Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pool Rules!

We took the kids to the pool today. Elijah was thrilled that his daddy was there to see him swim. I enjoyed the opportunity to actually go under and jump off the diving board since I had an extra pair of hands to hold a munchkin. It was a blast. We were there almost 2 hours until Elijah announced that he was out of energy and wanted to go home and eat.

In true little sister fashion, after watching Elijah go under again and again, Lydia decided she too was going to go under and proceeded to dunk herself numerous times. She hasn't got the whole holding her breath thing down yet so she drank a lot of water, but she didn't get fussy and kept dipping back in for more. Its killing her to not be able to do it like Elijah can but I bet she'll be swimming under the water by the end of the summer--especially if we keep averaging three times a week at the pool.

EJ loved jumping into the baby pool. He'll also jump into the shallow 2 ft. deep part and "swim" to the ladder to climb out.
Lyddie laughing at daddy. He was trying to teach her to blow bubbles out when she went under. She thought it was funny he kept going under.

Here's a video of the little mister swimming over and under daddy's legs. He's got the breath holding thing down pat!

And no--in case you are wondering--we don't use any kind of floatation device with the kiddos. We took baby survival swimming and it advises not allowing your kid to get used to water wings or other floaties until they ALREADY know how to swim. It gives them a false sense of security around the pool and you are tempted to be less cautious. I know this is true because there are tons of kids at the pool that are Elijah's age swimming ALONE in water over their heads because their parents have water wings on them. I prefer to have my hands on them at all times and let Elijah realize the hard way that he has to stay in shallow water or learn to swim. Its a lot harder on me but my kid is way farther along than 90% of the other 3 year olds that I see swimming. He is great at holding his breath, he can swim to the side and kick off the bottom if he falls in and he knows how to get to the ladder.

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