Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yes that's right-- My little girl said:
"Ahhh-Dov-Oooo Mommy" today.
Of course I said "I love you" right back at her and was rewarded by yet another "Ahhh-Dov-Oooo." The sweetest sounds a mommy's ears can hear.

Speaking of sweet--Someone coated my little boy in sugar lately. He has been having such an attitude of gratitude. He regularly says "Thank you for my good dinner mommy" and today he thanked me for letting him get mini-wheats at the grocery store. He's just too sweet. He also complimented Lydia on her outfit. He told her "Those are really cute pants Lydia. I think you made a good choice this morning. They are match to match with your cute hat." (Both had ladybugs on them). Way to build up your sister buddy!!

We've also been pretty much tantrum free after naps for a week now. I can't even describe how nice that is. To not dread the 3pm hour. It is wonderful! Hopefully those tantrums are out of his system but even if they aren't, I am enjoying the brief respite.

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