Monday, December 29, 2008

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Well--I got a new camera for Christmas and I haven't figured out how to get the pics off of it yet. I will soon and I will update the blog I promise!! Between that and trying to organize and clean and deal with Lydia cutting her two top teeth and . . . I've been busy :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

The stage is set--complete with footprints!
Lyddie and Daddy and the Stocking booty!

The Remote Control Dinosaur--EJ's "big" gift from us.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Mmmm Cake! What a wonderful and busy day! Lydia was exhausted after a really rough night but Elijah didn't get up at all. He was so afraid Santa wouldn't come if he was awake :) It was cute. He woke up this morning a little after 6:30 and we came downstairs to find Santa's Snowprints (magic non-melting North pole snow I might add) and full stockings. Santa came through and he got his Birthday Monsters Book he's been begging for. We did our family presents and then put Lydia down for a very early nap. My parents came over for breakfast and we enjoyed a hash brown casserole and cinnamon rolls before starting in on the presents they brought. It was fun but Elijah got presented out. He would open something and want to play with it, not open anything else. He kept saying "Thanks!!" again and again. Lydia woke up and got in on the fun about 1/2 way through. We had a light lunch of leftovers and all of us took a much needed nap. After the nap nana and papa came over and we did some presents with them before heading over to great-grandmama's house. I had to bug out early (6:30) because both kids were exhausted and Elijah was getting really wound up. I could tell he was going to crash and burn if we stayed over there. Justin and I took the kids home, they are now in bed and I am blogging instead of cleaning up. Justin wen't back over to his grandmama's house to visit a bit and collect the presents. We just grabbed the kids and ran!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

The real reason for the season can best be conveyed to a 2 year old by making a birthday cake for Baby Jesus' Birthday. Birthday parties include cake and presents of course! Elijah decided that snowmen "cupcakes" were what we should do for Jesus' birthday cake. Here are his creations-the only "help" he had was us spreading on the icing and daddy helping stick in the candy cane arms. They are all dye free! We had pretzels, organic marshmellows, Sundrops (like M&M's) and Chocolate Chips. My favorite is "porcupine snowman"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mmmmm . . .Cookies

Let the baking begin :) And thank God for pasteurized eggs so the kids can lick the beaters!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


We had a lot of fun today at the Museum in Raleigh. The parking was great (free!!) and the museum was great (free too!!). We spent about 2 hours there and the time just flew by. The big hits were the giant bugs (he wouldn't stand still long enough for a photo) and the dinosaurs. He was a little scared of the soundtrack (roaring noises etc.) and the sheer size of the dinosaurs but he enjoyed himself. I guess tonight will tell if he ends up with nightmares :)

Here's some shots from the day. I took a bunch more but they came out all fuzzy. I can't wait to get a new camera!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They Didn't Get the Memo . . .

Apparantly my kids didn't get the following Memo that went out before this afternoon's attempted photo session for a Christmas card picture:

You better watch out! You better not cry! You better not pout! I'm telling you why . . .

Santa Claus is coming to town.

At least I did manage to get these cute shots of Lydia alone so it wasn't a complete bust :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Mister's Imagination!

Today after his nap Elijah was bound and determined to play on his "playground." Since it was pouring down rain I tried to convince him to do something, anything, else! He wouldn't have it though and my heart melted when he said:
"I can just put on my raincoat and I will get a little teeny bit wet OK Mommy?" Of course I let him go out and he got more than a teeny bit wet :)

Anyway--while he was out there catching rain drops with his toungue he was talking with me and Lydia (we were on the screened porch staying dry). He had this little monologue with some small interjections from me:

"Mommy look! A horsey. I am using my 'magination. There's an imagination horse there. He's hiding from you. He is hiding under a rock. The imagination bear is under the rock too. And the 'manigation snake too!"

Me: "Why are they hiding under the rocks?"

"They are scared. The rain is scaring them. They don't like the puddles. I like the puddles. Watch me splash in the grass puddles mommy! Oh no!!"

Me: "What?"

"The snake just went inside. The door is open mommy and the snake goed inside the house now. It is a mean snake. He isn't friend-e-ly. He want to get dry so he goed inside. He's gonna eat my fruit loops! Daddy gonna come home and tell that Snake 'NO! LEAVE LIJAH'S FRUIT LOOPS ALONE!' He gonna catch the snake in my blanket and put it in a tree."

I was really enjoying the conversation but Lydia took that moment to fill up her diaper and I had to cut it short. What an imagination my little boy has!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I had hoped . . .

. . .to get a really great shot of all of us dressed up for the Christmas card but between a camera that takes more than 1/2 the shots out of focus and a toddler with a demon streak this morning it was not to be. Here are some shots of our morning though:

Making breakfast and the kids trying out their new stool I got for my birthday. The eggs didn't get as much shell in them as you'd expect.

Lydia in her Christmas dress at church. It's slightly fuzzy but she's so cute!
The shot of all of us--of course neither kid would look at the camera!My hubby--all dressed up in a tux for the Christmas Theater and Brass Group. So nice!! Too bad we are BOTH sick and I can't enjoy the tux as much as I normally would. IT reminds me of our wedding day to see him like that--so sweet!

And of course--the obligatory T-Rex photo . . .you mean you didn't have T-Rex in your church this morning for your Christmas program?? Elijah walked in and ran on stage to meet him and then wouldn't go near it. Lydia jumped in the arms and was playing with the teeth. When Mr. Brave saw that Lyddie was OK he was ready to give the T-Rex a high five but nothing more. What a wimp!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree . . .

Oh Christmas Tree, Your branches are so lovely!

And Filled with toys, of every kind . . .

Thanks to my toddler's silly mind . . .

Oh Chrismtas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,

Your branches are so lovely!

With Elijah sick all week the playroom has seen a LOT of action. Here's what I found on the tree while I was cleaning up today. Let's play a game of Chrismtas tree I Spy shall we . . . what doesn't belong?

I Spy . . .the little Lord Jesus figurine from our nativity, Play food country ham slice, Play food ice cream cone
Water Spray bottle, Firemans hat, teething toy, orange sidewalk chalk . . .

Elmo Sunglasses and Reindeer Pez dispenser
Lydia's paci, teething toy (again)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lydia's sentence!

Today I told Lydia: "Say bye bye to daddy" and she said:
"Daddy bye bye" clear as a bell.

I then said "Say bye bye to Elijah"
"Bye bye bra-brough"

My brilliant little 9 month old!!

Sickness update

Took Elijah to the doctor today after another horrible night. I swear his long stretch is 15 minutes between coughing fits. To top it off I was running a fever all day yesterday and last night and today of about 103 and feeling really cruddy. Lydia got pink eye so she is now on the drops too :( Justin, bless his heart, decided to stay home from Christmas theater (the thing they pretty much prepare for all year) and help me. Turns out it was a good decision because he caught the GI bug that's been going around and spent the whole night in the bathroom. If he'd gone to church I know that 1/2 the orchestra would have come down with it. Thankfully he is doing much better and it is only a 24 hour bug. Hopefully he will be able to perform Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Elijah has an ear infection in both ears (although he swears to me his ears don't hurt he screamed when she went to go and look in them at the doctors office). He also has a sinus infection (lots of green goo) and it has led to bronchitis. That is what is causing the coughing. The puking was most likely a reaction to the flu shot though it could have been the same GI bug Justin has. He got sick today again at Target but that was just because he had a coughng spell on a full belly. We've got him on an antibiotic that costs $40!!! Whew!! The thing is that Amoxicillan isn't dye free and we have him on a dye free diet. I am willing to pay the little bit extra though if it helps. We also have a perscription cough syrup that we're trying out of sheer desperation (though it doesn't seem to be helping yet!).

Lydia went to bed today at 5:30 and Elijah is down and it's 6pm. Hopefully they won't be raring to go at 4am! Last night was an early night too and they both slept in until almost 8pm. Their little bodies are just so tired from fighting this crud!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Between the horrors coming out of Lydia into her diaper and the fount of many blessings all night long from Elijah I have all but decided it is worth it to risk getting the flu! Please pray--I am up to my elbows in poop and puke and I haven't slept since Sunday. UGH!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sick Sick Sick!

Please pray for my little man--he had a little cold this morning and I took him to the doctor for a flu shot. By this afternoon he was throwing up, feverish and he managed to get pink eye while in the waiting room at the doctors office. :( The throwing up and fever are a reaction to the shot--the pink eye means eye drops (torture for mommy and Elijah!) Elijah is also coughing himself awake as he always does with a cold so I haven't slept in two nights and tonight isn't looking much better as we are already on PJ set #3 with the throwing up and it's only 9:30pm.

Lydia is doing great so far. We are hoping she will avoid the pink eye.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Candy Candy Candy!

OK--we started Elijah on this new diet with no dyes and no petroleum based preservatives. It is great but so many candies are off limits. Thankfully my parents went to Trader Joes and bought a bunch of stuff and our local Farm Fresh has some candies that are acceptable. That said, my friend Jessica sent me this website:
It's got sprinkles, candy canes, candies, gummies, lollypops and so much more. I am psyched it also has cake coloring supplies. They are a bit pricey but hey, I am willing to splurge for birthday cakes he is going to want to eat.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Busy Day!

Whew! What a busy day . . . we started out by taking Lydia to my friend Jenn's house and going to have Breakfast with Santa at Elijah's preschool. It was really fun! I was worried about Elijah letting Santa get near him because all morning he kept asking if Santa was going to touch him. I assured him Santa wouldn't touch him unless he wanted him to and that he could give Santa a high five. When Santa finally came in Elijah yelled "He made it!" (I had told him Santa must be running late and that is why he wasn't eating pancakes with us). Santa sat down and started talking with the kids and he asked what Christmas was really about. Elijah yelled out very loudly "The Little Lord JESUS!" Santa chuckled and said yes. A while later he asked where Jesus was born and Elijah yelled again: "In a MANGER!" (Santa was looking for Bethlehem). It was absolutely adorable to me to see him so excited about it. He could barely hold in his excitement and when it was his turn he jumped in Santa's lap and told him what he wanted. It was precious!

Elijah's face when Santa walked through the door:
Sitting on Santa's Lap--he really was excited . . .
After Santa left Elijah got to stay until 1pm and do crafts. It was great for him and a nice break for me. I got Lydia and got her a quick nap and had lunch with my parents.

We got Elijah and Lydia was ready for a real nap so I laid her down. I found out that EJ had eaten a candy cane (ack!! Red Dye #40!!!) and I was worried aobut his attitude. Sure enough when it was time to go upstairs he just freaked out and had a tantrum for over an hour. I got him calm and laid down with him to help him sleep. Every time I would try and move he would wake up--it was awful.

Justin finally got home from his rehersal and we woke the kids up to go to the parade. They were grumpy at first but both had a great time. It was really fun and really cold!! Afterwards we went to Wendy's for dinner with Nana and Papa and got the kids in bed. What a busy day!!
Walking to the parade from Nana and Papa's:
Nana and Elijah
Lydia enjoing an ORGANIC Candy cane--I stuck some in my pocket in case people were passing out candy.
Papa and his cutie pie.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Look Ma No hands!

One . . .Stealthily approach brother's art easel

Two . . . pull up and carefully select desired crayon to chew on. Yep--she's just standing there unsupported. She's only 8.5 months--what is she doing!!??

Three . . . oops!! Forgot to hold on!

My kids on food . . .

OK--my kids are really good eaters. They like vegetables. Not sure if it is because we offer them so much, because we eat a lot of them and the kids get them in the womb and in my milk or what, but they are good veggie eaters. A couple of nights ago the only thing Elijah ate for supper was "Popeye Spinach" (aka. Collards). Yes--an entire plate full and nothing else. Last night, Elijah had eaten all of his peas and red bell pepper stirfry stuff and wanted "bazzert." I gave him a cookie and milk to dunk it. Lydia sees this and immediately begins signing "cookie" because she wants one too. I give her a cookie too because she had also eaten really well. She takes a bite or two of the cookie, throws it down, and resumes eating her peas and peppers that were left on the tray. Ummmm--I think I have the only children in the world that prefer green peas to chocolate chip cookies!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lydia is Mobile!

She crawled yesterday--an honest to goodness crawl. She isn't fast but she is mobile. She also took her first steps yesterday. She was up at the couch reaching for a toy and she turned and took two steps then lunged at me. My little girl is growing up!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ahhhh . . . Superglue!

So many uses! This week I have used superglue to:

1) Fix trumpet ornament Elijah played with too roughly
2) Glue my finger back together after cutting about a 1/2 in deep slice in my thumb on Monday
3) Fix a snowman's nose and buttons that broke in storage
4) Fix a bite wound from Lydia
5) Fix a tassel on a Christmas tissue box
6) Glue the wire wings back on an angel

This stuff is great!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Swing Baby!

Merry Christmas to us! Granny and Grampy's present for the kids was installed today. It is absolutely AWESOME!! I am so glad they paid for the installation too! It took the pros over 4 hours to put it together. They would go an grab a piece and screw it in--no dawdling. I can't even imagine how long it would have taken us to do it--the kids would have outgrown it before we had it done. Not to mention they installed it level and it is secure--if we had done it it would be all crooked and I am sure it would have collapsed on one of the children :)

We played on it over an hour and a half after Elijah's nap. He loved it. Lydia loved the swing and the slide. After 45 minutes I finally conviced EJ to put on his coat--his hands were purple and his teeth were chattering. After an hour and a half, Lydia was purple even with the snowsuit so we headed inside. Here are some pics from the day.

Funny Elijah quote of the day; said after sliding down the slide on his belly really fast and I clapped:

"Are you impressed?"