matching spice cabinet as our gift to one another.

I finished the pantry and the spice cabinet this past weekend and we moved them in on Monday night. It looks awesome!! It smells horrible!! Of course I am my own worst critic and I see every flaw in the finish but I am sure with time I will forget and I can go about enjoying the furniture. Solid wood stuff is SOOOOOOO much better than the pressboard crap you find at Walmart!! It is so nice to finally have a place to store the food in the kitchen and I think it looks beautiful!!

I am so glad we save our money and then spend it on something of quality rather than buying something cheaper that doesn't look nice and won't last. We've been here 4 years in this house and it seems like we buy something big every year. The 2nd year was a dining room table and chairs for Christmas, 3rd year it was bedroom furniture for our Anniversary and this year it's the pantry. Patience pays off :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

#2 and #3

My little princess is getting two more teeth today. She is also *almost* crawling. These things led to a night of no sleep for either of us :( Pray for her little mouth that those teeth will poke on through and she'll go ahead and crawl and get it out of her system. She scooted around her crib all night and got stuck several times. Ahh--new found skills :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Movie Night and a Brain Squeezer

Last night was the 1st Ever Denton Family Movie Night. We decided to brave uncharted territory and see if we could get through a whole movie with Elijah. We pumped him up, I took him to Blockbuster and we got Madagascar (thought the animals would appeal to him) and tired him out with 2 hours at the park first. As soon as we got home from the park we spread a blanket on the floor and had our dinner "picnic" in front of the television. Elijah absolutely loved it!! Everyone had to sit on the blanket (including Lydia). Lydia was really confused but went about eating her nugget, grapes and graham crackers with gusto. She washed it all down with some mama milk. She bailed on us at about 6:45 when she was ready for a nice bath, some stories and bed at 7:30. Elijah lasted the whole movie, though he didn't sit still or pay attention during most of it. It really was a lot of fun and we will do it again next month.

An now for a product review: Baby Head Band
My babies are bald. I can TRY and stick bows in Lydia's hair but they come out. I have tried the commercial "brain squeezers" but they hurt her head and leave a mark. That's why when I saw how cute Storey (Bethany Vermillion's daughter) looked in her mama-made head band I knew I had to order one for Lydia. Here she is!Lydia wore it for several hours this afternoon and didn't get a single mark. It was wonderful!! We got a pink headband and a white one and three interchangable bows. Bethany will do custom orders (we got a UNC bow). I like the thinner headband better than the thick one but they are both nice. I am so happy to have a girly accessory that doesn't bug Lydia. She pulled it off a few times and so did Elijah, but after the novelty wore off they both left it alone. So head on over to Love September, Bethany's store, and order one for your little princess today! (If you do--tell her I sent you and maybe she'll give me some free stuff :) )

Friday, November 07, 2008

No Longer Antibiotic Free

EJ has avoided antibiotics for 27 months (his whole life) but that streak has come to an end. We started antibiotics yesterday for Bronchitis. He has had a persistant cough for about a month and yesterday he had a coughing fit during the day. He has only been having them at night and his chest has been clear so we attributed it to post nasal drip. I took him to the doctor and he is "purring" he has so much chest congestion. Hopefully this will fix it and he will start sleeping!!

Last night went better. This new doctor took us seriously about the sleeping and suggested melatonin before bed. I am not sure if it worked or last night was a fluke but he did a lot better--he had 2 coughing fits and only got up once other than those! She said if he isn't doing better in 3 weeks when we go back to check his chest congestion then she is going to refer us to do a sleep study with him--Finally--someone taking my concerns seriously!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh to be that flexible!

Ej fought hard today at naptime--he was up there "mommin'" for about 20 minutes. He finally fell asleep. I went to check on him and make sure he was covered and found him like this. He had been sitting up and he slumped over frontwards. Too funny! I uncoiled him and covered him up. He slept well.

Here's my best effort at getting a picture of the tooth. You can kinda see it if you click on the picture and look at it big.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Lydia's First Tooth!

Came though overnight--its a cute little white line on the bottom. I'll try and get a picture later. She is a much better teether than EJ--no tylenol at all, just a bit of grumpiness.

Yard Sale's Rock!!

On Saturday I went to Croptoberfest--a 10 hour scrapbooking party. It was awesome and I got so much done. It was FABULOUS having a whole day off from the kids. I needed the break and the adult conversation. I had to pump a couple of times but other than that I was cropping and scrapping nonstop. On the way I passed a yardsale and saw tons of toys out. I thought I would just stop in and see if there was anything worth buying. I ended up getting:

1) Small Bobux shoes for Lydia-Blue Puppy--These shoes rock--she has been wearing them nonstop since Sunday. They REALLY stay on (unlike the Target imposter brand of these which pop off)

2) Medium Bobux shoes for Lydia-Elephant

3) Cartwheeling Tigger-Like a Tickle Me Elmo thing but its Tigger-Christmas for Lydia

4) Dancing Blues Clues-Like a Tickle Me Elmo thing but it's Blue--Christmas for Elijah
5) Cute long sleeved Jersey Shirt for EJ
6) Cute Reindeer Onesie for Lydia
7) Spiderman Magna Doodle-Christmas Stocking for Elijah
The prices of the stuff on the labels had the total coming to $27 dollars. I went up and wanted to argue them down to $20. The man looked at me and saw his wife wasn't looking and said "How many things have you got?" I said 7, he said "This stuff is not going back in the house! How about $7 for all of it?" I was THRILLED!! $7!! One pair of the shoes is $27 dollars and they were still in the original package and unworn! I felt like the luckiest woman!
They assured me the battery stuff worked but when I got home and tried batteries Saturday night the Blues Clues wouldn't run. I was disappointed but decided to take Blue apart and see if I could find the problem. Sure enough, I was able to find the disconnected wire. Justin went out and got the soldering iron and I soldered the connection and fixed Blue. It workes great!! I felt like supermom--how many mommies in my Sunday School class could solder a circuit and fix the toy??

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Cuties

Hand Foot and Mouth on Halloween is NOT fun! He perked up once the Benadryl wore off a bit.

The dorky pirates.
Daddy pulling around Captian Feathersword.

Koala-rina in all her glory.

A Grumpy koala-rina minus the wings, wand and tiara.

Elijah--excited about the candy at the first house.