Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Boys and Dinos

Whew--we've had a couple of rough nights. Molars and Elijah insisting that we get rid of his bed rail (like Dylan--I'm a big boy too!) have kept me up with both kids. She looks so relaxed though--I wish I could sleep in some of the positions they choose!Their moods though have been great. Here is Elijah goofing off this morning and telling me about his dinosaurs--the pronounciation is not too bad for a 2.5 year old.

Yesterday was fun. We spent the afternoon outside having a dino hunt and coloring chalk on the driveway. We wrote a sign for daddy:

Then we hid dinos to "scare" daddy. It is too cute how excited Elijah gets at the prospect of scaring daddy.

We've added another "job" to Elijah's list. He is the official sheet changer. He is a big help. Here he is showing off his "pillow pushing muscles" where he pushes the pillows into the pillowcases. He is so excited for his daddy to have "fresh" sheets. He tells me that daddy ges hot at night and gets his sheets stinky. That's a big improvement from the first sheet change last week when he asked if daddy had wet the bed. :)

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