Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a great time at "Granny's NEW beach house" as EJ calls it. We slept on mattresses on the floor, the kids shared a room (and managed NOT to sleep) and worked in a beach trip and a pool trip and a trip to the aquarium. I didn't get pics from the aquarium or the pool but I did snap some cute ones from the beach. We also ate TONS of shrimp nuggets (popcorn shrimp) and I had a HEAPING helping of liver and onions with double collards at my favorite beach restaurant Cox's--delish and wonderful for my anemia!

I don't know how to zoom in on his face other than just clicking on the picture. I don't have any photo editing software so I can't do it for you. Click on this one though to see his THRILLED face. This boy was happy! The hole and the mountain.

"What sand?"

Diggin with grampy

EJ was a bit hesistant of the beach at first. He didn't remember the waves being that loud and there were a lot of people. He was also really tired so he wasn't at the top of his game. He did warm up to it though and I managed to lure him close to the water with a huge hole with fish in it that some other kids had dug. They left and the hole was claimed! Lyddie needed no prompting. She set off running as soon as she saw it and was squealing and laughing and having a ball until a wave knocked her down. Then she retreated to the sand and the hole with water and had a blast spashing around.
Both kids did great in the pool. Lyddie went under several times. Elijah figured out how to go under again and hold his breath a really long time. I was impressed.
Here's the video we took of him going under to show daddy.

The aquarium was also a hit until a meltdown at the end. We got a great picture of the kids--Elijah is riding on a hammerhead shark chasing Lydia on a "stinger ray." As soon as I can I will scan it in to the computer and put it up as my header--its great. Poor Lydia kept calling all of the fish "ducks." No amount of signing and talking to her could convince her otherwise. We just hope she grows up to be a cutie and finds the man God has destined for her--she's not the brightest bulb in the pack :) [This is coming from a girl who kept calling the Chick-Fil-A cow a dog on Thursday night and who saw bunnies and cats on our walk and also called them dogs. She then proceeded to bark at them as if to convice us they really were dogs]

All in all a great trip. Elijah wanted to move Lydia into the "Big Kid" room. Since we're already 3 days into the sleeping together thing we did it today. So far we've gone up there about 10 times to get them to be quiet. I am hoping it will improve soon!! We need them in the same room to make room for Baby Denton #3 anyway so it will be nice to have that done and out of the way.

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