Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spring is here!

I love spring--barefoot in the backyard, flowers everywhere! It is wonderful. The rest of my family doesn't enjoy it quite so much--it appears both kids and Justin have allergies. Lyddie is coughing and snotting everywhere. Elijah is begging for some "booger bears" (Vitamin C bears) to fight the boogers. Justin has had sinus headaches every day this week. I feel great (though I am a bit sleepy from getting up with snotty kids).

Anyone know what makes peas and other plants taste gross to rabbits? We had over 50 peas in the garden and so many of them have fallen prey to the rabbit that lives in our back yard. I am happy to share but this rabbit has eaten them all! That isn't cool with me. I don't want to hurt it, just make our garden off limits.

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Saintly Nurse said...

I sprinkled a bunch of the hottest chili powder I could find at the store around the perimeter of our backyard to keep a dog from coming into our yard & pooping. It worked - you might try if if you can find one that EJ won't have a sensitivity to. Good luck!!