Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We had a nice Father's Day at home with just the family. We decided to celebrate today since Sunday's are such a busy day for us with rehersal at church at 8am, not getting home until after noon and the kids being crabby and tired.

We started off the morning with bacon, biscuits and grits. YUM! Hubby was happy with his breakfast. Elijah presented daddy with his Spiderman Father's day card (Elijah is VERY into Spiderman so it was a big compliment) and we gave daddy his present--a hedge trimmer. Very macho gift if you ask me. Unfortunatly the batteries were dead in the camera this morning so I didn't get any pictures.

After breakfast we headed out to the Wilson Farmer's Market. It isn't huge, but it has good stuff. We got tomatoes and cucumbers for me (I am SERIOUSLY craving cucumbers and tomatoes so if you have any to spare send them my way. I am limiting myself to one of each daily but I could easily consumer 5 or 6 a day if we had the finacial means to fund my "habit"). We also got green beans, corn, squash and zucchini. We had some cucumbers, squash, zucchini and corn for dinner tonight. YUM!

After an altogether too brief nap we headed outside to enjoy this STEAMY day. Can you believe it was in the upper 90's??? Whew!! Justin had filled the kids baby pool at lunch so it was a wonderful temperature to play in all afternoon. We played and grilled out. Elijah had fun making and "painting" the kabobs with marinade but he wouldn't eat them. Both kids loved the corn on the grill. The steaks were delish--Lawry's Hawaiian marinade is my new favorite. YUM! We sugared the kids up on S'mores. It was Lydia's first one--I think she liked it :)

Now it is 7pm, Lydia is messing around in her crib but Elijah is already out. He played hard! She played hard too but she is on a month long sleep strike we're hoping will end soon. She only napped 45 minutes all day and has been up since 5am so she is just stubborn!! Anyway--Justin is out enjoying his new toy and I am blogging to put off the inevitable task of cleaning up the kitchen and hosing off the porch. S'mores are really messy!!

All in all a very good Father's Day. Love you sweetie!

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