Friday, July 31, 2009

Actually Specifically

Elijah informed me today, when he woke up from a VERY short nap that:
"I'm awake. Specifically, my brain told me it was time to wake up."

He also told no one in particular this morning while he was playing in the playroom that:
"I'm actually a very good boy most of the time. I just have my grouchy moments."

Lydia continues to tell me when she needs to pee in the toilet when we're at home and she is starting to make some more sentances too.

Yesterday she brought me my shoes and said:
"Outside. Pool. Beep Beep. Let's go!!" (Beep Beep is Lyddie speak for my car)

Today she told me:
"Mama. I NEED snack. Please eat snack mama." and "No mama. I do it!" and "I kick it DOOOOOWNS!!" When she kicked over a block tower. Too funny!

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