Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Whew it hasn't been a busy week at all! We just sat around all week and didn't do a thing. NOT! It's been a fun week but attitudes have run high as sleep has been low on our children'ts priority list.

I didn't just leave my baby in her crib the ENTIRE naptime even though she wasn't sleeping several afternoons this week. I didn't turn off the monitor so I didn't have to hear her fuss about it. What kind of cruel mommy would do that. I also didn't secretly curse the roofing crew next door every time they hammered away at our neighbors house--its not their fault my kids won't sleep through that.

I also didn't leave the spray park in Rocky Mount on Thursday because my oldest child was being a tantrumy mess. Nope--I just put up with that kind of attitude in hopes of encouraging its regularity. I also didn't cringe when the mom (who was letting her one year old drink a Dr. Pepper) said that she couldn't believe I was leaving when he was just being a little bad since I'd driven all the way out there.

I didn't, in hopes of tiring out my wonderful children, take them to the pool several days this past week and let them swim and swim and swim. I also didn't let Lydia swim under the water and freak out the other mothers. Nope--not me! I also didn't secretly enjoy watching the other mother's cringe when my 15 month old dunked herself and swam to the steps, coming up with a huge smile on her face.

I also didn't dance a small dance of joy when my parents offered to keep both children overnight on Friday night. I love my kids and want them with me every minute :) I didn't clean my house, scrub the floors and showers and baths, organize closets, clean out from under the beds and more when I should have been using that time to rest and recharge. No--I am a super lazy bones and I just laid around eating chocolate and watching movies. I also didn't tell my husband to get out of the house and do yardwork so he was out of my way. Nope--not me.

Yesterday, we didn't leave church early in hopes of napping the children before the annual family reunion. Where would that put our priorities?? We also didn't push the kids way past their limits when said children didn't nap and we took them to the reunion anyway. We really enjoyed the scortching heat for two hours and I had a blast peddling the paddle boat around the lake. Elijah and Lydia didn't enjoy the smallest baby pool on the planet with their cousin Bradley--I mean water on a hot day--where the fun in that :)

After the reunion we didn't come home, change clothes and then head over to my parents house to cookout with my cousins from Florida and their new baby girl Callie. No--that would have been insane with exhausted, hot children who hadn't napped. I also didn't secretly turn green with envy when I heard that Callie was sleeping through the night at 5 weeks and has been ever since. Nope--not me--I really enjoy spending time with my kiddos around the clock and getting up 5 times a night is the best thing for me I am sure. I hope they never sleep through the night so I can enjoy this special time until they leave for college. Sleep is for wimps!

I am also so not glad its Monday. I hate getting the kiddos back on routine and being able to rely on a good afternoon nap to get me through the day. I love to just fly by the seat of my pants have have grumpy irratable children who won't sleep--don't you?

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