Monday, April 20, 2009

Lyddie and the Dentist

This morning Lydia had her first dentist visit. It went great. Baby P went with us and was good as gold. She loved having all the dental assistants fawn over her and Lydia and she just hung out in the stroller. Lydia did great. She walked around, got passed around and really enjoyed the little mirror (she's chewing on that above) She opened her mouth and said "ahhhh" just like we practiced at home. She let the dentist poke around in there even though she is cutting molars. He was very impressed with her attitude and said normally the babies just scream and scream. I was so totally impressed with the office--they took us right back and we were in and out in 15 minutes--including the paperwork.
I did the best I could with pictures but I was holding her during the actual exam so I don't have any of that. I like to take pictures so that we can look at them before we go back. Elijah loves to look at his old dentist visit pictures and then he isn't scared when we go.

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