Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little Artwork

We took the kids outside to paint--I have learned the hard way that if they want to paint on their easel that they need to be outside. Walking kids with paintbrushes means paint on my fridge and walls and . . .

Anyway--Elijah painted two pumpkins--a orange and green one on the bottom and a green one up top. He actually said that he was going to paint a pumpkin and did it. I was pretty impressed. He is very excited because he has a pumpkin growing in the garden. Its about the size of a large cantalope at this point. It should be HUGE by Halloween time.

Lydia mainly had fun dipping her brush in the paint and trying to taste it. She did manage to get quite a bit on her painting though. She liked the different colors and said "ohhhhh" when she would paint and the color would be different. Very cute.

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