Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spray Park Part Two and an Update

Didn't get any pictures (though another mom was snapping away and actually took one of me so I might have a picture of myself to share for a change). The Spray Park was awesome yet again and we had no injuries this time!! Elijah ran around so much though that he ran holes in his swimming socks! I couldn't believe it. So much for quality--they are Speedo's but I guess he is just too much boy to handle :) He is sacked out upstairs. He tired himself out good fashioned.

I though Lydia would be tired too, she was up from 2am-12pm without a nap, but she only napped an hour and has been up there messing around since. I don't know what her problem is lately but I am ready for it to end!! She is currently sleeping from 7ish-2am and then 1-2pm. That's it. No matter how much I lay her down or let her fuss she will not nap more during the day or sleep at night. She'll just mess around in her dark room and keep herself awake. I am longing for a swaddle blanket that won't make her sweat to death and that she can't wriggle out of--maybe immobility would be boring enough that she'd sleep :)

I am not sure what we're going to do for dinners the next couple of days. We were supposed to be on our anniversary trip to Banner Elk resort but our reservation was never confirmed so we aren't going. It is a long and horrible story about how terrible customer service is. Needless to say we were disappointed that our getaway didn't happen and now I am scrambling for dinner ideas. I am not really keen on dragging the kiddos to the grocery store but we don't have much in the pantry or the freezer to draw from . . . if you would like to bring us a meal we will happily accept anything except chicken--Justin doesn't eat chicken. Strike that--if you want to bring us a meal bring it on, Justin can eat a peanut butter sandwich if he doesn't like it :)

Baby Denton #3 is shaping up to be a boy by my guesses. Apparantly it hasn't gotten the memo that the morning sickness should a) only be in the morining and b) end after the first trimester. I've got 1 day left in my first trimester and I am getting sicker and sicker. Reminds me of the unrelenting nausea I had with Elijah. It will be nice to have another boy though--we can't seem to agree on a girl name but we already have a boy name picked from Lyddie's pregnancy. Elijah really freaked this morning when I couldn't stop throwing up long enough to talk with him. It was about 15 minutes of me sick. He kept coming in and yelling at the baby to stop kicking my stomach so I would stop throwing up. It was cute. Later he asked me how I was going to put the baby on time out for kicking me and making me sick. Too cute and such a man of justice!

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