Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pics

The weekend started out with the kids having a "Sleepover Party" at Granny and Grampy's while we went to Justin's family's celebration for Bradley and Sherry's bday. Here we are--all cleaned up. It was so nice to get showered and made up without the kids there to "help" me.
Easter morning I got the kids and we all went to church. After church we went to Grandmama's to show off the kids' outfits and get my camera which I left over there. We came home, did Easter baskets and had lunch. I don't have pics of that because I apparantly have camera amnesia and I left it at my parents house later on in the day. These pics are courtesy of my MIL and her new totally awesome camera that she got for her birthday. Its an SLR and despite my kids having rockets on their feet, it manages to get them in focus because it can take 3 frames a second.

Lydia had a blast at my parents later in the day. She was loving all of the attention. Now that she is over her grass aversion she enjoyed running around in the yard and trying to find eggs.

My parents and SIL and Brother did a great job of "hiding" the eggs. You had to looka little bit but it wasn't too hard for Elijah and Lydia to find them. Eliah had a blast hunting the eggs too.
Nana and Papa and Granny and Grampy all did some stuff for easter. It was nice. It is also sad to say they got our kids more than we did. :)

Before the big dinner we attempted to get a family picture. Elijah was not cooperating.

After dinner we just hung out and had a good time.
Happy Easter!

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