Thursday, April 09, 2009

Let's Get Jumpin!

We had a great time at Jumpin Monkey. Lyddie loved it this time because she could walk around and stand in the jumpers. She finally got her footing and she looked at me and yelled "ta-da!" and lifted her arms up. She also conned a worker into taking her up the big slide. Who could resist those baby blues and those little arms reaching and pointing to go up the slide.

Here's a picture of Elijah in the toddler jumper. He called it a "bafari" when he was talking about it this morning.

Here's Elijah giving Lyddie a bounce in the "Lenny" shark bouncer. She loved it! He was actually pretty careful and only jumped on her one time the whole hour. Thankfully it is really squishy and she didn't even miss a beat.


Here's a video of the little daredevil. I think she went down about 5 times in the hour we were there.

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