Friday, March 27, 2009

Look Out Duff!!

Power Tools . . . meet cake decorating. Hope you like it Dylan--I sure had fun making it!


bethany said...

Oh my gosh! It looks awesome! What talent! I can't even frost a regular square cake-nice job!!

Alysun said...

Wow, it's amazing!! Dylan is going to LOOOOVE this cake. Covey, you rock!! See you tomorrow:)

Alysun said...

How are you getting that giant cake to my house? ha ha!

amy said...

Hi Covey,
I just saw your comment tonight! I use Nature's Gate lotion on Abby. It's the dry skin therapy one with blue flowers on the bottle. Her eczema was food allergy related. Now that she's been clear of dairy for several years, she just gets small spots inside her elbows when it gets really cold. I don't use tons of soap on her either. Both my girls seem to be prone to dry skin. Eczema is a tricky thing.