Monday, May 04, 2009

We're still alive . . . .

. . . just tired! Lyddie cought a stomach bug and is throwing up and staying awake all night long. Couple that with a little boy who has a "boogery" nose that is waking him up, a night time accident and you have two nights with less than two hours of sleep for Mama. Hello Java!!!

Friday night was great though and I spent all day Friday cleaning outside and inside while my hubby recuperated from a little outpatient procedure. The kids were with my in-laws and my parents so I had a HUGE block of kid-free time. It is kinda nice because I think he actually is starting to realize how much I do. Up until now he hasn't really ever been around when I clean house or do chores (apart from folding laundry or cleaning up the kitchen after dinner). I don't think he realized that to get the pollen off the porch involved me taking everything off the porch, washing it all, washing down the screens and the floors, vacuuming, cleaning the freezer with spray and wipes and . . . It took over 2 hours to do it all and it looks fabulous. We've eaten out there there three times already. Lovely! Then there is the housecleaning and scrubbing and all of that. Nothing too deep but a good cleaning takes about 3 hours without the kids around. When they are here is is more like ALL DAY to clean. I think he is catching on! That does make me feel move valued and validated as a wife to have that work appreciated.
Saturday my parents took EJ to breakfast with spiderman. He wore his Spidey shirt, underpants and sandals. He was VERY excited and had a great time from what I hear.

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Alysun said...

Dylan keeps asking to see Elijah and Spiderman:)