Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flower Time

Our azaleas are in full bloom and it is so beautiful here! Spring has sprung and I couldn't help myself--the kids just looked too cute with the flowers. Nevermind niether one had on shoes or pants--I am just that lazy. After the nap it just wasn't worth the battle to put on pants again.
Elijah loves how the flowers smell--he is constantly smelling them. I warn him not to sniff up a bee.

As if staples weren't enough--here is Elijah encouraging Lydia to eat the flowers. I told him to stop and he said : "But hers likes them. Hers likes the grass too--I fed her lots of that while you got your camera."

"Weeeeee" Lydia loves to swing--look at all those chompers!

Mr. sand. I think he could spend hours a day in that sandbox.

A couple of cute Elijah sayings this week. . . .
At the zoo--I was asking him to think about what makes each animal special. We got to the baboons and he said: "God made them have big red butts. Grampy called me baboon butt when my butt got red."
Yesterday I was teasing him and asking him if he was a frog, a gorilla, a horse etc. He was laughing and saying no every time. I asked him what he was and he said:
"I am mommy's precious gift from God."

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