Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bee Butts and Panties

This afternoon, after his nap, Elijah and I headed outside to enjoy our popsicles. While we were eating and he was swinging we started talking. I was treated to one of Elijah's magnificient monologues.

"Mommy--we gots lots of clover in our yard. It sure is beautiful. Clover is my favorite flower. It's white and it is hard to see sometimes but it is beautiful and it smells good. It smells like bee butt honey."

I told him my favorites were the peonies in the yard (he already knows this because his daddy told him not to mess with them or tear them up). I went to go and smell them--seriously--have you ever smelled those things???? Luscious!! We were picking strawberries and Elijah looked up at me and said:

"Mommy--do your panties smell good? I am going to smell your panties."

I'm really glad he ran over to the PEONIES and sniffed them and didn't head over to me and sniff my panties. Hey--at least I showered today--but this is the tactful little boy who told me at nap time that my breath smelled like poo-poo (it smelled like onions).

I love this boy and the funny stuff he says.

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