Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dino Pics and Happy New Year!

Tonight we rang in the new year at 5:45 with a sparkling grape juice toast and letting the children go on the front porch and scream "Happy New Year!!!" a few times. Elijah thought it was awesome to get to yell out the front door. Lydia loved going "ding" with the glasses and toasting. In fact she got so into it she broke her wine glass toasting her brother.

Random, but adorable, shot of the Little Mister and his baby. He wanted to sling her and carry her around so he could practice for our fresh baby. Keep dreaming buddy--you can hold her but I saw how many times you slammed baby's head into something--you aren't slinging her!

Dino pics as promised . . .

D is for Dinosaur!

Took the kids to the museum in Raleigh this morning to see dinosaurs. Elijah was a little disappointed at first because they weren't "real" (alive), but he quickly warmed up to the whole museum statue thing. I think he was a bit relieved they were just statues when we actually got in the room and he saw how big the dinosaurs actually were.

What amazed me the most is what he remembered about the museum. He remembered that last year we went around Christmastime with daddy (which is why he wanted to go so much again THIS year near Christmas) and that he remembered that last year he was too scared to go through the dinosaur tunnel. This morning at the table, after I told him where we were going today, he started talking about wanting to see the giant bugs and the tunnel. I KNOW he hasn't looked at the scrapbook pics of that trip (the scrapbook is in the closet) so this is 100% his MEMORY. The child is part elephant I think.

Anyway--we got there with only one wrong turn (go mommy!) and explored a bit over 2 hours. Then we had our picnic lunch in the trunk of the subaru. Elijah and Lydia thought that was wonderful. I shut the hatch with us inside and left the stroller in the parking lot and they were both giggling like crazy. After our lunch we headed home. Boy I wish I had kids that slept in the car--I would have gladly forfeited nap at home for the hour of consta-scream from the backseat. We got home, Lyddie slept for about 45 minutes and is currently upstairs LOUDLY protesting being in her crib--I'm hoping she'll fall back asleep but if she's still awake when I fishish typing I'll go get her. EJ fought about going down and fell asleep just as the little miss started screaming. Thankfully he is in our bed sawing logs.

Justin was a little shocked at our field trip. I swear I told him about it earlier this week but he says I forgot to tell him. Oh well. I wanted to try and get it in before I had a little nip-sucker nursing every two hours. I know it will be hard to do the hour trip and get nursing in and not have the other two go bonkers--especially if this one isn't good at nursing in the sling. Local stuff is a cinch--nurse at home and leave immediately--but stuff with a drive, even with two kiddos experience, still intimidates me a bit.

Well--she's still at it so I am gonna grab her and upload pics of the dinosaurs later.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

If you don't get a letter, please don't consider yourself snubbed. I've got too much to do and didn't have time to address more envelopes and we didn't want to spend more money on stamps than necessary so we sent cards and letters to people who aren't in the digital age yet :)

Here's our update--though if you read the blog you already know all this and more!

Denton Doings-2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our family and friends! It has been a wonderful and exciting year in the Denton household, full of ups and downs and in-betweens! Of course, with a one-year-old and three-year-old how can life be anything but exciting? We pray that each of you is able to find things to enjoy this holiday season and in the year to come—whatever it may bring.

Justin continues to work in the IT department at Watson Electrical Construction Company. A round of layoffs this year reminded us to count our blessings for his job and we are so blessed by his continued employment. Justin continues to play trumpet in our church orchestra. Elijah is so proud of his daddy and loves to hear him play on Sunday mornings. The orchestra adds so much to our worship and we’re all glad Justin can serve God with his talents.

God continues to bless us and allow Covey to stay home with the children. Most days she is thrilled to spend her time elbow deep in glitter, play dough, toys and books. This fall she has become active in her mother’s group-MOPS-helping as a small group leader. Covey also teaches cake decorating one night a week at the community college and continues to improve her skills keeping all of Elijah and Lydia’s friends flush with birthday cakes.

Elijah turned three this past August and continues to amaze us daily. This past summer he learned to swim and jump “in the deep” solo. He continues to love being our special kitchen helper and has graduated from simply dumping in ingredients to mixing with an electric mixer, and chopping and peeling veggies. He loves to build things with blocks of any sort and delights in “playing pretend,” much to the confusion of his little sister. Elijah is thriving in preschool and goes two mornings a week. He is such a social butterfly and has scores of little buddies he likes to play with.

Lydia is blossoming into a little lady. She turned one in May and waited until everyone was at her birthday party to say “Mama look!” and take off running—forget walking with wobbly first steps! She is our little monkey and I have found her on top of the refrigerator, the dining room table and her brother’s bunk bed. When I hear her shout “Tada!” I immediately start looking for her up on something dangerous. Lydia is a huge fan of her brother and tries to copy everything he does. She mastered floating, bubble blowing and going under the water this summer and had a blast both at the pool and the beach.

This season is especially exciting for us all as we’re eagerly awaiting our third blessing due any day now. Daughter #3 is officially due to arrive on New Years Day but we are hoping for a slightly earlier arrival (Tax break!!).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-Justin, Covey, Elijah and Lydia Denton!!

Baby Update

Got back from the OB and it looks like we will probably not be getting a tax break this year. I'm a little disappointed but know that she'll come when she's ready. I am much happier to wait now that the contractions have stopped--they started teh 23rd coming 2 or 3 an hour and Sunday night they got down to about 8 or 10 minutes apart. I was convinced Justin would be home on Monday having a baby with me but alas they never picked up momentum. Finally, yesterday, the contractions petered out completely. I am much more willing to wait now that I am not wincing and gritting my teeth every 20 or 30 minutes around the clock.

Baby looks great and is weighing in at around 7 lbs. If she stays in there another week or so she and Lyddie will probably be about the same size. That bodes well for the hand-me-down situation :) My bp is still low and I have no swelling at all. The NST shows that BD#3 is moving around and happy in here current residence despite my best efforts at baby torture (150 crunches at the gym, 30 minutes on the treadmill, high-impact playing with the other two . . .). Since I'm not throwing up like I was with EJ and I don't have horrible back pain like I did with Lydia I am the least miserable with this pregnancy than I ever have been. Its nice. I would highly recommend this.

Monday, December 28, 2009

mouths part two--the Daddy edition

"Stop sucking on that bath toy--you just rubbed it on your crotch."

"Good job washing your face Lydia, nevermind that washcloth was just on brother's penis."

The stuff that comes out of our mouths . . .

I've been thinking about the stuff I've said lately to the kids and it makes me laugh to think about it.

"Stop stabbing me with your fork and eat your soup!" (OBTW this is going to be the title of the book I write on feeding children :) )

"Don't throw baby Jesus!"

"Get that jingle bell out of your nose!"

"Don't lick it and then feed it to your sissy--that's nasty--if you lick it and don't like it just leave it on your plate."

"Sweetie--I don't need you to read me a story while I'm in here. Can I have some privacy? I like to be in here alone. I've a got a magazine to look at Thank You!"

"Lydia doesn't have a baby in her tummy. She might someday but right now she's too small."

"No, mommy milk will not come out of you. It only comes out of mommy's."

"No the baby will not be able to do that even if we find little roller skates. Yes it would be really cool. No your sissy can't do that either." in reference to this video:

Friday, December 25, 2009

I've never been so glad . . .

. . . that I am a mother of TWO precious angels with one on the way! WOW! This Christmas was AWESOME and it was wonderful to just soak it up and not have a newborn. The kids were wonderful--way better than I expected!

Elijah was so excited last night. He has been terrified of the idea of Santa coming and made me promise we'd lock the door to the den and put up both baby gates (the one at the top and bottom of the stairs) so Santa couldn't come and "see him when he's sleeping" like the song says. (Grampy can't open the baby gates so it serves to reason that Santa probably can't either :) ). So Justin and I were pretty surprised when he was excited last night to leave ONE cookie for Santa and he didn't mention locking the door. About 10:30 Elijah came into our room, tears streaming down his face just shaking. He woke me up and told me he'd had a nightmare and Santa had come into his room and touched him. He NEEDED to sleep with me. Thankfully Justin came to bed shortly after midnight and traded with me so I could get some sleep on the couch (and relieve my bladder as needed--40 weeks preggo means a lot of getting up at night!). Not sure how much sleep the two of them actually did--EJ said daddy snored, daddy said Elijah kept kicking him. Glad I was on the couch :) Lyddie got us all up at 5am--ready to start her day.
Christmas Morning--complete with "magic" snow footprints from Santa's boots (potato flakes).
The kids had a blast opening their stocking and Santa came through with the dye free licorice Elijah was hoping for.

The kids flipped over their one present from mommy and daddy--a "new" playhouse! They had so much fun opening and shutting the door and doing the doorbell and shutting the windows. They also put EJ's little fold out Spiderman couch in there.

Crazy children!!
Santa's little helper--how cute is she!?!?

Baby Denton #3 on Christmas--yes this is all the belly I have at 40 weeks pregnant. I have no lungs at this point :)
Celebration #3--morning with Nana and Papa (Justin's parents)

Ej took this picture--just had to brag on my 3 year old's picture taking skills (nevermind the next 14 shots were of his feet and the ceiling).

Celebration #3 with Granny and Grampy. After too short naps (fueled by the enormous candy consumption??) we headed to granny and grampys for dinner and gifts. It was fun. So much fun the kids didn't want to leave and granny and grampy graciously offered to host a "sleepover party" so the sleep deprived mommy and daddy could rest tonight.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Toss Out the Monnogramming . . .

We've decided (last minute!!) that we aren't carrying an Isabelle Kate. Its still a girl but after some teasing from friends about being Twilight fans (we're not) and some internet searching that showed us that Isabelle was the #1 name for 2009 we've decided to change Isabelle's name. To what we're not sure--still thinking and praying on that one. We're still hoping she'll wait a few more days . . .

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White's Lights

I don't have any pics since we used Nana's awesome camera, but we took the kids to White's Lights tonight and it was so fun. Elijah loved being able to get out of the carseat and sit in Nana's lap and Lyddie loved being up front with Grandmama. I think Grandmama liked it too :)

Elijah actually remembered last year that we'd had hot chocolate and cookies in the car. This year we ate at grandmama's and just had candy canes in the car. I couldn't believe he remembered that detail! He was only 2 1/2!!

He said the White's lights was a "Christmas Forest." Too cute!

Elijah absolutely refused to get out of the car to go and see Santa. I wasn't too surprised since he's been asking all week if he could just wave at Santa and not touch Santa etc. Lydia got out and went down to Santa but started screaming "No No No!" when I got within about 5 ft of him. We snapped a quick picture of her in my arms about 3 ft. away from Santa. That's all we could do this year. We don't make a big deal of Santa in our house so I am not at all upset that the kids didn't want to sit with him. Its not something that I feel like they are missing out on.

All in all a fun night. I am so hoping they will sleep. It was after 8pm when we laid them down and normally missing their bedtime by that much means that I will be up a bunch. They've been sleeping really lousy for several nights in a row now and I need a break!

Updates and Pictures :)

I know it's been forever since I've posted pics of my adorable children but they haven't been sleeping well and I have been cramping and contracting all day and night for a week now so I haven't had a whole lot of energy or sleep. I also just found the cord that Lydia took from the cabinet. Here are some pics of our latest doings in reverse order . . .

Last night, after de-tangling Lyddie's hair, I decided a little trim off the ends was in order. I think split ends were making it tangle more easily. I trimmed the tips off her hairs and she was a good sport. You can't even tell I did anything so I am glad :)
We attempted our first gingerbread house with great success. I had bought a set on clearance last year after Christmas and since the kids don't like the cookies or the icing I knew we'd be OK to use it. It went great--they love the candy and loke to pick at it. I think they ate WAY too much candy while they made it but it was really fun. I loved the kit because the pieces fit together and it was so easy to do.

We didn't do much in the way of decorating this year inside the house but we went all out in the yard. Daddy even went on the roof yesterday and hung up some lights up there. Very nice! The kids absolutely love thier lights, especially the candy "cames"

We made some ornaments for the birds to eat and that was really fun. I put the birdseed in a tupperware and let the kids shake peanut butter covered pinecones in the seed. It only took about 10 minutes to make all 4, but it was still a fun craft.

Finally, earlier this month we left the kiddos with Granny and Grampy and headed to our couples class party. It was really fun and we got all dressed up. It was so nice to wear hose and makeup! Afterwards we came home and re-did the nursery until 11pm and I finished up the paint job the next morning before church.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Strict or Snuggly

Lately I've been "fighting" the afternoon nap battle by putting Elijah in our bed and snuggling him still and asleep. It works great--except it means I don't get a good nap :( It is also probably going to come back to bite me when Isabelle gets here and I have to try and get her napping/nursing etc. They won't be able to be in the same room--she'd wake him up.

I guess I am just savoring my last few days of being a mom of "just" two kids. I get Lydia down, get Elijah down and then Lydia is up shortly thereafter. I wish she were a better napper but alas its not in her character to nap much more than an hour or haour and a half :( Elijah is still taking a two or two and half hour nap.

I know another mom, who I greatly admire, who is very strict. Her kids all sleep in one room and they go straight to sleep, don't cry out in the middle of the night, don't come out during naptime or play around. They know that mom means business. I don't have that sort of control over my kids at all. They walk all over me when it comes to sleeping. I am such a pushover. Something about a warm snuggly body in the bed, little hands cupping my face, sweet breath on my cheek that just makes my heart melt. I know they are only going to be little a short while and I just really don't want to miss out.

Sweetest sound . . .

I love to hear my little girl just giggling like mad. Especially when its her and her brother playing and he gets in on the laughing too. Is there any sweeter sound than your children laughing???

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Misunderstandings of a Three Year Old

Today Elijah was in tears about going to preschool. He was sobbing, and pleading for me to NOT drop him off. He wanted to take his presents in for his teachers and go with me. I tried to tell him it was party day and that made him even more upset. When I asked him why he didn't want to go to preschool he said:
"Its party day. Mrs. Krysty said they are having pizza. I don't wanna have to eat pizza mama. I don't like it!"
I held up his lunch box, told him I packed him a lunch and he didn't have to eat pizza and the water works stopped and he ran inside thrilled.

Yesterday Elijah told me he didn't want Isabelle coming. This is the first he's mentioned of NOT wanting a sissy. He asked if it was almost Christmas and when I told him yes he said he wishes it was a long time until Christmas so Isabelle wouldn't come. I asked him why and he said:
"I like MY sissy. I like Lydia. I don't want her to die."
Apparantly he was under the impression we were swapping sissy's and he was going to have to trade in Isabelle for Lydia. I told him he was getting TWO sissy's and we were keeping Lydia and he said:
"God is giving us two? He's not going to swap Lyddie for Isabelle? Oh--OK. Hers can come on out then."

Can I just say how GUILTY I feel that he was stressing about Lydia dying?????

Out of the mouth of babes:

"Mom, I think all reindeers are horny. They got big antlers so they must be really horny."


Finally, so as not to leave out Lydia, yesterday she awoke from her nap in a foul mood and screaming. I went in there and asked her what was wrong and she threw her lovey and her paci in the crib and looked at me and said:
"Daddy home work. Daddy bonk my head. Big boo-boo! Daddy did it!"

Daddy wasn't home so I am not sure if she dreamed it, she is remembering a sleepy daddy not so gently plopping her in the crib on another occasion or if she just made up a story about why she was so grumpy. I got a chuckle though. That naughty daddy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A "New" Normal

Wow! The kids have slept and napped well both yesterday and today. That means I have slept and napped well too. I am also not anemic anymore. Is this what it is like to feel "normal"?? It is absolutely WONDERFUL! I am much more longsuffering--I endured a 2 hour time out battle with Elijah yesterday and didn't even get flustered--Justin came home and he was still in time out but I had dinner on the table and I was still in a good mood. That is amazing in and of itself. I am not craving sleep and don't feel like I want to just sit and cry if I don't get a nap. In fact, I went the whole weekend with no nap and didn't feel "robbed" at all.

I haven't slept well in forever and I haven't had a normal hemeglobin since before Lydia was born. This is so different for me. I hope we can get the new baby on a good sleep schedule so I can keep on feeling this good. I have to say I am somewhat jealous at what I have been missing out on. If I can feel this good at 39 weeks preggo it must be absolutely wonderful to be non-anemic and well rested when you aren't pregnant. I can't wait to find out!!

Tonight we put up the outside Christmas lights. It was wonderful. The kids absolutely loved the lights. I had bought candy canes and HUGE snowflakes on after-Christmas sales last year and it was great to break them out for the first time. The yard looks so festive and colorful and I love it!

I took some great pics but Lydia has hidden (or thrown away??) my camera cord so I can't download them tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I am sure I will figure out something before Isabelle is born--I can't imagine not sharing pics of our newest angel.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!

We had a wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend at the beach. We sent the kids down with granny and grampy Friday afternoon and I spent the time kid-free cleaning the house and making my own delicious birthday cake: carrot with coconut and pineapple with homemade cream-cheese icing. Delish! I felt like a super-woman when, while the cake was baking and the laundry was washing, I went to the garage and changed out the burnt out lightbulb on the Subaru with a new one. I popped the hood and did it 100% solo. Pretty proud moment for me :) Cars intimidate me. We got to the beach about 10pm.

Saturday we had cake first thing and then grampy and Justin took the kiddos to the aquarium and out to lunch and my mom and I tackled a bunch of Christmas shopping. She insisted on getting me something for my birthday so we got some earrings and new crocs for me. It was fun and I got almost everyone checked off my list. We also went and got a fantastic shrimp fiesta salad for lunch. We shopped from 8:30-almost 3 in the afternoon. It was fun! I love just being able to browse around and find good deals and not have to chase the kids through the store. It was some serious retail therapy and I won't need another dose until next year around this time--that really cured my shopping "fix."

For my big birthday dinner Lyddie, Justin, Grampy and I went to Panera. Granny and EJ stayed home since Ej woke up seriously grouchy from a nap. It was delicious. My little girl ate almost an entire cup of the broccoli soup--it was crazy how much she ate! We got Lydia in bed and tried to get Elijah down. He ended up staying up until almost 11pm!

Sunday the kiddos went to the beach in the morning with Granny and Grampy and Justin and I cleaned the house up a bit and had a relaxing morning. After a lunch at Cox we headed back to Wilson. We were surprised the kids didn't sleep at least a little bit in the car but they didn't fuss too bad on the way back. Once we got home they were wild and then melted down :( EJ was running on WAY too little sleep! Travelling is fun but truly exhausting. We put the kids in bed at 5:30 and topped off the great weekend with a pizza from Papa Johns. Yum!!

We took the carseat and hospital bag just in case but Bella decided to stay put for at least a little while longer. She is getting so heavy and cramped in there and we are so ready to meet her. It would be a wonderful surprise if this little bundle of joy decided to come early instead of late, but I suppose every pregnant woman wishes for that at the end of the pregnancy. I am far less miserable with her than I was with the other two so if she needs to chill out another couple of weeks we are good with that!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mind Shift . . .

Well it finally happened on Tuesday--I finally felt "ready" for the third baby to get here. Maybe its because the car is finally cleaned out or the room is finished or the PICC line is out or I am *mostly* caught up with organizing stuff I want to do. I am most certainly not nearly as miserable with this pregnancy as I was with Elijah or Lydia. With EJ I was so sick and with Lydia I had HORRIBLE sciatica that caused me to black out with pain. This one causes a little backache (though recently I think that is due to carrying and picking up my 40 lb 3-year-old!), a little nausea and nothing else. Granted the severe anemia wasn't fun but it didn't make me feel bad. The kids are still not sleeping well but I finally had the mind shift. Its nice--I am actually looking forward to her coming . . . something that hasn't happened since we found out we were expecting #3.

We've still got a lot to do to get ready for Christmas. We don't have the decorations up (just the tree), the house is messy and in need of a good scrubbing, we currently have the kids' present and one other present bought and nothing wrapped. We have no money and no ideas for any other gifts . . . not really sure what we're going to do about that. I am determined not to stress though--bring on Santa!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby Update

Things are going well for us with the baby!

Hemeglobin is up to 11--it hasn't been that high since before Lydia was born! Huge praise there.

Baby gained almost a full pound according to the ultrasound. I told Justin I thought she felt "heavy." Turns out she has dropped and gained about 12 ounces since last week. Good growth! I also gained almost a pound so all my weight gain this week was due to the baby. Isabelle is almost 6 lbs now and I am 38 weeks tomorrow. She'll be on the small side like EJ was. That's fine with me!! As long as she is ripe!

Can't wait to meet her. From the ultrasound pics you can definately tell she is a Denton baby--she just looks like the other two.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

So Happy!

I am finally getting a little pooch!! I turn 37 weeks today by the doctor's calculations and 36 weeks today by mine. We'll see who comes closer :)
I was really worried yesterday about getting my blood drawn today and about the PICC LIne. I was absoultely devestated when my levels hadn't changed after a week of treatments and I had to come back for another 5 this week. Turns out that the baby must have been anemic as well and those initial treatments went to satisfying the baby's needs. Now my hemeglobin is 10.4 (normal is 12 but it takes time to make red blood cells so this is good) and my ferratin level is 349 (without today's and tomorrow's treatments). I started out with my hemeglobin around 7 and a ferratin level of 4. Normal is about 400 so I should be good on ferratin with the other two treatments in me.

I am so excited!!!!
Tomorrow my dad is going to watch the kiddos and I am headed to get my last treatment and then over to the hospital to get my PICC line REMOVED!!! Yes! After 4 weeks I will no longer have to sleep with a pillow under my arm, I will be able to pick up my boy again, I will be able to lift laundry and the vacuum and my life can return to "normal" until the baby comes. No more devoting 2 hours every morning to getting iron dripped into my blood while my babies play with sitters. No more mornings of this . . .

I also had an OB appointment today and Isabelle is looking great.
We got our first shot of her face in all of the US we have had. I think she looks like a Denton--though it is hard to tell. She is going to most likely be small like EJ was since she is still at just over 5 lbs but she is very active and seemingly very healthy.
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mom guilt . . . God's Grace

As I was literally dragging my three-year-old into playdate this afternoon so I could go and have my iron treatment I had a guilty feeling. Granted it was overwhelmed pretty quickly by embarassment and anger--why can he not just walk in the door and obey me? Playdate is FUN! These people probably think I am the worst mother ever for sitting on my child so I can santize his hands then dragging him through the door on the carpet and locking it so he can't run after me. UGH! I hate that!

My little boy is an angel 80% of the time--he is awesome in restaurants most of the time, he remembers to say please and thank you, he is obedient when he goes on playdates etc. I rarely have him act up when I am not there. I just get treated to the worst of the worst when it is just us at home. This is the wonderful child that will obey me for 2 hours in the doctor's office while I get a treatment then come home and fight for two hours about taking a nap. He will sit in time out for HOURS just glaring at me.

Yeah--that makes me feel guilty. What on earth could I have done wrong to create a three year old with the stamina and will-power to glare for over 2 hours from a hard wooden time out chair??

Then I remembered on the way home today--where he was his angelic, talkative, cheerful and wonderful self--Elijah is my precious gift from God. He actually told his sissy this because she was fussing from being over-tired.

"Lydia--you don't need to fuss. Did you know you are God's special gift to me? God gave me you as my sissy and I love you. Stop fussing sweetie please???"

And I think to myself as I struggle not to start sobbing at the sweetness--what have I done right to create such a wonderful empathetic little boy?

Elijah will often ask why I am his mommy or Lyddie is his sissy or why we're getting a new baby and I always say that it is God's perfect choice for our family. Something like:
"Elijah--do you know how blessed we are? Daddy and I could have been given another little boy but instead God picked you out just for us. You are our precious gift from God!" He then likes to know just what God picked out about him--his eyes, his hair, his toenails etc. He gets a huge kick out of knowing that God picked out his toenails and his eyebrows.

Yeah--mom guilt and God's grace. God chose me to deal with this little boy because no other person on earth is better suited to do it. I just keep telling myself that and doing the best I know to do and praying that his strong willed behaviors lead him in the right direction.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day, Christmas Tree and Feeling Lousy

The Little mister started getting crummy on Thanksgiving. By yesterday he was in full out sick, throwing up mode. Here he is this morning, feeling lousy :( He and I stayed home from church. Despite feeling poorly we managed to decorate the tree last night. It was fun!
. . . and crazy!

Lyddie loved the star.

A Little blurry--but she was happy!

Thanksgiving with my family

Me at almost 36 weeks preggo with Isabelle--where is that darned baby??

Grampy and Lyddie--we got 2 years out of her Thanksgiving dress I made her

Lyddie helping granny cook

Me and my girl
Nana and EJ at Grandmama's house

Daddy and his girl

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lazarus and Jesus

Elijah is getting pretty good and remembering bible stories and people from the bible. Today he was playing motorcycle and he had his little 'do rag on his frog and they crashed. Unfortunately, his poor stuffed frog died (according to him) and he buried it (under toys) and put plastic flowers on top. Here is what he told me . . .

"Keep Lydia away. The dead frog is gross. He's in the cement-tary and those are his plastic flowers. We planted him there."

A little while later Froggy was magically back on the cycle. I asked if he had come back to life and EJ said . . .

"Yes. His name is Zazzerfuss and it is a magic miracle. He was in the cement-tary a few days and Jesus came and made him come back alive so he could play with me."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Covey Cookin'

Whew--after a much neded 2 week break from the kitchen, during which my WONDERFUL mom friends provided dinner, I got my feet wet and tried cooking today. It was challenging--both kids were napless and grouchy and wanted to be held, picked up, paid attention to . . . but I perservered and made a DELICIOUS dinner that everyone enjoyed.

Elijah was happy because he got to peel and cut the carrots (well--he worked on one while I did the rest--can I just say how much I love the Pampered Chef Kid's knife??). Lydia was happy because she got to spray water everywhere and "Clean off" the baby corn and water chestnuts. Those tasks kept them busy enough for me to chop the broccoli and pepper and squash, roast the cashews and start the noodles.

We ate at 4:45 because the kiddos had been up since 5am with no naps. They were hungry and snarfed it all down except the noodles--they didn't want those. So they ate 1/2 orange each and about 1 cup of sauteed teriaki veggies with cashews. They drank milk and had spoons of peanut butter for dessert--don't know how or why they are on that kick but they both ask for peanut butter for dessert even when offered candy or cookies.

All in all a pretty successful return to the kitchen. Hubby is in there now cleaning up :) My arm is killing me but that is more from the go go go of the day and the fact that my skin was stuck on the dressing when they changed it today so it is just raw and achy. I find out tomorrow if I have responded well enough to get the PICC line out on Wednesday after 12 treatments. I hope I have!! I want to be able to decorate this weekend and if it isn't out I am on weight restruction and I won't be able to help get stuff down from the attic or help set up our tree so it will probably have to wait another week.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Curly Sue and Her Brother Too

Yes--the Alice box is still popular. We're getting a new bigger box tomorrow. They were playing "nap" and kept getting loud toys to wake each other up.

Despite a horrible night and whiny attitudes somehow going outside makes it all better and the giggles start coming a mile a minute. I love the fact that it was 65 degrees in the middle of November--too perfect!
Check out the toungue--its her new thing--maybe she'll be the next Michael Jordan??

Yard Sales Rock--Power wheels for $8--the speed it right too, about .001 mph :)
Pushing his sissy in the swing. He always seems to forget she is going to come back and gets smacked in the chest. He is trying to be sweet though.
Check out those WILD curls! Whew!