Sunday, March 22, 2009

Developmental Leaps

Whew!! I love kids learning language. Lydia has started saying "Tickle Tickle Tickle" and it is so cute. Of course when I whip out the video camera to take a video she tries to grab it and stops saying it. She is also saying stuff like "Hi Mommy!" "Daddy Bye Bye" "Lijah no!" and my favorites "I did it!" "Lij did it" (Elijah did it) "Oooo did it" (You did it). I think I heard "Papa did it" yesterday but I am not sure.

She starts chanting "Bammy" (Grampy) when we go to their house and says "Papa" when she sees him or a picture of him.

She loves black men--the darker the skin and the bigger the man the better. She will practically leap out of my arms or the shopping cart to try and get them to hold her. It is really funny--she can't stand old ladies though and cries when they try and hold her. The one exception is "maaa-mama" (grandmama).

It is just amazing the difference in week to week. Now that she isn't concentrating so much on learning to walk she is just exploding language wise. It is so fun to watch.

Elijah has turned a corner as well. His moods and attitudes in general are much better. He has also started using some phrases and stuff that take me by surprise. I love to hear his say stuff like "Oh my goodness. Lydia is going to get hurt if she keeps doing that." He says it just that way--like an old lady! The cutest little babyism he still has is "That's how it NOT goes!" I love it and hope he keeps it for a while yet.

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