Monday, May 11, 2009


We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday at lunch and had a good time. We ate al fresco and the kids got me portulaca for the bird bath that I use as a plantar out front. It should be beautiful by the end of the summer draping over the side--Elijah got me pink and Lyddie got me yellow.
As much as I like the flowers I think my parents got me the best gift--it is a sign for the playroom that says "No Whining!" Too perfect. Didn't work today though--I guess the kids are too young to read it :)

Tonight the kids were driving me bonkers. Elijah had lost all TV privelages because of his attitude so he couldn't watch TV at all this afternoon or evening. (He normally gets 30 minutes). I needed to make dinner and between throwing up and kids whining it wasn't getting done. (I think it must be another boy :) ) Anyway--I got out the dried beans and pots and spoons and set the kids down in the middle of the kitchen where I could keep an eye on them and they had a blast "cooking" beans. Note to self--the black beans were much easier to find and pick up than the floor colored garbonzo beans. Yes Lyddie is eating a bean--I figured the worst it would do is make her gassy-she is eating everything these days.
After dinner--both kids ate really well--we tried out our new "push pops." These are reusable plastic thingys that you fill with ice cream or sherbet or yogurt and freeze. They work just like a push up. They were a big hit! I think the picture of Lyddie could be used on their website--she was holding it perfectly!

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