Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden time!

Mmm--teething on the clothesline

We're a bit late getting it in the ground but better late than never! We planted our tomatoes, peppers, jalepenos and potatoes today. We'll plant our squash, zucchinis, bush beans and cucumbers next week after the seeds have sprouted. We lost almost the entire pea crop to a squirrel digging up the seeds so we can't direct sew the squash and zucchini and beans and cucumbers like we normally do. The kids has a blast this morning helping with the garden and they were absolutely filthy. We thought we'd done a good job tiring them out but we were wrong! Naps were only about 30 minutes today so, in addition to being tired from staying late at Grandmama's house last night and getting up at the crack of dawn like normal, the kids were tantrumy zombies. It seems they have finally settled down. What long day it was!

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