Sunday, April 19, 2009

Elijah's New Wall Art

Elijah loved the murals at the zoo. He told me while we were walking around he wanted stuff painted on his walls at home. His room is wallpapered with some UGLY wallpaper and a duck border. We hope to eventually take it down and do a better theme but haven't made it a priority--have you ever taken down wallpaper--it is horrible!! Anyway, I told him it was a good idea and he proceeded to ask about it all day on Friday about painting his wall. I relented and drew a tree frog on his wall with a sharpie on Friday. Saturday I painted it to look like his "lovey" named Stickeyfingers. [He has decided this is his lovey and he sleeps with it pressed between his thighs. In the morning I can see little handprints where it has been pushing. Leave it to a boy to pick that for a security item.]

Initially hubby wasn't too thrilled with the idea of painting these things on the wall but after he saw that it wasn't some stupid looking cartoon thingy and it wasn't 10 feet tall and he saw how much EJ loved it--he warmed up to the idea. Elijah was thrilled with the result. He immediately asked for a snake. He hasn't seen it yet but today while he was at my parents house I painted a snake by his bed. I hope he likes it as much as the frog.

Total cost for the project: $0.10!!! I had the paint and brushes in my crafting stuff. I got the picture off the computer (so I had to print out two sheets of paper) and I used a paper plate for my palatte. It took about 5 minutes to draw on the wall (I did it the same way I get pictures on cakes) and then about 45 minutes to paint it because I had to let it dry between colors and the yellow and green needed two coats to hide the ugly wallpaper completely. Not a bad way to spruce up the little misters room if I do say so myself.

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bethany said...

Looks great Covey! I'm so jealous of your artistic talent-I can't even draw a recognizable stick figure! I bet Elijah is going to love that snake!