Monday, May 18, 2009

Not ME Monday

Whew what a week its been. I am posting in the "not me" frame of mind again--its kinda fun. I won't do it every Monday but every once in a while its nice.

This week was a busy one. I most definately didn't lift four 50-lb bags of pebble rocks and ten 15-lb pavers out of the back of my car on Wednesday. No--that would have been silly! That is a job for a husband to do, not a pregnant lady. I also didn't give my two year old safety scissors and let him cut some of the grass down around his sandbox because I didn't know how to work the weed-eater. Nope, not me! And I didn't leave my one year old in the swing while we put down landscape cloth and pebble rocks and pavers around the sandbox and picnic table. Nope--little feet running around and getting in the way make all of my projects more enjoyable. I find its much harder to listen to her whine about being in the swing.

I also didn't ignore the horrible state of my bathrooms in favor of watching reruns on TV, blogging, sewing and just about anything else. Nope--bathrooms are TOP of my priority list. I also didn't let my two year old practice pouring stuff by handing him the puffs and telling him to pour his sister some on the carpet. My kids never eat off the floor--that would just be gross.

In an act of desperation I didn't let my kids play with dried beans and pots and pans and then laugh when my hubby came home and stepped on a dried bean on the floor. Nope-I would never laugh at someone's pain like that. I also didn't let Elijah wash EVERY vegetable in the house just to keep him busy while I chopped up stuff to make our dinner. He didn't eat naked either--I just left him to shiver in those wet clothes rather than walking upstairs to get him a fresh pair.

Finally--I dind't inwardly breathe a huge sigh of relief when we found out baby Denton was a singlet. Children are a blessing from the Lord and twins would have been GREAT! I don't ever want to sleep again!

What didn't you do this week?

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