Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's gonna kill me!

Lydia is going to kill me--I am going to drop dead from a heart attack before she is two. This morning Elijah ran into the den where I was sewing one last seam on my new sling (thanks Vermillion rules!!) and said that he couldn't find Lydia. I thought he had just hidden her in the tent or under a blanket but he was right--she was nowhere to be found. I know he can't open the bathroom, pantry and front door (because they have baby locks on them) and I knew the gate was on the stairs but I couldn't find her. Then I hear a squeal from upstairs. I look over the gate and see my angel at the top of the stairs. She smiles and says:
"Mommy--Ta-daaaaaa!" and holds her arms up.
I pratically flew over the gate and up the stairs. How the heck did she get over the gate?? IT is up to my chest and solid mesh-no toe holds. Even my smart two year old hasn't been able to get over. I think she is learning from the master and going to run me ragged.

Other incidents in the last week include climbing to the top of the playset using the ladder and going down the slide solo and climbing up onto the dining room table and standing up in the one minute it took me to take EJ to the bathroom. Ahhh---my little gymnast.

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