Friday, March 27, 2009

Mmmm... paper and staples!

Today Lydia decided to help herself and get her own snack. She chose her brother's moracca from preschool. I looked at her one minute and she was playing music with Elijah. I look a minute later and half the plate is missing including the staples. I of course call the pediatrician in near panic and they told me to bring her on in. After a quick x-ray to determine that her lungs were clear we are playing the wait and see game with all her dirty diapers. There are 4 staples in there and they should come on their own. The doctor said to not feel bad (although I do!!) that so far she's seen an OPEN safety pin and a chewed up Christmas bulb pass thorugh her patients this year.
Mmm--nothing says tasty like a shamrock paper plate moracca! You can see the one staple here--there are 4 more that are "whited out" in this picture. Anyone know how to get a good picture or copy of an xray??


bethany said...

Covey-don't you feed your kids?

Kidding kidding...I'd be freaking out!! Why do they have to go through these "eat everything" stages that last YEARS!!!
Jakson still eats sand. You won't eat vegetable, but you'll eat sand?!?

Alysun said...

Oh, no!!! Poor Lidia, poor Mommy...sorry you had to go through this. My brother ate nickels when he was little. Once he convinced me to eat Meow Mix.

nikkol said...

i found you through homespun oasis, i love your stories ;) that is so scary, glad it'll all be ok!

i think that you might be able to get a picture of an xray if you turn your camera to the negative mode. just a thought.

Libby said...

Thanks for posting this. Eva had one these too and we threw it out when I read about Lydia. Chloe eats everything right now and I am sure she would have done the same if she had the chance.