Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Lyddie-bug

We had a great party--here is an update on my little girl's progress this year.

She is walking (As of TODAY!)--my definition--balances, stops and steps and tries to walk from one place to another instead of crawling. She's still unsteady but she can do it!
She is signing (14 signs that we recognize)

She is talking (25 or so that we recognize)

She's slept through the night twice. Normally she gets up at 10pm and 4 or 5 am to eat.

She has 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth and is currently cutting her top molars (1/2 way there!)
She answers to: Lydia, Lyddie, Sissy, Lyddie-poo, Pookie-poo, Pookie and Lyddie-Grace. She calls herself "Idia"
Making Fun of Lydia's Outfit


Nicole said...

Let me be the first to say that the CAKE was AMAZING!! Great job!!

Your little girl is so beautiful! Loved the video! At first I was like, "WHAT?! Making fun of the outfit...?" but the minute the video started, I saw where it was going! Tooo funny!! Loved it!

Nicole in CO

Lynn said...

Your little girl is adorable. What a special milestone. They do grow so fast, don't they?