Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zoo Trip

Well--its been almost exactly one year since we went to the zoo. I must say Lydia enjoyed herself more this year and so did I. I didn't end up nursing for 5 solid hours and Lyddie spent most of the time in the stroller, not the sling. It was a nice break.

We went with Elijah's best bud-Dylan- and Dylan's mom and sister. It was a blast! Elijah and Dylan got along great for most of the day. They listened much better than your average two and three year old (in my opinion) and I learned how WONDERFUL it was to have a trip with two moms, four kids and a great destination. The weather was great, the sun was shining, a breeze was blowing at it was 70 degrees. Even pushing that stroller up the hills wasn't too bad (although Alysun and I are going to feel the burn in our butts tomorrow I am sure). A lot of animals were out and the Grizzly bear was the big hit for Elijah this time--he was so excited to see Grizzwold in person. The only lesson we learned the hard way was that we should have gotten two stollers. We thought the boys would walk and they did--but not happily. We ended up putting the boys in each other's lap and one of the babies up front and pushing. By the time we realized we needed another stroller we were so far into the zoo we couldn't go back and get one. Sigh--lesson learned. The Fall trip will be better for it!!

Elijah wouldn't get in the egg.

Grizzwold taking a bath.

Tired angels--they napped about 45 minutes while we strolled around. The smell of ice cream woke them both up.

Two tired boys--they only slept about 30 mintues though :(

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Alysun said...

Definitely feeling the burn...needed an extra cup of joe this morning to get moving:) Dylan slept with his "map" and has talked about the zoo non-stop! I'm so thankful for our family friendship:)